Emotions Cause Physical Pain? | Mind Body Connection | Doctor Mike

čas přidán 25. 10. 2018
I wanted to share with you something that has changed the way I practice medicine. I have been seeing patient's come in with all sorts of unexplained symptoms including chronic pain for years without a clear root cause.
Understanding that the mind and body are intimately connected is extremely important in being able to help patients. A holistic approach mean a whole (hol-) person approach. That means in order to treat any condition appropriately I need to ask my patients questions tied to their mental health as well.
My recommendation are to:
1) Have a Primary Care Doctor (don't rely on Urgent Cares to give you Holistic care)
2) Establish an honest, open relationship with your Primary Doc
3) Take time out of your day to be mindful of your emotions (especially if they seem to be buried deep).
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  • Thank you for this video dr mike! 💜🌼

  • Absolutely emotions can cause physical pain. I have generalized anxiety disorder and depression and for pretty much my whole entire life ive had somatic symptoms that come along with it. When I experience anxiety I get terrible gastrointestinal symptoms. Pain, nausea and especially diarrhea. When I would have anxiety attacks as a kid I would get so nauseous I would dry heave, shake, go pale and sometimes even get tingly lips. When I was in nursing school during my final semester I even got chest pain and heart palpitations because I was stressed around exams. My boyfriend has a gastric ulcer and cerebral palsy. His CP is very mild and you wouldnt even know he had it unless he told you. When he was working 60 hour work weeks in the summer and his work environment became toxic and caused him stress he got sick ALL the time. Fevers and when he gets a virus he gets weak from the CP. He also would throw up all the time from the ulcer, ever since he quit he has been so much better mentally and physically. So many more examples.

  • Love you more2 doc Mike 😍😚❤

  • Wow I wish you were my primary doctor! I've been dealing with chronic shoulder and jaw pain for a couple of months. It's not easy to find a good & caring primary family doctor if your family never had one or can't afford the best ones. That's the issue we as millenials are facing. As far the mental health goes, I agree my anxiety increases the pain but the "doctors" immediatly discard me as an anxious person and don't even bother to touch my muscles or order and X-ray to actually see if something is wrong.

  • I could not even been more glad to watch your videos Doctor Mike. Thanks God you exist

  • I have this!! I have multiple stomach aches and problems and it happens when stress and anxiety strikes. Thanks for the video Dr. Mike

  • im obsessed with someone who hates me, everytime i contact him he curses me out and says really mean things. i hate my obsession with him. everything he says matters to me, ive been attached with him for 2 years now, my heart hurts so much it feels like all never get over him, sometimes my heart starts beating slow and it skips beats because of him

  • Thank you thank you THANK YOU! I regularly come back to this video because it's so reassuring. I have horrible health anxiety, plus panic disorder, and I feel actual physical pain daily. I've been to urgent care and the ER more than I'd like to admit for these pains, and every doctor has told me the same thing: get your anxiety under control and these will probably go away. It's so hard to accept their words when you're in pain and there's no easy explanation for it. You feel like you'll just keep suffering until someone takes you seriously, and the pain creates a vicious cycle of anxiety leading to pain, leading to anxiety, leading to more pain, etc. I'm so happy to know that, despite how little it's talked about, doctors are aware of the mind-body connection and know how to spot it. This helps me believe that people like me really are being heard.

  • I’m convinced my chronic stomach pain is stress based, since there’s nothing physical that correlates to it, and it’s a bunch of different types of pain and locations. I also have chronic back and wrist pain which I’m now thinking could be related.

  • Do you think Dr. Sardo's theory would work on chronic pain conditions? Like fibromyalgia or Elher's Danlos Syndrome?

  • My doctor in Canada is AMAZING (though not as hot as you lol) he sent me to an internist to find out what exactly is going on with my constant nausea,headaches, GI issues etc. I went through soooooo many tests and he said “I’m going to put your anxiety at the bottom of the list and if we can’t find anything THEN we know it’s caused by your anxiety”. Urgent care centres would always brush it off as anxiety as soon as they seen the “any medical conditions” box checked.

  • Having an anxiety disorder I LOOOOOOVE that you are raising awareness on this! The pain and physical symptoms are REAL

  • I have somatic hypochondriac disorder and I would just like to say that it's seriously nice to hear a doctor not degrading people with this disorder since a lot of people tend to do that. From now on, every time i feel like the symptoms are overtaking me im gonna watch this video for reassurance. Thank you Dr. Mike!

  • I’m just seeing this video now but I wanted to say, how nice it is to hear you speak about a mind-body connection. There is a huge connection between our mind and what we experience in the body. Thank you for starting this conversation, keep up the awesome work! I love your videos🥰 🇨🇦

  • Dr. Mike, what r your feelings towards John's Wort 4 depression?

