Easiest way to get natural looking curls

čas přidán 18. 01. 2020
Highly requested and anticipated ... This is my easy goto effortless curly hair routine. I will show you in this tutorial the easiest way to get natural looking curls.
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Hot Tools Signature Series Gold Curling Iron/Wand, 0.75 Inch
Mason And Pearson Hair Brush
Oribe | Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil


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  • No one: Literally No one: Desi: *HEY STEVEN*

  • Love the tutorial ❤❤

  • Omg I cannot thank you enough for this technique! I used it last night and today and I love the way my hair turned out!! Thank you!!😘😘😘

  • could be an older version of Luna Montana

  • Is there a tutorial for this makeup look?!

  • Rip to everyone with layers

  • How long does it take to curl it in the morning?

  • the tips like braiding loose and only 2 braids for each side helped a lot and made a huge difference

  • Your one braid is all of my hair xddd

  • this is perfect for people like me who cannot do a dutch braid for her life, thank you!!

  • It is just me or do u look like Shakira a little bit? •~• •∆•

  • Hippy chic ala Stevie nicks. ..❤

  • This is sooooo helpful because I have naturally curly hair but I’m just too lazy to deal with it haha

  • Omg i love this!

  • I used to do this when I was a teenager, but I did rope braids (2 sections) instead of normal braids so my hair didn't start out looking crimped at all! ROPE BRAIDS, YALL

  • I love this! It’s weird but the back of my head is super wavy and the front is pretty straight lol


  • Tiktok 😝 @linaochjay

  • I was born with natural curls lol why am I here

  • she looks like a victoria secret worker that is too intimidating to ask for help LMAO

  • These are waves not curls

  • Hahah I couldnt help to think what steve thinks of the prep braids 🤣

  • I have naturally wavy hair.... but i need curly hair for Cupid’s court lol

  • This isnt easy lol. No one with a tight schedule can do this. But its very pretty

  • Love this hair look!

  • that is so nice! curling the 'over night curls' makes it absolutely gorgeous! how come i never thought about this. gotta try now that my hair is longer :)

  • Hair goals ! ❤️ i tried it the other day but didn’t work for me. I will keep on trying till I get it right

  • Definitely gonna be using this 😍😍

  • ♥️

  • That end of the hair trick will save my life 😍

  • when your hair is naturally that type:)) but like shit mine gets weird after two day’s

  • For a straight hair girl I love tutorials like this! Can’t wait to try it!💞

  • My hair is wavy like this now bc i have ruined my curl pattern sm with bleach lol. When i was younger I absolutely hated how curly my hair was, used to always straighten it. Now i wash my hair, let it air dry and roll my waves.

  • All I do is sleep with brades👍

  • Subscribe!!! ♥️♥️♥️🔥🔥🔥

  • given me old Taylor swift vibes

  • what is the way you can sleepsothe roots curl like that?

  • I like your personality! Diff from most on CS-tv! Very genuine

  • So won’t work for straight hair as well ? 😔


  • This is exactly how I spice up my natural curls! Except I learned something new, the wider spaces & at a diagonal! I usually don’t leave much space because my hair is so long. I feel like this technique would take me A LOT longer because of my length buttttt I definitely want to try it & see how it changes the look😍

  • Ive been doing this for years, love this!

  • Has anyone tried this with shorter, shoulder-length hair?! I want to try it but don’t want to up looking crazy in the morning and having to wash my hair again lol

  • Can somebody help me. I have super straight and silky hair so whenever I try to curl it, after a few hours the curls wears off and it doesnt look cute cause it doesnt look curl or even wavy anymore ☹️ using hair spray doesn’t help too as it only drags the hair down hence i lose the curls faster

    • Geleeers Ü not an ideal answer, but when my hair is damaged (bleached or dyed) it always holds curls 10000% better. Product wise, just hair April or texturizing spray maybe


  • Double french braid your hair and you can skip the iron..

  • So Shakira!! I'm obsessed!

  • Giiiirl don’t brush your wet hair with a brush, brush it with a wide tooth comb 😐

  • i've tried countless times to do overnight braid curls and it always doesnt work for me, but this is making me want to try again!!!

  • I do this with my hair alllll the time I love it 😇

  • what I would do to have hair...

  • Desi thank U I just found my new hair style!! I have very long hair and I'm always looking for something new! Love how natural it looks!! Thanks beauty!!

  • I am going to try this! I have naturally wavy hair and I never wear it down but I want to try this technique

  • This hair looks like Sarah Jessica Parker!!

  • Beyonce vibes. I'm so doing this tonight!

  • that is litterally what i do every time i have washed my hair ahaha but your hair just look way more curly:)

  • This tutorial is what I’ve always needed for my natural frizzy curl 🙌🏼😍

  • Omg this tutorial was awful for me. I did exactly everything and it didn’t turn out well at all. I’m guessing it’s because I have straight-ish hair? It just didn’t hold whatsoever. I was so sad 😭

    • Yeah I was so excited about it too. Honestly, I had my hair in braids for at least 10 hours and I took them out and the wave fell with that so ugh

    • Tiffany Stanley my hair is naturally straight as well, I don’t think it would work for me either :(

  • Loved this method this is my second day hair just had to touch up the curls a bit

  • I legit bought the curling iron because of you! Take my money!