Eminem - Fall

čas přidán 4. 09. 2018
From the album Kamikaze, out now: shady.sr/Kamikaze
Music video by Eminem performing Fall. © 2018 Aftermath Records


  • Eres muy cool por que ya no subes videos!!!

  • My grandfather told my father about Elvis Presley My father told me about Michael Jackson I'll tell my kids about Eminem🔥🎤

  • Eminem rocks

  • Damn this dude is so washed these days


  • Even when I’m getting brain , you’ll never catch me with a thot ( thought) .... incredible 🔥🔥🔥

  • Shady 😎💯

  • clearly hes holding iphone and throws down samsung. logic 100% come on eminem...

  • Les Français ce reconnaîtrons 2019

  • I truly love his music, I love I his old music, not criticizing any of his music, but the two songs that nearly makes me cry, are, mocking bird, and when I'm im gone, love the music, live a long life, be the best dad you can, I know that you can, love ya man. Peace out.

  • "Don't fart in my face"

  • Dre should be ashamed for signing such a garbage ass rapper theres rappers unoticed thay would ruin his whole career and fuck 26 generations of his family and also he talks about buttholes and balls its time for this creep to find a day job

  • Flame

  • All these mumble rappers wouldn’t survive in the Tupac, Biggie and Eminem Era. Actually they can’t even survive their own era with Em dropping bombs!!!

  • You know your the G.O.A.T when you drop a surprise album without promoting it or dropping singles, and having it hit number 1 all over the world in just minutes!

  • That Shit god damn your mom xd fuck mom xd

  • keep working out psychrtic muccnchehuesin and just 25mg

  • such a mean meanie mean composed interview skit track

  • man you still got this you are truly the rap god to be honest anyone who says anything about you there are the stupidest person to live.

  • 313

  • imagine trying to diss like 14 different people AND SUCCEEDING?

  • If anyone could end mumble rap it would be slim shady

  • bro that line wit the kid lip syncing in the mirror is litterly me. is Eminem spying on?

  • I love revival people are stupid if they hate that alubm I love all your albums I look up to you cuz i got bullied when i was a kid too and i listened to your music and it made me feel better

    • I also love Revival but still this is the worst Eminem album.

  • I'm selling replay buttons for 1 like 1:14 1:14 1:14

  • We shall NEVER SEE HIS LIKE AGAIN!!!!! Highest selling rapper of all time 🙌🏽🎈

  • Hit me with that 🔥. Best white rapper ever. Hold it down

  • Thanks god Oxygen was not dissed

  • Ems still em no matter what

  • Damn your rap is god level

  • 3 best musicians alive 1. Eminem 2. Hopsin 3.logic

  • Seriously what is up with these critics telling em is trash whereas trash artists like cardi b and mumble rappers are appreciated

  • LINE EM UP!!!!!!

  • What was that

  • Marshall Mathers💜

  • "SI", @Suzana👀 Nina 👂,,,,,, Choice,,,, of ,,,,,, Word's 👣

  • First song I heard on his new album and loved it within 10 seconds. Still got the kick Em 👌👉

  • I love you

  • If isnt a rewrite or memories of something

  • Me too writer right here, seaing seeing another cloan

  • Talent i was bornbeautiful

  • Laughing

  • Older

  • Not my song choice

  • Just get up when even up, no one matter what loving into singing

  • Slim poetry...

  • Em is just a number And that number is infinity You cant do a math on him Cant do a math without him either Em is just a number

  • Hi Eminem you are the best rapper. until the day i die you will be my favorite still rap in the world and rap in heaven :)

  • When im walking i always think there’s a cyclist behind me when it rings😂