Epstein Death Sets Off Wild Wave Of Conspiracy Theories

čas přidán 13. 08. 2019
Who had the most to gain from the death of Jeffrey Epstein? President Trump took to Twitter over the weekend to support an unfounded conspiracy theory that points a finger at one of his predecessors. #LSSC #Monologue #Colbert
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  • Baby baby suck your thumb Trump. Told ya.. i think epstein paid his way and walked leaving quite alive, pardoned.

  • Mossad: Well, Epstein, your assignment is over. Epstein: Suicided Pikachu Face

  • If your handlers are making you sweep this under the rug by making light of the situation, you're in bed with the lot of them, Colbert. This is not a Trump vs. Clinton subject. This was a complete and utter takeover encompassing all sides of politics, media, business, etc. and has been in action since at least the forties. The veil is being lifted and the whole system setup by this evil regime is about to be dismantled. Be on the correct side for once, repent and speak out against your handlers. Your smile cannot hide the premonition of the beckoning end. Drag the waters some more.

  • Those crazy conspiracy theorists! Of course Epstein was taken off suicide watch, while two guards fell asleep, and his cameras malfunctioned, after transferring his cell mate, and his neck was broken by a bed sheet noose with no room for falling... it's baseless to think this was anything other than a suicide. I know it wasn't anything because CNN said so and they're a trusted, non-biased news source. Now Stephen Colbert, tell me who to vote for and what to say and think... please... can we make some more fun of Trump or call half the country a racist some more? Because clearly this Epstein thing isn't newsworthy.

  • I hope soms hackers can hack all of those secrets foto's videos. So we the public can see what was going on. On that rape Island.

  • Most people knew Epstein was going to be murdered after his arrest.

  • I miss when Colbert was good. What transparent shilling :( must suck to work for a big network and be fed lines

  • clinton's responsible for epstiens death is not a farfetched idea... quite a long long list of bodies behind them. colbert i used to like u.. but it seems someone that wouldve been outed by epstein is giving you a sweet sweet bonus.

  • This reminds me of the sceen from v from vendetta when they show what the news is like

  • Trump's gullible supporters will believe anything......

  • Steve your shilling again. Pump the narrative, cloud the air, make sure that anyone that dares to think critically gets marginalized. Once long ago I even respected you and your opinion. Then you sold your opinion along with your balls and your soul

  • Trump / Barr cover up.

  • Look up bill richardson reaction to bohemian grove.....he was sweating like a slave in the sun. Colbert did mention Richardson

  • What colbert is doing is using phrases to discredit anyone who might have a opinion different then the majority or themselves. What he does is bash on the president daily because repetition is the best way to influence the people watching ask anyone who listens to this guy and see that it's all regurgitated speech thats on daily and see if they get triggered thats a sign of programing.

  • Look up jail paper gown it's what epstien more then likely was wearing in suicide watch to prevent suicide. Basically it's like toilet bnb paper and cannot be used to hang yourself. Only other thing is you might get a toilet but more then likely a bed pan and when your done guards take it immediately.

  • Donald Trump's crude little girls and he's trying to get away from it what a scumbag

  • It's UNreal, how, just as shown at 7:03, Donald J. Trump so utterly lacks compassion or ANY sense of the feelings of others, especially tragedies such as this! And yet his cronies and the crazies done't give a damn either. How can so many be so full of so much hatred is the so called Greatest country on earth ?

  • Sad for any to die but... no pity for lifestyle choices such as these. Stop raising your kids like most treat animals. Simple tests do solve these issues.

  • He isn't dead. But pretending so, feels good. Fk him and his boy Trump

  • Hillary Clinton couldn't even Mastermind how to become president

  • WHO VOTE (S/D) FOR A GUY LIKE THAT??? (and if you do: what's wrong with you???)

  • It could be Trump murder him because Trump is part of Jeffy estieng sex crime.

  • The term "conspiracy theory" was invented by the CIA to describe people who cast doubt on the official Warren Report findings on JFK's assassination.

  • Okay now I see why Ben Shapiro said this guy is no funny.

