Ed Sheeran Live FULL SHOW | Magic Radio

čas přidán 20. 11. 2018
Ed Sheeran played live for us in a tiny venue! Here's the full show… 🎶
0:00 - Castle on the Hill
5:12 - Don't
10:29 - A Team / Drunk / Hearts Don't Break Around Here
16:03 - Bloodstream
22:30 - Happier
26:47 - Perfect
31:12 - Photograph
39:06 - Shape of You
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  • The feeling his songs give me is indescribable

  • I AND my Wife Love ed sheeran

  • Did i tell you to much going one that's why i stop the music rock doesn't pay me so i quite get your refund ifM you pay him he scam me 2 don't pay plus he have my account # go get your.refund .

  • Thanks again!!!!!! You help me being alive!

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  • 👏👏👏🥰

  • Ed sheeran that men that can't speak 4 word without stuttering but can rap 400 words per minute while playing guitar

  • I just listened this song a thousand times lol.):(

  • He has to be my Favorite Singer for the the last 4 yrs ❤❤❤❤

  • I'm love in ed

  • He's great!!

  • You can clearly see how much he loves his crowd. His smile, hies eyes.. He just stands there with sneakers, jeans and a pullover and plays this. I love him.

  • tito ed

  • This is FANTASTIC!!! Thank you for this. I'm a pro rock photographer and I'm just dying to work with Ed. He's magnificent here! The Music is flawless

  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Dance with my father - Luther Vandross

  • Maaaaaaaaaan! I love the acoustic version of all of the songs ❤️

  • he's literally the best person on earth

  • We loved it

  • how can out this wing please guide me

  • who can out this wing please guide me

  • Beautiful voix Edd sheran !

  • Is it only me or does Ed look absolutely sexy in this look

  • Seems that no matter how bigger your "star" grows, hearing your songs sung back to you would seem magical :)

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  • I can listen him forever .

  • I miss live concert so badly. #covid19

  • just one thing to say: Ed Sheeran is/will become a legend, and he'll always be remembered.

  • 💖

  • "Bom bom, bom bom bom, bom bom bom, bom bom bom bom, bom bom, bom bom bom, bom bom bom, bom bom bom bom, bom bom, bom bom bom, bom bom bom, bom bom bom bom." (39:25)

  • Imagine there is this genius for you and you watch him through by your f*ckin phone :) :) :)

  • あー神


  • I love you!!!!!

  • Nice song to listen

  • 😉🤘

  • Я влюблена в Эда Широна 💖🎸🎶

  • trash

  • DOUBL MANCH§§§§§§§§§§§§§



  • W

  • AY

  • 10/10 BRAVO

  • 8/10

  • chapeau dr

  • dr ed larpej dificult to enjoy

  • w telefou8

  • cb na plsss imy huhu

  • until now i still confuse, this is really live concert or recorded.. and i bet recording work so easy because no need to edit anything

    • Reply to a akmamal : I Know It! All of this Technology is both a Curse And a !!!!!! I’m Still Learning. I’m Enjoying Ed S. Music Concert So Much. This Artist ls So Special and Humble :) Tina Ohlrogge From Ks...


  • You are so amazing talented!💜

  • 😍💕

  • Just Ed doing it again. My main man. Don't know how you do it sir. Keep going and never quit.

  • To much music's for one person to Listen.for one album.🎶🎤

  • Amooooooooooooo❤️

  • Bloodstream was the climax of this show

  • 13:18

  • Come to Vietnam, Ed, we always welcome you here ^_^

  • I wish you all peace, love, and happiness ^^

  • Someone at 23:00 sounded like a dang cricket 😂😂

  • Each person want to hear there music just wait.?

  • Don't not personal just music 🎶

  • I'm so impressed :)

  • My unfinished Homework: You took everything from me Ed: I dont even know who you are

  • hoax is when ur girlfriend watches so many W channel that the actors are reporting when your girlfriend is stolen repeats

  • AWESOME SHOW> Ed doesnt need a band, autotune just him and his awesome loop station (Chewie 2). his loops are absolutely insane (even with the slight error with bloodstream) just incredible. check almost any other singer-songwritter using a looper and see how often they make mistakes. this is the first time I've seen ed make an tiny mistake EVER

  • I can' t breathe~~~~

  • I find it distasteful that everyone is recording it on their phone

    • Thats what happens at every concert

  • The guy doesn't need any autotune. Autotuned or not, the voice is still the same.

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  • One man band fuckkk i love you man

  • I love you........................I love you

  • Songs need to be written about his man, he’s more than a modern day Elvis

    • lol

  • I would give anything to have his gift of using a looper

  • I am surviving cancer. Healing from surgery last of 7 in the past 4 years. It has taken it toll and left it's scars. I am here. Healing. Your music helps. Thank you so very much.

    • @Sari Bunga Kezia Siagian thanks

    • IM SO PROUD OF U, keep ur head up luv so dat ur crown doesn't fall

  • chafi ka0.00

  • ed your heart is very big but you are a boxer0.0

  • itit slkara kikong ed0.00

  • siha m hachana th0.0

  • I love u


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  • How lucky were those people who were there that day! Love Edward ❤️



  • So, that's his show. No back up band, just him and his toy guitar along with his three chord songs that all sound the same. Good thing he lives in these times because back in the 70s, he would have been booed off stage.

  • 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢💖💖💖💖💖


  • What's the Hoax

  • Ed Sheeran Soft Shoe Gets Hard Shoe. Go Galway Girl . She Dances. Watch Her Dance To Ed Sheeran! Totally Hard Shoe.

  • Ok. I watched this just now because if I'm going to hate on something I back my shit up. I do not like Ed Sheeran.

  • That version of dont is out of this world

  • While I respect his talent, they’re is no going back to this, folks. Always be distant. Take the bloody vaccine. You might just save a life today. We’re all heroes.

  • Feliz cumpleaños tarde pero no me olvida yo te ngo mi primer nieta de la del hombre mejor vos del mundo lo quiero muchísimo todos los días lo escucho Dios los bendiga

  • Can anyone believe that people actually used to go to concerts? This is far too dangerous with covid. People should be wearing 2 masks. Stay home, save lives. I just don't think it's a good idea to spread the virus.

  • Starting with castle on the hill .. 🤦🏼‍♀️ first song and iam already crying

  • a masterpiece

  • Come home

  • I cried during perfect he is such a good guitarist