Edward Cheserek | The NCAA King

čas přidán 19. 11. 2022
An athlete from Kenya begins his running journey at a later age than most prodigies typically do. With the help of his home country, he uses his opportunity in America to become the most accomplished runner and athlete in NCAA history.
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  • It's always driven me absolutely nuts how much he flails, looks around, and bumps into people.

    • it’s funny too because he always celebrates like 100 meters away from the finish 😭

    • Yeah 😂😂😂, he’s arm movement is mad

    • It's always driven me crazy how fast he is

  • It's really unfortunate that Cheserek didn't win at NCAA champs 4 years in a row. He had it in him, but I guess you can't win everything!

  • that 4x1 mile at penn relays is still one of the funniest things I have seen in T&F

    • Pre was rolling in his grave watching that

    • I was gonna comment this exact thing! It was so cool to see them running a mile pace that I could beat!

  • I'm not a big fan of running. But this video was excellent!! Great job!!

  • Keep grinding man. I can't get enough of your videos!

  • growing up in NJ, he was everyone’s idol. he even inspired me to love cross country and distance running in general

  • He’s the most humble running Beast you’ll ever be laughed at by 😂 he’s a great guy with a lot of character and enthusiasm.

  • Great video, love to hear about runners that I don't know as much about.

  • Don’t know who this guy even is, but I already know that he’s a legend

  • Anytime I see a RunnerBoi video, I immediately click the video and hit it with a thumbs up. Another killer video. Excellent editing, music, and story telling.

  • Awesome video as always. Long live King Ches.

  • Loving the quality of this video! Thanks for a great one

  • Incredible video, analysis, stats collected and provided and, of course, commentating. Thank you and hope you channel will grow bigger! Cheers man!

  • Awaiting the return of the king 👑 🙏🏼

  • this video is extremely well done

  • One of the best documentaries I’ve seen in while nice video

  • 31 minutes just flew by, amazing video!

  • This was ana amazing Film! Tbh I didn't even realize you weren't a channel I wasn't already subscribed too!

  • Great work on the video!

  • Ches dropped this 👑

  • You should do one on Elijah Greer and Marcus chambers and Devon Allen maybe crouser?

  • Really sick video man

  • You missed that infamous penn relays 4xmile race lol, never heard a crowd boo so loud.

  • Nick symmonds came to staten island he said he did about 35 miles a week. My high school runners did more then that.

  • Ultimately, how many NCAA DI champs went on to become a world beater on the roads? Not one that I know of ...

  • Great video

  • i have to run my sectionals race every year at lavern it sucks, the weather is never good.

  • Amazing vid

  • ur the best CS-tvr bro goo shit

  • 31 minute video lets go

  • UO is in Eugene not Portland

  • Cheserek pro career has been a big time fail

  • speaking of nick symmonds... thats a vid we gotta see

  • Biggest snub for the Bowerman ever. Nominated 3x and never won.

  • Kerr destroyed him. hahahahahah

    • he’s D1 runner, and you’re a D1 hater

  • Nahhhh. He isn’t mane.

  • Why does he not run in any big race ?

  • bro been waiting for a vid like this