  • I'm 15 with PTSD, anxiety, social anxiety, and depression and I get major headaches and lots of back pain. Could it be stress causing pain despite being healthy?

  • Hi Dr. Mike! I really enjoyed this video. Do you have any recommendations about resources (books, podcasts, etc) that talk more about this topic? I have read some research about the BPS model or care, but I was wondering if you knew about any resources that talked more about how to incorporate this line of questioning in a clinic setting? Thank you so much for all your videos :)

  • Do you have email where people don’t feel comfortable asking you questions about mental issues/depression?

  • Could you do a video on Acid Reflux and dietary aspects that can flare it up more that are not as thought about such as coffee and spicy food.

  • I wasn't aware how much your mental health effected you physically until I was diagnosed with fibro and it got worse over the years and I noticed the triggers for when I'm stressed and gets worse when I have have anxiety or ptsd, which is A lot harder to let go than just normal everyday stress

  • Thanks for this knowledge sir ❤️✌️🙏

  • i have agorpahobia and havemt left the houe , at all , in 8 months , ive had to leave college and my life s ruined , ive developed an an eating disorder , emetophobia and such sever anxiety and depression that eveything constantly hurts and such fear around food that i constantly feel as if im going to be sick , my stomach always hurts ive developed IBS , headaches , muscle pain , dizziness , isomnia , i even stopped being able to move my legs for a whole hour it was so terrifying and i have so many more chronic or acite symptoms its hard to list them all. i am in constant agony that ive resorted to suicide because doctors cant find any medical explanation so dont really care so i ont see them anymore. this is such an important video thankyou

  • I love learning about health and I love your approach to medicine. You’re incredibly gifted, Dr.Mike! Thank you for sharing your wonderful advice and perspectives❤️❤️

  • I have a question. so say there is a minor that has BPD, Have attempted suicide, though parents don’t want to treat their teen with medications, but instead with ‘essential oils’ what are your thoughts on that?

  • Could you possibly do a video on extreme back pain and neck pain in teenagers? I think it could help me and a lot of people

  • I was diagnosed with an Anxiety disorder, specifically GAD, and I’ve learned all of the fun side effects of the disorder, including high blood pressure and early death. Having consistent therapy visits and mindfulness are just some of the ways I try to stay more healthy for both my mind and body. Also the celexa is a nice help but not the bee all end all treatment.

  • it might just be me but it looks like his eyelids are a little yellow at first i thought he was wearing eyeshadow which there is nothing wrong with that but i still was like🤔🤨

  • me: *has constant cough and really painful lower back pain* doctor mike: 2:24 me: ... fuck.

  • Hello, did you read "One Simple Thing: A New Look at the Science of Yoga.." from Eddie Stern (yoga teacher based in New York) - interesting 11 chapter about nervous system. Thank you for all your work.

  • Mind is an important function of brain.

  • This reminds me of a story of a girl who ended up a murderer her father raped her all her life and after a while she was unable to walk,they went to the doctor and her legs were fine she was capable of walking but her mental state made her unable to walk and she had to learn to walk again.It's interesting and completely true.

  • Thank you for making this video! I feel like i can better take care of myself, I know the questions to ask my doctor, and how important it is to have a PCP. Thank you Mike! This helped more than you know! I can't wait for more videos.

  • I deal with hypochondria and it sucks I'm basically going crazy

  • Man I wish I could find someone like you as a primary care doctor. I got a ton of crap goin on, but going through cal-viva here in fresno it's suuuuper hard to find a quality doctor. I've tried many... Just an example, the one that was assigned by default only works at the office in question Wed and Fri, but EVERYTIME I've gone to try and see him there's always some excuse why he's not there. (sick, renovations, vacation, ect, this went on for months when I was actually having some serious problems.) Another one I tried on the first visit barely spoke English, took a very poor medical history and prescribed roughly 20 different medications ON THE FIRST VISIT before the blood panels she ordered even came back. Once they did, she threw on another 20 or so meds. I had to change doctors because that office was raided by the FBI... Last example is one that really got me. I've had my teeth removed due to infections and its rather embarrassing, but on the first visit this doctor was absolutely ADAMANT that I was on crystal meth. The hardest drug I've ever done was CCC's when I was a teen, I'm now in my 30s and haven't even touched pot in over a decade. But this woman was seriously not even moving onto any other questions until I was gonna admit I did something I never did in my life. I straight up walked out and told her to "go **** herself." Sorry for the long explanation, but I've got a ton wrong (heat/cold urticaria, pre-diabetic according to my A1C, arthritis, the list goes on, some unique stuff like the urticaria I've literally had doctors not believe me until I showed them with ice) and I NEED to find a quality doctor for primary care. What would you recommend to do in a region like this where the doctors just seem to not give a damn, accuse and accost their patients and being stuck on government aide?