  • So Steven Colbert wants you to think all of the irregularities are conspiracy theories. Wow! Don't believe it for a second. Colbert originally gained popularity and influence when he used to do ACTUAL comedy. Now he's using that influence to spread misinformation and straight up propaganda the same as CNN or MSNBC. During the 2016 election, Trump called out Clinton on the connection to Jeffery Epstein. "Lot of problems, if you ask me, with the famous island."-Trump. At what point is it not a conspiracy anymore? #clintonbodycount

  • quit clowning colbert, you country is sinking into nazism - you should be sounding the alarm.

  • This might be the most liberal garbage on tv except for MSNBC. It's an obvious coverup. Does Colbert have any bits that don't include Trump?

  • complete sociopath in the oval office.

  • As i stated in a reply down there "Well, all US government politics aside, it is a matter of the Prison subculture. One of the "laws" in our country's jails and prisons is: one suspected paedophilia will be beat the fuck out of until the courts clear you. one who is absolutely guilty of paedophilia will be killed. No questions asked. Do not pass GO. Game Over. People convicted of paedophilia go to their own facilities and have no contact with the general population. That being said, sometimes a correctional officer will throw a paedo in with Gen. Pop. just for kicks. And thats just the way it is." So all that conspiracy stuff yall are on about is extinguished if you know anything about our country's prison culture. Paedophilia, rape, child abuse, elderly abuse, spousal abuse... All people charged with such crimes get dealt with by your fellow inmates and most of the time the end result is death. How did Epstein end up so close to Gen.Pop. and NOT in protective custody? LOL the correctional officers know the "rules" and as many counts of paedophilia as Epstein faced, he wouldn't have made it passed court anyways. And again, thats just the way it is!! So go on. Keep ramblin about who-dunnit, and the "one armed man on the grassy knoll", and aliens, bigfoot, and the boogyman all you want. Fact is thats just what happens when you go to jail with those sorts of charges. Especially with what Epstein was facing.

  • Who is this trump guy? Not only does it look like he's on cocaine but he seems like a real asshole.

  • Amazingly, people are still getting their news from a comedian (want-be). We all know that conspiracies don’t exist, right? Epstein is enjoying the good life. His dead-man-trigger is keeping him alive

  • Why would Mossad let someone that served them so well commit suicide? Or why would they kill him themselves? It will risk other members of this Israeli sexual blackmail network, like Ghislaine Maxwell, to sing to press to save themselves from Assasination. The math points to his escape from prison. They have the means to free him, if they have the means to take him out of suicide watch, take out his cellmate, take out the cameras, the guards, etc. You will see that they will be very coy about showing his corpse. They will pretend to take it to Israel so nobody can check whether this filthy old blackmail apparatus MOSSAD is really dead. They are both spitting on the face of Americans and laughing about it too. Adding insult to injury is their way of.getting pleasure from people they parasite upon.

  • It’s clear someone killed him. And Clinton’s have been accused of murder many times. So it’s not far fetched at all.

  • if you dont believe what comes out of your tv your a crazy person

  • The thing is, look at how many different theories are in these comments, and all of you think you’re right. Nothing weird about that. None of you idiots know what happened. My guess... GUESS, is that Epstein ran out of options, wanted the easy way out and paid off guards to look the other way.

  • Only pedophiles cover for pedophiles. Hiding something, Stephen?

  • Thank you Stephen for showing the world what a crazy president we have in trump. It is so obviously trump killed him. Trump was seen with him and partying. Only a moron wont see how trump is the real killer.

  • Yes really!!!!

  • Harder and harder to take anything USA seriously. Will it ever end. The arrogance of laughing off the grotesque truth of what America has become post WWII. A Freak show

  • Well, there's a bigger chance that the Clinton's had Epstein killed than him committing "suicide". Colbert is such an ass.

  • It's not that Trump is racist. It's not that he is a pathological and professional liar. It's not even that his political policies are ridiculous. It's that he is, deep within, a truly disgusting example of Human.

