Ep.316 New crew from Switzerland - Sailing 3 days and 2 nights to San Blas with a mountaineer

čas přidán 24. 10. 2021
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New crew that has never been out on the ocean before sailing to a Panamanian paradise. What could go wrong?

Just watch the video....can't give it all away.

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  • 2nd x watching. I clicked on it by accident and said, hey, this is a pretty funny one, I need funny. And so here I am commenting again.🙏🙏😊😊❤🇺🇸⛵⚓🍻🥳

  • We will see just how long it takes to spook her away Comly ,appenions .

  • Congrats mate. Lisa's a sweetheart. Glad to see you with compatible company. Keep on with your incredible positivity!

  • Lisa is a great addition. Don't take it personal, but she makes the channel much better. Maybe if you comb your hair and shave she will stick around a little longer.

  • "She's not seasick...at all" Ouch 😬😂

  • GDay Lisa hope your enjoying the ride

  • Plukky mate, nicw mate....just curious wheres Sally & co...these days `

  • Is Peter wearing a safety harness? Never thought I would see that...

  • Way to go, Lisa, you are a natural

  • Good to see you coming back to your old self. Lisa seems like a sweetheart

  • No negativity going toward either of your ways. It's fun to watch cool people having fun and enjoying each other's company. But "hibernating bear?" You're lucky she didn't snap. What's the Aussie translation of "Grrrrr?"

  • If you upload the videos , I will watch them ! P s put in a 3 or 4 minute ad for extra bucks

  • Lisa has the loveliest smile, totally gorgeous, I’m in love

  • Love the lovely LISA

  • Hello hello “Gecko Man”. Greetings from Nonna Rosa

  • back to your roots cool. strange crews coming and going still miss that one girl Sally she was girl with big brass ones she ate a live shrimp who needs a barbie what a legend that girl is see how the new girl matches up big shoes to fill

  • Excellent.

  • How great to see you in "almost" real-time it really does add a certain "Je ne sais quoi" but I don't know what it is 😉 Cool new crew. I nearly choked on my coffee at the whip comment! 🤣

  • Liza is good value! and Plucky nice to hear you speaking in a more normal voice! Also liking the less sexist comments :)

  • Did you ask Lisa if she likes Covid, lightening, sinking boats, and being a stowaway in random countries? 😬 Break her in slow. We don't want her to run away 😁

  • Lisa seems like a nice young lady and will be quite helpful to you Pete... enjoy.

  • Funny to see the caveman trying to be on his best behavior 😉

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  • Hey Plukky... Mate-Mate, you tell Miss. Switzerland\Lisa, that I said she is a very welcome addition to the crew and looking forward to all of your/her videos ... Ask her if that's a "Nice Comment"... Ja-Ja?

  • Welcome to Lisa. So glad she doesn't get seasick. She will enjoy sailing life.

  • Did you take in this crew and make this video about a week after you had the lightning and had to fix holes?

    • @SAILING into FREEDOM Did the lightening strike that is in the video you released in this October occur this October or earlier?

    • No it is 8 months or more onward

  • So, you're a fella on a boat, no place to go but on the boat. You invite a woman onto the boat as crew. Never mind

  • Swiss crew... are we back to the early days of S.i.t. F? Seems a nice girl, you one lucky Plucky having these lovely people slide, apparently, effortlessly into your life! Fair winds and keep posting, the good ship Amanita is chasing your tail.

  • Bugger how did you talk that beautiful lady to take passage with you. Ha ha

  • Lisa has great energy for this dual crew. peter did we get an update on the hull patch?

  • Welcome aboard Lisa, have fun and fair winds.

  • Welcome aboard Lisa, ya did really well not getting crook! Love your spirit! “Be stupid but, just handle it!” Great quote! 😎🏖🌴☀️🇦🇺

  • Omg, is she single? What a wonderful woman!

  • Lisa, great job!

  • Three days of that kind of sailing with no sea sickness....? Not easily excitable... ? Watchout Plucky, she could be a Swedish Pirate! You're in trouble now, mate 🤙🏽

  • nice headsail mate - Precision do a great job - maybe with the main you'll chase a tri-radial with maybe HNR - or similar - if your lady companion is new to the scene - you would be doing her a favour making sure is clipped on till she has her legs. _ its the first rule of being the boss - make sure everyone comes home.

    • You are right but if you don't leave the cockpit in those conditions it ain't going to kill ya lots

  • Welcome Lisa! You are fortunate to be sailing with the most self sufficient sailor on CS-tv!

  • Way to go Plukky. I am a huge fan! Good move brother!

