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  • Riya😘💜

  • Good singing and dancing Dan and Riya 😘😘😘😁😁😁😁

  • When riya played the music she was dancing and her mom was like what are u doing and her mom played one haha so funny

  • Parents are always talking

  • Namaste bitchis😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dan you are the mother I know when Riya Is the dad at the back there is the vest thing that dan is waring

  • I have a question do Indian partents say this stuff like what Riya's mom says?

  • It was so funny

  • It sounds like riyas mom is saying bitch

  • Mum.I don't care about your life I care about my Life Mum.I make ugly daughter Mum.1.2.3 GO GO GOOO

  • I'm only 8 I can't drive

  • Namaste bitches ICONIC.

  • Lol get in Riya she knows what she is doi g and him

  • MY

  • First I thought that Riya and Dan was from the USA and were a couple, turns out they are just BFF and are from Canada

  • No I’m 9 and I drive

  • How do you do that to be different Riya and dan you are the best people ever

  • I do not like the dad I love giya and Don not mom

  • Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii


  • Poor riya😩😞

  • Mom:AAAAAAAAAAHHH! Riya:AAAAAAAAH! WHAT! Mom:I forgot to put on my bangles Me:🤣😂😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣

  • ?????heyyyy Ryan I’m a big fan of u and dan and also. Strawberry 🍓 spill the tea she so funny so much tea about cimmoin

  • Love the song that Dan was singing

  • Your vids so funny I couldn't even drink my water

  • Me to raia

  • Dan and his dad singing:Dan:that’s not how it goes:dad:SHUT UP:me: LOLLLLL

  • Riya mom is mean

  • I love Dan and riya

  • You can see the moms dress in the background

  • when dan and the dad listened to music and sang and danced in laughed sooo hard lola

  • Beleive it or not. I was 15 pounds when i was born but im not over weight. BELEIVE IT OR NOT

  • I lack the song

  • 8

  • A indian mom I love it😘love from india

  • The mother that does happen to me really bad honey let me tell you about it

  • Dan love you . You drive good ❤❤

  • It is so funny🤣😆😂😄

  • dan and riya love you love riya dan driving mom and dad 😍🐳💐🐶🦄🐧🍉🍍🍏🍇🍟🥞🎂

  • Nobody: Not a single soul: Riya’s mom: Hi, Namaste, Namaste BITCHES

  • Are you in a relationship with Dan

  • I like you rea

  • I love you dan and riya

  • I love riya and dan,and i love riya mom she is SO funny.

  • Namaste bitches

  • You are the best I should like to met you gays ❤️

  • "slow down! Squirrel!!" Dad "Dad it's just a trash bag" Dan Bruh

  • 1:36Actually for back front left and right

  • Namaste bicthes lol

  • Is dan and riya dating comment if u say no they are not like this if u agree

  • Same as my parents

  • Dans parents are much better

  • I can see the mom's dress at the back seat

  • 2019 anyone no just me okay

  • This video is so funny I laughing so hard Lol

  • Lol😂

  • U should of put toostie in this video

  • Parents these days

  • This was when dab and Rita didn't own any wigs

  • me and 16 year old Kally