  • Who Cares. Good Damn Riddance. People Care Hes Dead, Maybe Ask How The Underaged Children He Raped Are. Hes In Hell Where He And All Pedophiles Like Him Should Be, So Good Job Whoever Corrected The Demonic Born Mistake That Was Epstein. **Claps Enthusiastically**

    • People Care So Damn Much If A Demonic Pedophile Committed Suicide Or Was Murdered, Maybe Show The Same Enthusiasm For Finding Out The Truth Of What Happened To All The Underaged Young Girls (And Some People Have Even Said He Also Brought Underaged Boys To His Island) That He RAPED!! Anyone Being Worried About What Happened To That CHILD RAPIST Is Obviously A Supporter Of Those Who Are Demons Like Him. PERIOD. Cause Any REAL Parent Who Loves Their Kids And Would Never Wanna See ANY CHILD Harmed, Would Not Give A Damn The Piece Of Sorry Sh!t Is Dead. And Thats REAL TALK. You Wanna Know Whats Wrong With America? Ill Break It Down Like My Grandfather Did, *You Can Tell The Greatness Of A Nation By How They Treat Their Weakest Members.* And how are Children in this country treated? They are made to go to sh!t schools that are falling apart in MANY areas. They are made to have to worry about if they are gonna get shot up in their damn schools cause the so called Adults in their lives care more about some out dated amendment than their safety and well being. They are being made to shoulder outrageous debts that the so called Adults in their lives have accumulated with greed spending and selfish policies that made them rich for a moment at the cost of these kids futures! They are made to sleep on the streets to escaape abuse in their home because so called adults that are supposed to protect them dont take their complaints seriously nor make easier more efficient ways for them to get help!! And by being on the street to escape abuse since no one will help them MANY of these Precious Children that GOD Itself has made CLEAR are Humanities GREATEST Treasure are at risk of being forced into child prostitution because of Demons like Epstien! You Wanna Know Whats Wrong With America, NAY The WORLD? ADULTS HAVE FORGOTTEN WHAT REALLY HAS VALUE TO THE HUMAN RACE!! And It Isnt Some Vile Pedophile Billionare, Nor Gold, Nor Jewels, Nor Oil, Nor Even Land Itself; *ITS THE CHILDREN WHO WILL CARRY ON THE HUMAN RACES LEGACY INTO THE FUTURE!!* People Caring So Much About What Happened To Some Child Raping Demon Is Whats Wrong With This Country. PERIOD.

  • Classic one liner - “l just experienced a national tragedy, I don’t want to meet one”.

  • I cant stand trump but trump knows because by saying this he knws it wont be believed

  • I can't believe I used to like this guy. Four years and all he can do is still talk bullshit about trump. He is so fucking owned by the left and if hes not then that really makes me sad because that means he's a real piece of shit. How is the left owning almost all news and media outlets and twisting information from them not somehow fucking illegal. it's really ridiculous right now.

  • Dude was whacked. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Watch Barr 👀

  • And just like that I remember why I stopped watching.

  • Why did Colbert think the questions surrounding Epstein's death are without merit? Instead, he chose to support the official narrative. Proof that Colbert is just a shill paid to push disinformation.

  • Duh everybody knows Klown Trump and AG Walrus Barr knocked off Epstein!!! Impeach The Klown..................

  • Definitely Clinton was one of the members of the killing club but who cares I would like to see published pics of those criminals in action, there must be lots of evidence available, can’t imagine Epstein providing minors to Clinton’s and prince Andrews without collecting evidence for his own protection !