  • By something of a coincidence, or by CS-tv's recommendations having brought me to your channel, I was looking at videos not long ago about the two girls from the Netherlands, Kris and Lisanne, who disappeared near Boquete, which is about 70 km south of where you started your journey. Their remains and some of their property were found after quite a long time. By another coincidence, they had gone to Boquete to volunteer and Lisa, who was on the boat, is going to Bolivia to work with wildlife. The girls were going to start work at a school but were told they were too early and had to wait some days. Knowing hardly anything about the area, they went on a walk northward into the jungle, apparently being lost and delayed on the way and were over the hill and in dangerous territory as dusk approached. Naturally, there was concern that they may have been attacked by a jaguar and I read the Wikipedia page for the animal very thoroughly. The most worrying thing about a jaguar, it seems to me, is its extremely powerful bite. It can pounce,, break through the skull and leave the victim incapacitated and dying. There might not be a lot of warning from people about the danger. So, you don't go into the jungle without someone who knows about it. I think I would like to take a machete and if you keep hacking at the vegetation, it would help to keep the trail open and jaguars and pumas would see the damage and know to keep away. I saw something like that on TV years ago. Someone who lived in the jungle in South America knew there were cats around in the dark, small ones but called, tigers. So in jaguar country, maybe two people with machetes, one covering the other's back. The TV programme I saw was with Benedict Allen in the Amazon jungle. He's still going and there is a Guardian article. Headline: Meet Benedict Allen, the Explorer saved by the Daily Mail, against his will The article even shows him with a machete. He must have learned from that man - who was trying to pair him with his daughter. He'd got the wrong sort there!

  • Good to see you again with a smile Peter and back out on the water doing what you do best. You have a good partner in crime albeit for a short time. Take care.

  • Where's the refit videos ? Never did see out the full extent of the lighting damage.

  • Plukky, you know what they say. Don't Poke the sleeping bear!!! Right...

  • Good to see both of you in great spirit. She helps you to get settled in again.

  • Love your new intro ! Great new crew too !

  • I reckon Lisa is a beaudie, mate. And she doesn't get seasick! What I like to see is you sailing upwind... good onya ... most channels switch the efin engine on👍

  • Yay good on ya ! You are back , happy plucky !!! Hello Lisa welcome aboard !

  • God dam it the la vagabonds get the friggin Aston Martin version of a boat and your in the burnout blue FJ version that just farted and shit itself on a sand key

    • The trolls will troll, Just hum the tune to Sailing to Freedom by Burlington Bill and live the life!

    • And?....I m still out here. And having a blast.....(of lightning he he)

  • Great,glad a Swiss made it on your boat.We dont show much emotions,the qualities are inside,like chocolate ! Or Swiss cheese : ) Which city is she from,I am from Basel?

  • Welcome Lisa!

  • Your new crew is awesome! As you said she catches on fast and has a great personality - which is always important in close spaces!! :) Don't give her too much grief!

  • Hey Lisa. You don't have to lie about Pluckies nasty cooking. ;-) She was sleep walking Plucky. Let the girl get her beauty sleep.

  • Sali Lisa , schön das du derbi bisch für e zitli. Hey Plukky ,the most entertaining hibernating “bear” in Switzerland is called Murmeli.Lisa will fill ya in on details mate🤙🏻

  • Hi Lisa happy to see that Plukky has someone to sail with. Enjoyed watching the both of you sailing into freedom ⛵.

  • Nice cargo

  • Top stuff plucky. Welcome lisa. Good video, glad to see ya back sailing.

  • Thanks for keeping it up, Pluck!

  • Enjoy the madness Lisa. Welcome aboard. Fight the urge to release Plucky in to the wilderness together with the pet monkeys.

  • Let me know if you need some help this winter. I could come for a month and help out

  • 👍👍👍👍👍

  • MY MAN! is back in the hopes with a large crew of girls interacting with them and that's when he's the most funniest, the girls make the video worth watching

  • Welcome aboard Lisa!!

  • She is so cute plucky….a real keeper matie!!!

  • Good video, but a little confusing. As the previous video was you on the hard getting repaired. What happen after that?

  • the reason for her sleeping is exhaustion, after rockin and rollin, finally the body has to collapse, unlike yourself, Pole the bear in emergency, otherwise she will share the experience sparing ly.

  • im clicking on every stupid ad in your vids, please, please, do get that new sail!!!

  • Why do you have no radar? Or do you, actually?

  • "you're not going to die on this boat" yeah, he's splitting hairs there: she'll drown once the boat sank or she fell off. Technically that's not on the boat...

