EPIC RIFFS | Why this is AC/DC's hardest riff!⚡

čas přidán 6. 10. 2020
Another video in the EPIC RIFFS series, and today we're looking at AC/DC. Is this the hardest riff? And why is it so difficult? How can we nail it? We're analyzing the riff and I'm showing you all the tricks to get it down.
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0:00 Intro
0:40 The Riff
1:06 The biggest misconception
3:21 The right notes
4:14 The trick to play it fast
6:42 The rhythm problem
8:19 What is wrong with the tabs?!
9:53 The two intro chords
11:22 The B section
11:50 The Mixolydian mode
13:40 The tone
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  • Dont you remove that custom sticker?? 😅

  • Check out plini electric sunrise or every piece matters

  • People who use tabs usually wouldn`t be able to read a bar. Also, all my life I couldn`t do the riff thinking it HAD to be hammer-ons and pull-offs. Using a pick is a lot easier.

  • Riff Raff is the next (no brainier). However... The most idiotic tabs ever, belong to those attempting to play Malcolm Young's riffs -- not Angus'. That's because Malcolm was a rythym guitarist specializing in phrasing and variations and inversions of chords. He was a better guitarist. Period. PLEASE DO "NIGHT PROWLER"

  • that was one of the best tutorials i've watched in a long long time. Great stuff !!

  • Rhythm guitar on this track is way harder in my opinion.

  • Thumbs up if you would love to have this dude as your guitar teacher. Excellently explained!

  • Why troughout this video in every riff im allways waiting to hear that chant "Ha A-a-AA-a-a-AA-a-a...THUNDER!"

  • "AC/DC doesn't have lots of gain", well, if you are talking about a super lead it doesn't, but about Plexis, JTMs and JCM 800, that's what Angus uses most of time, it's pretty much full on cranked amps.

  • Bassists can play this by double thumb technique

  • Hey Paul, I love the video, for I love AC/DC . I’m a drummer so I have no idea about guitar whatsoever and I always thought the guitar in riff raff were pretty difficult, too. It is one of my most favorite song. Maybe worth to take a look. Cheers.

  • Excellent guitar instructor! Damn

  • Cut of your hair&beard and start playing guitar better than AC\DC ! Here on yt just can see reaction,explain, bla bla ! Semething new ?

  • This first time that somebody told that is not easy to play ! Great and Thx You need a lot of practise to play exactly on the point ! Angus is a Legend and that has a reason ! Excuse my terrible english an greats from germany

  • You’ve probably addressed the is already, but what software and tool are you using to slow that track down? Thanks

  • Lol, I can’t play it well without alternate picking.

  • Dust in the wind by Kansas was created from a finger picking exercise

  • Paul. mate. Here's the challenge. Have a listen to a band called Australian Crawl. Track down the guitar paying of a bloke called Simon Bink.

  • 👉 8:52 .... why did you stop?.... Why!? Finish it. I'll buy it.

  • you are guitarman but acdc make the song,and litle guitar riff this song

  • I subscribe to a few guys on youtube just to get a variety of approaches to my favorite instrument which is of course, the guitar. I think yours are my favorite. You're good humored and creative in your cinematography if you will. Your twin brother that presses you for answers and physically pushes you around. I love your obvious enthusiasm for music and I always feel like I can play anything with some practice while I'm watching your videos. You have a soothing and a sort of calming effect on me. I am in a nursing home and I'm still trying to figure out the best way to play, what position to be in because of a back surgery, I'm unable to stand at the time, and even have difficulty transferring to a chair. I'm only getting back into it after quite a few yrs of dealing with my health. I've got emphasema and I've been dealing with backpain for yrs. I even was taking care of my elderly mother for almost 15 yrs, which was my pleasure. She was my best friend and died at 87, May 30th 2017. Man she was the best, my favorite person to listen to music with. She loved Frank Sinatra and the Beatles and could pick Ozzy Osbournes voice off the radio. She'd say " that's Ozzy right honey ?" and I'd say yes and begin to explain the deeper meaning behind the lyrics or the song and she'd say "Ohh c'mon shush! I'm trying to hear the words , tell me after! " Lol...87 yrs old and a metal head! She loved quality music was the thing, fascinated by Hendrix at Woodstock making his strat sound like bombs bursting in air, she understood what he was doing within me telling her. I think she'd have enjoyed your sense of humor and you're charisma, you're charm...she had no meanness in her and appreciated nice people, and that's what comes across in your videos. A gentle and kind, friendly type of person with a true humble quality that is so refreshing. I always feel like playing after watching you , which isn't always the case. I'm a little bit all over the place, I know but I wanted to drop a comment, and let you know that I just got a Squier Affinity SSS with a Fender Mustang Lt25 modeling amp and I'm finally getting some time to play. I would love to have no time to play, and have my mom back , but I believe I'll see her again, and she's with me in spirit. I'm not as good as I was yrs ago when I stopped playing due to time/energy constraints. I'm glad you're doing what you do, I feel like I'm becoming better just watching. The guy at the shop where I bought my guitar said it was like I had roadies when I explained to him that in order to play I have to get the nurses aid to remove the bedrail etc lol! I intend to play later but my roadies are busy giving dinner to the patients here. I want to express this. Please don't pity me, I don't mention my health for any particular reason, but certainly not that reason. I'm better off than I have been in years, I have all my needs met, food, medicine, shelter and even a few wants like my guitar! I have a laptop computer and a tablet, I'm doing better than 99% of people in the world I'd think. If you want to pity me, do it because I had a choice of black or quick silver and chose a silver strat. I would have preferred a sunburst but I wanted to get on with playing, and those were my choices! Not such a big deal, not really but I do think I'd like to change from a white scratch plate to something more exotic, and maybe upgrade the pick-ups, although I'm getting some great tones and effects from the amp. I'm getting better with the 5 way switch on the guitar too. I'd love to see you do a video on dialing in tones. The effects all have delay and echo and you can change the timing and save it. It even has a way to receive software upgrades through a USB port! Fender mustang Lt25 modeling amp, so cool for $125.00 american! 20 Watt practice amp but plenty loud for me! Thank you Paul for what you do for the worldwide guitar community, they truly broke the mold with you man!☮️🎸✌️🙏

