Elon memes everywhere! LWIAY - #0068

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elon musk meme review
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  • i just got an ad for a church.. ah pewdiepie, my favorite christian channel

  • Who else watched this with subtitles turned on?

  • I want the chair my father even said he’d buy it for my birthday when it came out I got so damn hyped added to basket and BOOM doesn’t fucking ship to my country -_-

  • I’m Muslim.

  • YIAY 1 = 2015 LWIAY #0001 = 2017 help me im confused!!

  • Burst out laughing in the first 3 seconds... ty pewds


  • the subtitles never fail to confuse me

  • vad hände med gamla Bettan?

  • i got a fedx driver to sub to you and three 9 year olds!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i have the wanna die e

  • When your comment never gets noticed...

  • _0:44__ Hmmm... What he does his Arm???_

  • Spoiler alert he ends the movement 😢

  • Just feeding the video more algorithm metrics.

  • Pridurok

  • my motherboard is a Tseries by MSI

  • This is published on my bday

  • 2:00 me to pewds me to

  • Felix does know that Tseries also was first on CS-tv twice

  • Yo that old dude sounds like Nuke Norway

  • We should have Jackie K Cooper vs T-shitries sub count

  • Pewds play TWD S4 E4 DAMN IT!!


  • was he foreshadowing congratulations 5:40

  • Who subscribe to jackiek after the video?

  • I've been looking everywhere for the music near the end of this video best heard at 10:22. If someone can help that would be amazing.

  • no you didnt become number 1 subbed channel twice, more like 28374 times i didnt count btw becuz im lazy but its been way more than twice xd

  • why demonitization why i want to hear him sing

  • Like if where in the bro army since happy wheels

  • when you running out of ideas

  • was that trick congratulations?

  • :-)

  • was the trick that was coming the congratulations song?

  • I literally called it - second diss track

  • T series sucksssssss big timeeee

  • lmao

  • Was his trick was the music vid he let out today

  • PETA is worse than T Series don't judge me

  • Like if pewds should play Pokémon ho

  • Why does this idiot have so many followers!!!

  • Someone make pewdiepie bots

  • Show Jackie this video

  • Супер пьюди

  • Turn captions on at 1:50

  • #hi

  • Funny, this never made on LWIAY playlist

  • Why was he not logged in?... Hmmmmmmmmm!?


  • T is gay he pass are father pewds

  • Sub to stefaan gameplay

  • random comment but pewdiepies profile picture is rio from devilman crybaby

  • Jackie K Cooper to host meme review

  • OMG, im higher as Felix

  • We are still 21,000+ ahead of t-series!!!!

  • where is the vid that pewds promised when T-Series passed? mhhhh

  • 3:44

  • 🚨Soooo 20 days=3 mil. 9 mil. = 60 days sooooo 60 more days TILL 💯 MIL!!! 👏👏👏👏🚨👋👋👋👋👋👋

  • Salak mı

  • What the hell

  • Долбаеб

  • sometimes i wonder if my duty in life is to do an Elon Musk animation

  • I don‘t like you T-Series

    • But I must go all out, just this once

    • Nothing personal, kid

  • Ed Edd n Eddy E E n Ey Eddd Edddd n Eddddy

  • Fridays with PEwDiEpiEeEeeE

  • Elon Musk holding an Elon Musket at the Elon Mosque surrounded by Elon Mosquitos at Elon Dusk.

  • Salve para o BRASIL

  • i died in the intro 0:00

  • "Numbers don't mean anything to me"

  • Elon ma boooy



  • whenever i get sad i just come to this video and skip to 10:27

  • please explain what meme it.

  • The old man Cooper is now at 150k. You are the most beautiful 9 year olds in the world.

  • Hit the like andsubscribe to PewDiePie

  • Abreu vc e um bosta

  • Man i actually get suprise when i watch your video while i falling asleep 7:28

  • i think the dead deer should host meme review

  • sub 2 pewdiepie~~~~~Fade to black

  • Мемы про Илона везде!

  • Elon Presidency would be epic.

  • Persona santa de los subtítulos,no sea mala y traduzca lo que piew die piez lee :'''v ME HACE SENTIR WEON

  • U r the one who is getting bot sub from CS-tv

  • Me: tearing up when pewdiepie mentions Betan

  • Elon Musk is a native of false Korea, and therefore must be purged for the personal amusement of the almighty lord Kim Jong Un. Murder moistens Kim.

  • Can someone well versed in the meme culture give me a detailed explanation as to the origins behind the Pewdiepie - Tseries rivalry?

  • Number of people who doesn't know Elon Musk ⬇️

  • *petition for Obama hosting meme review...*

  • I have an Indian friend who has made a sub bot for t-series he is no longer my friend

  • Why don’t you do videos In other formats anymore? I wanna see some whaskey review or some beast master 69 action. G-dang dude

  • ThioJoe I subscribed to you because T-Series is slightly worse!

  • hi loser pew die pie

  • Holy flipa moly detective Conan is my jam

  • Max Maximov на ультрах

  • Como soy de core se supone que de ería aprender inglés..... Pero no yo el estúpido emprende español..... Cuando el inglés es el idioma universal...... Por dios soy tan gil

  • Smosh was number three like three times lol

  • I just got an add that was PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator lol 😆

  • Now I understand why so many people know who Elon Musk is these days lol

  • If t series passed you and u pass him again u will have been numero 1 3 times