  • Welcome aboard Lisa, you will enjoy the journey. You're with a very experienced and resourceful mariner; but if Plukky starts talking about cave diving at night, do us all a favor and slap him silly. viel Glück😀


  • Fantastic! That made me feel happy. Yay! Xxx

  • Welcome Lisa. I hope you enjoy your time with Peter.

  • After seeing where you were ill, probably with Covid-19, I thought I should tell what I have been using for the past 18 months. I tell people occasionally but I'm not a doctor. Hypochlorite bleach is antiviral and it was used in the biological risk prevention for the first men on the moon when they returned. I waft a little vapour from the top of the bottle when I think there may be a risk. You had some almonds when you were sick. There are pre-cyanide compounds in almonds and I use elderberry as an antiviral, which has similar compounds; I use them for hot drinks. Witcheties have something similar also, present in insects. I saw recently that they are catching on with some people now. What they know about them, I didn't hear. I'll stick with the hypochlorite bleach and the elderberry drinks. Please pass it on.

  • Hey Peter, she cute!… that’s my positive comment 😁

  • Woooaah Plucky! This is warp speed. What ever happened to all the damage from Lightning strike #2? Curious to learn what damage the engine had? Anyhoo, great to see you back at sea AND with lovely company. Welcome Lisa!

    • There was only one lightning strike. The recent videos were from 2020, repeats.

  • Nice addition, Plukky!

  • Becareful mate i married a Swiss , 11 years later she took the kids , the house my pension...just stay away from Swissyland👍

  • Awesome! Love it! Being out at sea is just beautiful!!

  • Hello , I hope this finds you in good spirits as mine were lifted when I saw you out and about with your new crew . It is always a good sign to see you both laughing at yourselves when it seems obvious that you know what you are doing . Seeing Lisa's smile was rewarding as you were going through the rough seas I hope her time in Bolivia is very rewarding .

  • Glad to see you had some good company on the passage. It always makes for a safer trip. She is very charming. Maybe can crew again sometime.

  • Great to see you back with some new crew lovely Lisa im sure she is fitting in fabulously

  • Plukky is the Anthony Quinn of the Sea 😂

  • Great to see you back at Peter. You new crew member Lisa seems 👍. She takes teasing very nicely which you have to be able to do with Pluky as your captain.

  • Lisa, you are a refreshing face on the channel. Nice to see you onboard.

  • Good on ya!🤙Fair winds!⛵

  • Thank you so much for the video your on a roll plukky keep up the good work and the great seafaring adventures. Would be nice to see you in Canada sometime but will settle for this 👍👍

    • and you can dive for Atlantic lobster here also bar clams etc.. good times think about it ✌️

  • Great to see you back Plukky, will there be any thing from the boat yard repairs ?.... oh another thing haha the wind vane paddle will snap of in high wind, should be a small version supplied for high wind many vids out there with people trying to fit oars etc . Tc both stay safe and enjoy.

  • its nice seeing you with a lady onboard.

  • welcome to the best, rawest, planet loving sailing channel on CS-tv; a life/ lifestyle I incredibly envy. oh, and welcome back Plukky, glad to see you're well in and out :)

  • Great video Plukky, so good to see you relaxed again and enjoying yourself.

  • Have fun with having a new crew member! Lisa you will find that sailing is addictive. Its my drug of choice.

  • Hola Plucky.Swiss sailors are generally very underrated.Pleased you've got some efficient company.

  • Plukky so idyllic! Lisa seems like great crew. Please let us know about your new windvane and how it performs.

  • Great to see new episodes and new crew. Can’t wait to see more!

  • That was fucking hilarious. Good on Ya Pluky. Fair winds.

  • Another quality production PLUCKY, the Sheila's not getting sea sick, now all we gotta wait for if she likes you. Good luck

  • great new crew!

  • Don't mess with the supply chain Plukky. Those big boats are making sure us Americans have our excess of imports.

  • "Ooooh baby people" isnt that a baby?

  • Great new content. Life’s a journey, remember and honor the past, look forward and plan for the future.

  • Giday Lisa, here's my advice, Run or swim as fast as u can, Plukky is wanted in many different Countries for his Sailing ability and charm, typical Aussie. Just watch ur back cause he is very clever at making u feel safe and he will teach u all about boats,Sailing and the sea so when u leave you'll be Wanted too.🤣🤣🤣🇭🇲 Welcome aboard the famous SV Freedom. Oh and glad you've got a smile on your dial Pete have fun xxx🇭🇲