  • Bueno,doctor,ya somos dos que no se llevan ,muy bien con las alturas y los escorpiones😱yo soy capricornio,eres un 💯💓👍

  • What about Drs who say pain is all in your mind as soon as they see that you have a mental health issue and not properly look at a ct scan. It is also a problem. When in reality that there are orthopaedic issues.

  • Hi Doctor Mike I personally are having a bad time in my life. And been really down for a while and in this time my inheritable illness morbus bechterev broke lose and I had terrible back pains and my joints hurt. I know now that's because of this illness. But is it possible the illness did become so strong because off my mental stress? ....I'm 16 years old... I love your Videos. And I'm German I hope I wrote everything correct😅 Stay happy and healthy too.💗

    • And I am a bit late hope you read your old comments also😅👍

  • This sounds totally plausible, not farfetched at all. The mind is part of your body too. Stress is usually mental but can cause awful physical problems.

  • you haven't mentioned that how u cured that patience any meditation affirmations to release that pain?! please make a video on healing too.Thank you

  • the problem is in order to focus on a detailed part of a problem people have a tendency to separate systems in order to make it comprehensible for oneself to solve or understand and forgets that every system in body, society etc are all connected

  • love how he says that being honest with your doctor is simple, it really not, like even tho my doctor knows I might have mental health issues im still not gonna be able to say that things aren't good, its not as simple as he claims

  • I actually got a checkup because I had symptoms of a heart attack. I doubted I would have this, so I just assumed it’s a panic attack due to my history is clinical depression and social isolation It turned out to be pneumothorax, because I weighed under 100 pounds and was 5’ 8 Nothing critical, it was already healing, but it got me out of gym for a little bit in school.

  • Question: What is your holistic approach for fibro? My doctor prescribed me duloxetine, but I am not a fan of meds so much. Thanks :)

  • Thank you so much for making this video! I believe that mental health is as important to physical. Thanks again for educating !!xoxo

  • I do believe that mind and body are conected but as someone who has a mental illness medical record since i was 10 and a couple years ago sufferred from a horrible daily stomach pain for two years and was constanly told that it was in my head I don't want a doctor tilting his head sideways to me and ask me, very sofly, if im doing okay. I had that horrible life sucking stomach pain for 2 years; at the worst I couldn't walk for long periods because I was so skinny due to not eating (eating made it worse so i barely did eat) and at the end it was something to do with my stomach. 2 years and after many doctos, many complains, many tears, so many wasted days just wishing the pain to go away, they found the reason, a physical one. As someone with mental illness I do know and understand that sometimes a bad "brain day" can cause you to feel under the weather, but as someone who was ignored for these mental illness I'm done with doctors tilting their heads.

  • Can you make a video about eating disorders? Also how it links to mental health? What bothers me in particular is how everyone only talks about recovery physically. There is a mental aspect to your recovery as well. As someone who went through mental health problems and eating disorders, nobody ever told me, that I’d still have that I’d still have that similar unhealthy way of thinking. I am a lot better physically and I genuinely want to be healthy now but I still feel like a person with the mindset of someone with the eating disorders. I’m still haunted by it to this day. It’s scary and traumatic, but it is stigmatized. Everyone either didn’t know how to talk to me, looked at me differently, made me feel guilty or told me I wanted attention. It made me feel more alone. What do I do when I’m physically healthy and getting mental health support and I’m still stuck? There is no resources that help with the mental state of that. It was either specific therapy for coping or group therapy. I’ve tried all the behavioural therapy but since the social workers experience was not with eating disorders, it was a bit more challenging. The people that were in charge of the eating disorders, only offered therapy to get me to eat. I feel like this topic is not spoken about enough and not enough education is provided. Most people made me feel like it was my fault and I could stop at any time. I understand I played a huge role and it was up to me to take initiative but how do you do that when you’re not mentally okay or ready to accept that there is a problem? Has anyone else felt this? Sorry for the rant, thank you for taking the time to read this. I did copy and paste my comment from another video but I do believe this topic deserves attention

  • I've been told by doctors that I have a SLAP injury in my left shoulder. It's painful and has been so for over a year. The doctor said it can maybe go away by strength training. What's your take on this? Btw, LOVE your videos. Amazing knowledge. Thank you!

  • actually super helpful. ty

  • I have regionalised pain amplification syndrome and ive been told it's linked to my emotions centre in my brain so when I am upset my pain gets worse and when I'm happy and enjoying myself whilst painting or whatever my pain decreases. It's very confusing and annoying.

  • Can 107 fever be caused by mental condition