čas přidán 19. 04. 2023
This week we heard there was a Cars and Coffee car show going down in the next town over, so we dragged the Nascars out and decided to make an appearance!


  • That Bobby Allison Buick looks absolutely incredible. I wish i was alive to see that era of NASCAR.

  • This is a really underrated channel. Keep up the good work. Also big nascar fan so I appreciate the vids

  • Fix the brakes, get it to stay cool, do an alignment to get that thing to go straight and let's have some fun at the track! Button Willow has no sound restrictions, so you'll be fine with your dual ear blasters. 👂💥

  • two different eras of nascar driving side by side... beautiful

  • that old buick is sick! cant wait to do stuff like the with my 71 charger and roadrunner stock cars ;)

  • if yall keep pushing out videos like this of this quality you guys will for sure blow up, i subbed last week watching the first nascar video and i cant wait to what you guys come up with next.

  • This channel is by far the comeback of youtube. Thank you keep the amazing content up!

  • I never thought I would see a pair of NASCARs in person. I was there on that day. When I first heard that noise, I thought someone installed a custom-made racing exhaust for a chevy Camaro, but it turned out to be a pair of NASCARs. This is now my all-time favorite cars throughout the shows I've attended. Thanks for making a Suprise appearance.

  • This is what I call a real drive in a race car on open roads , the sound , music to your ears , keep up the great vids of open road burnouts .

  • The level of adrenaline I would have been having driving that car on the highway would have been amazing

  • If you make some merch I will buy it right away. Y’all are living my dream right now of driving these on the road.

  • Not sure what would happen if you got pulled over...completely illegal and not a care in the world lol. Crazy videos. You will reach 100k in no time with content like this.

  • Couldn't stop smiling while watching this. Simply awesome!

  • I subbed because how laid back you guys are!!

  • This is literally the coolest thing I’ve ever seen 😂pls post more videos of y’all going to car meets with these cars

  • Please don't stop making NASCAR on the streets content! There are no CS-tvrs doing that besides Cleetus a few times but like 5 years ago 🥲 Long live to America!

  • By gosh I could use one of those cars for our local car show this year be awesome seeing you guys roll in with those cars

  • Cool video. The Allison car is a beauty! Seen those old loud stock cars at Pocono, they are beautifully loud. You guys got to throw in some ear plugs next time lmao.

  • Could not resist the urge to bump-draft 😂

  • There isn’t a better sound than old top level stock cars.