  • Trump has to feed his massive ego every day. It's a necessity to him. That's why he had that man sit across the Cabinet table (with a poster of him between them facing the camera) praise him up and down while he sat there with his arms folded. Think about how little he thinks of himself that he's got to be praised and clapped for every day if possible. You all must remember after he'd gotten in the office that he continued to have rallies that WE paid for! Totally unnecessary gatherings that he even took the White House staff to so they'd applaud him. He missed all the people believing any thing he made up in the way of stats. Anything he said they cheered for and he LOVE'D that attention but once he got in he had with drawls so he had his staffers make up some kind of gathering for him to go to. Can you imagine the nightmare those were for the Secret Service? But in Trump's fantasy land the baby has to be praised and coddled every day. That's why he cheats at golf. He's got to be able to tell people he won. Even though everyone knows he cheats. It says everything about the man. His own Father couldn't figure him out and let his wife raise him. And she loved his first wife. I think they hoped she'd help him to mature. Maybe learn to read and write. But he raped her and she sued him for it. How could ANY woman vote for a man who did that? Especially after seeing that Hollywood Access tape? Have we got SO use to adulterers that people like him . . they just go? Oh well. So what if he destroyed three family's and his wives hearts and his children's hearts. Dear Abby said, "you can't build your happiness on the misery of others." Trump has called his Grandchildren brats! And he said he wanted to disown his oldest son. This is a brat talking with that filthy mouth his has. The one who throws the temper tantrums all the time. He's clueless what makes a good President and he doesn't want to learn. He's a sociopath who won't be told by anyone anything. It's his way or no way. And that's how he treats our democracy. He couldn't give you a definition of what a democracy is let alone spell it. I hate Putin for doing this to us. :( Songs

  • I believe that Colbert is 110 percent an Illuminati member, probably on a first name basis with Marina Abramovitz.

  • Te mets tu des plumes dans le cul le week end?

  • You are one of the biggest liars on TV.... you are a puppet... Clintons are mass murderers.

  • Yall keep laughing but conspiracy theorists is a mean word for the damn truth

  • Instantly sprints to defend the Clintons before talking about any real evidence is the big red flag. It smells, it smells real bad.

  • Funny how there is nothing in the news about what Epstein committed suicide WITH. Do they normally provide inmates on suicide watch with rope to hang themselves from?

  • Trump Prince Andrew.....too much to lose...he LOOOVES TO BE PRESIDENT.....

  • Stephen Colbert is an insufferable cry baby libtard snowflake.

  • The best show ever

  • Sure Colbert. Just like you called Pizzagate an alt right fever dream. Eat shit.

  • Trump clearly displaying psychopathic traits

  • What you are seeing here is a very old psychological trick. If you want to disperse truth, turn it into a joke and melt it into another issue. Deflection. Hidden in plain view.


  • This should be two seperate videos cause the title is misleading. Trump Lacks Human Feeling Empathy Meeting with Survivors should be one video. And the second one should be called Stephen Reminds Us All that Epstien Absolutely Commited Suicide, Duh, Take Your Tinfoil Hat Off You Idiot

  • This child lost his mom and dad and 45 and 1st lady are smiling??? wtf... OMG he is a sick man.

  • Colbert is getting too predictable. Nothing of interest here.

    • stop watching than if you don't like it smh

  • My experience tells me that a person who is so squatting and shameless will not commit suicide. But his death makes many people safe and happy. So what do you think?

  • It was the phychiatrist who leagally can discontinued the suicide precautions. Well thats the law in the psyc. hospitals and jail I have worked in. It not up to the lawyer.

  • If only Hillary Clinton won in 2016, Epstein would have never been tried now and could still be raping kids on his island with his & Colbert's democrat friends.

  • 5:01 No shit!

  • Why do these so called victims of these types of crimes who maybe prey on older rich guys,always wait until after their big payoff to say something?

  • Your are not worth the comment.

  • Fot those of you who firmly believe the Clintons are guilty of Epstein's murder and murders of others, ask yourself this: why isn't Monica Lewinsky or Linda Tripp dead?

  • Clintons are powerless? Wtf? Either the researchers are asleep at the wheel or Colbert got given an agenda.

  • Seriously, how does Colbert sleep at night. I sometimes cringe at the memory of some minor stupid thing I once said. Colbert must toss and turn like a tornado gone mad.

  • Bought and paid for by the same people who made up the "conspiracy theorist" term I conspire to theorize.

  • daymn,don,puff puff,pass,dude!

  • Shekels......………..Get your Shekels.

  • Honestly, if I was asked to meet with the Cheeto, I might just do it... I might actually get to cuss him out to his face.