  • Conor McGregor playing guitar...

  • Great player and instruction

  • My man playing it wrong him self you use one hand

  • Paul, the time and effort you put into these videos really shows. Production quality always really impresses me. Bring on 3M subs, well deserved. Thx for the content sir 🤘

  • good god take off the pick guard sticker already

  • Thanks for this lesson. I have a problem coordinating my left and right hand when trying to pick fast. This riff might be a good one to help that??? Could you learn the guitar solo by The Little River Band for their song Happy Anniversary? It seems to me to be a guitar solo that incorporates a lot of different techniques, octaves, fast picking, bends, hammer on's etc. no one on youtube shows how to play this solo so you might be the first

  • Cool video but if you think this riff is difficult, then I'm waiting for your video on Malcom's riff... THAT's the real deal to me about this song. ONE chord and a syncopated (banjo style) rhythm that really few people understand how to play. Angus's riff is great but it's not that difficult to play compared to Mal's part. At least to me.

  • Oh yeah, Mals parts on this song are harder to get 100% right

  • Seem easy. But people usually play AC/DC the wrong way

  • My playing is probably horrible on a proper rhythmic level. I tried using a metronome but it’s so weird.

  • Imo it's Beating around the bush

  • What happens if you don't play with a pick 😂😂

  • That SG is gorgeous!

  • I also have a sort of half-assed tab on ultimate guitar, look for “pseudoangus”

  • I remember when razors edge came out. When I first heard the opening of thunder struck, I immediately thought of who made who. At that point in time I had only been playing guitar for two years maybe. But since I knew how to play who made who, and that little riff that angus comes in with, I knew it was the same type of alternating a fretted note with an open note. Everything else was easy after that. For me, their hardest riff is probably Can I Sit Next to You Girl. I know the notes and can play it slow, but even now that I’ve been playing over 30 years, I still can’t get it right at the proper speed, lol.

  • Very informative! You are a great teacher. Excellent video.

  • what does he use to slow the songs down?

  • You’re such a boss 💪🏼

  • play some Buckethead riffs m8

  • I think the bigger mystery for me is Malcolm's rythm guitar underneath. How does he do it?

  • Jeez- I just discovered your channel and you are great.

  • Thank you! You have just confirmed what I have been suspecting all the time: The videos lie! The original tune is staccato not legato! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

  • 11:54 - sounds like TSOL - The Name Is Love: cs-tv.org/tv/video-Q2VqAH90h6s.html

  • Are you supposed to rest your palm on the body? I find it much easier that way but i‘m not sure if its maybe just a bad habit..

  • Please explain to us how to work with the colored drum-machine you had on the Desk, and how to produce the backing tracks! Thanx and compliments for your channel!

  • I always struggled to play guitar with my lack of coordination and my sausage fingers, but I found Thunderstruck quite easy actually.

  • Hands up if you had a buddy at school who’s multiple choice answers were : A C D C A C D C A C D C

  • Thank you so much I was struggling with my fretting hand speed but then I saw this video and I can play it much faster

  • Best tutorial on thunder struck on CS-tv. Well done 👏🏼

  • Angus made that confusion on the official vídeo, by playing legato just to pose as a rock star (ok, he can, he is a truly rock star and he wrote the riff...).

