E.D.I.T.H. Smart Glasses in REAL LIFE! (WIN A PAIR!)

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Focals are the first pair of stylish prescription smart glasses designed for everyday use. Focals are equipped with a heads-up holographic display that appears to float an arm’s length away, allowing you to control heads-up notifications through the use of Loop, a discreet controller worn as a ring.
Respond to texts, get turn-by-turn directions, check the weather, request an Uber, talk to Amazon Alexa, control Spotify playlists and more.
Buy Focals online by downloading the Focals Showroom iOS app on your iPhone X or greater. Virtually try-on Focals to find the style that works best for you and upload your Rx for a pair of prescription smart glasses. Using the app, get measured with the CustomFit sizing process, and when you are ready, simply follow the prompts to place your order and a few weeks later North will ship your custom-built Focals right to your doorstep, along with instructions and remote support for final adjustments and fit.
Additionally, North has two Flagship Showrooms in Brooklyn and Toronto and Pop-Up Showrooms across North America, where customers can receive a personalized demo of Focals and go through a CustomFit sizing process. shop.bynorth.com/showrooms
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@04:02 "Perfect" by Audio MG
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@04:57 "Corporate Inspiration" by Steve Benton
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Focals by North

Produced by Hacksmith Entertainment © 2019
Directed by James “the Hacksmith” Hobson
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  • UPDATE: You only need an iPhone X to use the CUSTOM SIZING APP, which you only do once (you can use a friend's phone, or go to the Apple store). Focals support Android and iOS for when you are using them. You do not need an iPhone X to use the glasses.

  • Sir hacksmith pls pls I'm begging you can u buy me one pls focals are so so much money I'm from the phillipines focals are $999 in Philippines that Dollar in Philippine peso is 49,027.80 pls sir buy me one I'm just a kid that's why I dont have money pls sir I'm begging you hope u notice this stay safe sir😊

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  • And people think Elon Musk is the real Tony Stark.

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  • “It’s really easy just get a iPhone X or greater” literally your gonna have to buy a iPhone X that’s like 1,000 dollars and the glasses that cost like 700 BRUUHHHH

  • Try making a pair of glasses that connects to your phone, uses wireless data conversion into electricity so it doesn't need a battery, also uses bone induction speakers in the earhooks. Put a gesture tracking camera in the opposite corner from the projector, and then you have EDITH

  • 10 months later- Focals glasses are being discontinued and no one will be able to use any of the features anymore and all applications to do with it are being disclosed.

  • 6:14 their lilerally

  • can i have it plssss

  • Crazy they are canceling everything to do with these glasses I wonder what happened and why?

  • And now Focals has been acquired by Google!

  • Google bought North™️ and their project Focals... and then they promptly discontinued all the production and research. Wtf? Seems like this tech is being privately horded and kept from the rest of us. The best tech almost always is.

    • Only production, the product wasn't ready. They're still developing

  • This must be really bad for your eyes but really cool anyways

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  • Focals just shutdown btw

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  • Google bought the company & shut down development of the 2.0 glasses also making the current revision stop working on Jul 31 2020 what a shame

  • Who is here after google stoped the focals?

  • The glasses are very cool We can use it for coping in exams

  • How can I get that ? Plss there so much error in my system ...helper plsss

    • Google just bought the company and made them stop selling the glasses as well as stoping all glasses from working from now on. So now you can't buy it. :(

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  • Focals aren’t being made

  • im sad that i cant get the glasses

  • i want to buy it so tell me how can i buy it......

    • You can no longer buy them. Google bought the company and forced them to stop selling so Google could presumably use the company to make their own smart glasses and decided to get rid of the biggest competition which was themselves. :(

  • Cant buy these anymore, google shut them down.

  • Imagine your in class and everybody thinks those are just normal glasses but really you are watching CS-tv

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  • Latest update. North was bought by Google and are shutting down Focals and the Focals App will be removed from Google Play and Apple App Store. Support will no longer be available after July 31 2020. They are not shipping the 2.0 glasses and are issuing refunds for purchasers. They say they are happy to be assimilated by the Google, If their work is being cancelled that they worked on for 8 years to make their dream become reality , than why sell? Just another great idea and working product being bought and assimilated within the large corporation becoming just another cog in the wheel. How sad, we might all have had jet packs or flying cars by now if it weren't for this kind of castration by financial means.

    • Atleast Apple will be releasing some AR glasses, hopefully this year.

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  • You should use those for the Iron man helmet

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  • Pls tell me about this and ,how we are able to call someone without SIM with smart glasses

  • There is a question , that how we are able to access to internet in smart glasses

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