EGY Free Will and Predestination session 2

čas přidán 19. 03. 2023
Using two opposing cycles spinning, Understanding yantras.

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  • Thank you sister Denise for posting this amazing talk. It is inspirational.

  • Amazing as always. Smashing my characteristic illusions about Brahmin life, while at the same time inspiring me towards stronger dharna. Thanks Denise and thanks to all. In BapDada’s yaad. Bro Konrad

    • Thank you Konrad And what wonderful music emerges from your fingers on that extraordinary instrument. Thanks.

    • @Denise Lawrence So good to hear from you and thanks for your beautiful thoughts with the music. 🎶 ✨🎯

  • Thank you for highlighting the illusions and the deep perception of knowledge

  • Love you dearly sister Denise...I am changing every time I hear are a blessing to this world...

  • Your deep understanding is amazing..🤔🌟❤️

  • the tumble down psyche and self realisation of circular thinking/ awareness can only be “stabilised “ by the knowledge of Point and the focus on Shiv Baba

  • Special soul u r sister ❤️🌟

  • Sister Denise thank you for the class, missed some example you were explaining about using the yantras May be video is edited to not include it. Please let me know if I want to join your zoom meetings

  • 🌻🙏

  • 🤯🙌🏼✨

  • love where you say shiv baba can watch everything all at once..😎🤓😎 cool baba with glasses on 🤔👁️❤️🌟


  • 💖🌹🌈

  • Do psychology books enrich our understanding of gyan or pollute it?

    • I would 100 percent say that psychology books would enrich your gyan. For example the full stop method for stopping waste thoughts is used in CBT today.

    • Thank you, I was also thinking of writing your letters to baba or keeping your chart in a CBT format: Situation Thoughts Feelings Behaviour A more compassionate response

    • Your chart/ letter to Baba is such a great idea. Thanks for sharing I might use that myself. I especially like the ‘more compassionate’ response part. It’s a much gentler approach to growth. I also study Kristen Neff which is very helpful in regard to self compassion.

    • 🙏