  • Riff Raff is a Killer Riff for example for next Vid

  • I find looking at the 10th fret instead just before your going to go back to the 12th fret with your little finger works perfectly for me rather than looking at the 12th fret. It's smooth and locks into place nicely.

  • Nice hair

  • AC/DC is one of the hardest bands to copy. Angus does so much with so little it throws musicians off. Malcom played right in the center of the pocket, all the while using "less is more" to drive song home. While that's going on Angus sidesteps the whole "look at how good and fast and technical I am" he simply uses major and minor scales intermittently with solos that are carefully layered over airtight rhythm. Then he connects lead and rhythm guitar parts to become one. In AC DC even though the band is known for the little man in shorts ..it is usually Malcolm's opening chords that make the band so easy to recognize as soon as song starts

  • I’ve literally heard idiots describe AC/DC as pentatonic scale and power chords. It’s like they don’t know what they’re listening to, and they claim to be teaching music.

  • Somehow I knew Thunderstruck was going to be it. I have a hard time with it on Air Guitar....

  • The wrong way of covering a song that you like is not doing it

  • Hardest riff? You've obviously never learned beating around the bush. This riff is smoke on the water compared to that one.

  • Hello, at 4:05 ist't this a B Chord? not a Bm Chord!?? ... i am confused . . . .

  • Overdrive covers a multitude of sins.

  • I would say that the riff of Who Made Who is difficult as hell to play as well.

  • 8:50 I dig that funky 5/8 rhythm! I would love to hear a whole cover version done this way. Funky, disjointed, a little slower and mellower. Like the morning _after_ being thunderstruck!

  • Little masterclass gems ! Thx man

  • All i know is i have loved their music since about 1985 when i was 7 and heard hells bells for first time!! It is amazing seeing how hard it is to replicate that song. I cant do it i cant play any musical instrument or read music but i love hearing it!! This just made me love it even more!!

  • This is one of the first riffs I ever learned and I always thought it was weird that it sounded better being picked than played with hammer-ons and pull-offs like all the tabs said. At some point when I got better I realized the tab was wrong. The better you get, the more bad tabs you recognize.

  • love it

  • yeah ... practice a lot and u'll be good perhaps !!

  • Can you share with me the hardware that your using to slow the track down and to playback please?

  • Interesting, thanks Paul. What software are you using to slow down tracks, in pitch?

  • This song is actually easy to play the hard one to play is Who Made Who

  • 8:53 - prog version of thunderstruck

  • Did you know Angus young can't read a single note of music

    • Neither can the Beatles. But they understand music that’s for damn sure.

  • This is really helping my left/ right hand coordination, why didn't I learn this years ago!!!!

  • Hate to be that guy [ =) ] but Malcolm's rhythm part is a pain in the butt as well, keeping it straight, in time and with the right punch...

  • 8:51 is hot!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Was well known that during recording Angus was getting too much string noise so the producer made him tape the e-g strings down to avoid the noise

  • Great video! You should do a lesson for grinders blues by poets of the fall. There is not one lesson out there and I think your the man for the job. Great opening riff and song

  • I'd say Beating Around The Bush, This Means War or Landslide are the most difficult AC/DC riffs

  • Great instruction from a born instructor. (Am I the only one who kept thinking that he said "tap" every time he was saying "tab?"

  • Angus plays the intro clearly with the pick in Donington Live Video. The really tricky part is that played by Malcolm though... The rythm riff is definitelly a very hard one to play accurately.

  • The open string alternating through the whole riff gives a musical effect like an instrument with a drone, like bagpipes or a traditional Welsh harp.

  • Lmao I got 2k quality on a phone

  • 8:54 was next level 😵🔥🔥🔥

  • @8:52 Rush does AC/DC lol

  • I need a full version of that hardrock stuff at 08:53 !

  • Im that weirdo who plays it with only pull-offs and therefore picks every other audible note. Anyone else?

  • i can play this song and i still watched the whole thing. this guy is good.

  • I like this riffs. Good

  • Ghhhh!

  • Gorgeous SG Custom dude..

  • Hey Paul. Great video! I never learned this riff because I tought it didn't sound right the way it was tabbed. Watched this and have been rocking the riff all night. Thank you!

  • are you dutch?

  • Thank you!

  • I learn more about guitar IN 5 minutes that I ever learn before, thanks for taking time to explain details

  • Thunderstruck ? I think a lot of people cheat when they do it

  • Is it just me that hears the 'ahhh ah ah ahhh ahhh ahhhhh' when Paul demonstrates the riff with the drum machine??

  • Guys the most difficult riff is malcom's part which starts at around 00:50. Trying to nail it down with the same rythm and touch is almost impossible.

  • What drum machine do you use for background rythms?

  • It's not legato how acdc does it..but if u do it legato I am not gonna rebuke u ..