Equal Rights Amendment: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

čas přidán 10. 06. 2019
There’s still nothing in our constitution that explicitly prohibits sex discrimination. John Oliver talks about how to fix that.
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  • When you look at the map for which ones denied the ERA and think “fuck, my state is one of them”

  • My woman has the right to make me a sandwich 🥪! 😎

  • Won’t be South Carolina 😂😂

  • I had to pause the vid at 1:00, I was laughing way to hard! 🤣🤣🤣

  • I'm white but I also hate white people

  • Equal rights IS in the constitution. It's derived from the 14th amendment.

  • That woman, Phylis Schlafli(?)?, Beautiful and yet so disgusting person.

  • I want women to serve in the draft. Thank the ERA.

  • 13:40 I pride myself in knowing us states locations, but Arizona is so disregarded, that I thought it was Alabama for a second.

  • Let’s also get the desapled special needs blind learning etc (not drugs addictive) under that ERA like its 2019 and we still not the same grand

  • He didn't even get close to what a troll she's been. Watch this: cs-tv.org/tv/video-a2YO0nSXTiM.html and hear that evil laugh @ 6:08

  • I'm all in for the ERA... For all the good things it could provide women, but also to prevent this fake pay gap crap.

  • Petition to make "a Schlafly" the equivalent of "an Uncle Tom"

  • *sigh* There's always an asshole in here. Really? You can't agree on the most basic of issues?

  • Speaking from a constitutional law perspective, the ERA could, not will, but could have negative unintended consequences. When interpreting laws and their constitutionality, courts use various types of "scrutiny." These three are, rational basis, intermediate, and strict scrutiny. As of right now, all gender legal issues are analyzed under intermediate scrutiny which means the law must "Serve an important government objective, and Be substantially related to achieving the objective." If the ERA is passed the laws would be analyzed under strict scrutiny which means the law must "There is a compelling state interest behind the challenged policy, and The law or regulation is narrowly tailored to achieve its result." While the difference between these looks minuscule, legally it could create some problems. For example: The Supreme Court may be able to remove parental rights from the father of an unborn child (for abortion purposes) under intermediate scrutiny but would not be able to remove those rights under strict scrutiny, allowing fathers to prevent abortions. Just wanted to shed a little light on the POSSIBLE legal ramifications.

    • Brad I have no idea how you got parental rights to trump bodily autonomy here; seems it's the other way around!

  • People misunderstanding the Constitution? Stop the presses! I thought everyone knew the Constitution verbatim since birth, before they even learned how to talk!

  • why does he keep saying gender, the amendment and everyone involved in the clips he showed all say sex...wtf. thats such an obvious mistake, i find it hard to believe it wasn't intentional

  • Are you sure she didn't mean 'tired of living in the USA'...?

  • Scalia was one of the best justices in history, you aren't listening to what he said. 👎

  • Por me busca y me seguí se te perdió algo

  • How about women stop leeching of of men through the courts and just continue to work during and after pregnancy. Oh, wait, women can’t do that? Surprising.

    • bb77077 What are you on about?! It's usually men *_and_* women who want a child when they are in a relationship! When they don't work professionally because of a pregnancy and childcare, they are still working for their family and also providing a benefit for society in general.

    • @bb77077 So you think a woman is evil if she gets child support after being a stay at home mom with no skills then getting divorced by her husband? You seem to not want to hold men accountable for their actions and just be able to run from responsibility with no consequences!

    • AJ child of course the system of child support is inherently bad! A woman’s nature is to use and abuse a system for their own gains and comfort! If you want to have a baby, why should a company or the government pay for it?! It’s your choice and your consequences. Morons, all of you!

    • @bb77077 The U.S. Is garbage when it comes to accounting for these differences as we don't have Maternity or Paternity leave. Also what do you mean leeching off of men through the courts? Do you think child support is inherently bad?

    • AJ of course it’s stressful! That’s why they shouldn’t be bitching when they do get paid leave or time off. I’m not saying that they must work during or immediately after pregnancy. Women just need to realize that, in general, biologically speaking men and women are different and should be treated differently.

  • does anyone have credible evidence that the wage gap is because discrimination because every time i try to find proof I can't.

  • If you want the right to vote and equality you can also step in front of a horse at Epsom Downs in 1913.

  • I appreciate and adore John Oliver. Thank you for the laughable truths that after hearing it, makes you think more than twice. Simply the best.

  • Equal my ass? ladies women girls and feminist take a hard look around you now? see how anything around you see now? how do you think women had a part in it go to any military graves and see how many women names you see on the tomb stones in comparrison to men read your history and see who built the very home you call america and you think?your equal to men I beg to differ

    • Princess Because men are physically stronger women shouldn't have the right to vote? Are women not _fully_ peoole? You're not making sense!

  • i

  • do you know who else is famous from Arizona? Auston Matthews!! Go Leafs Go!

  • No useful information given. He doesn’t explain at all anything of substance in the amendment.

  • I thought men have no choice in abortion?

    • blueissocool Yes they do, if they are pregnant.

  • American constitution is SOO basic and OLD, SOO many loopholes totally used for political benefit... ....3rd world countries have better constitutions!!

  • Should have used a picture of Trump or Arapio when roasting the pig, would have been Epic!

  • Would love to see the #metoo movement when women are conscripted

    • Ahmed Salar What do you mean? Men should have the right to sexually assault women because men may be conscripted?!?

  • ERA made zero sense. A useless amendment

    • @A. Vulcan What you said made as little sense as the ERA

    • David Rosa So get rid of equality under the law then? Not sure if we got rid of race-based discrimination - if that would work out so well for you there pal!

  • A bunch of fakenews here

    • Lame trolling. Try harder!

  • Gonna get a lot of hate for this but.... I believe men and women deserve equality. I know, I know, it's a radical idea. I'm ready for the hate¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • To be fair (upon rewatching), the Miranda warning came about after the Supreme Court case of Miranda v. Arizona...

  • I totally thought the ERA passed in the 70s wow!

  • In order to be privileged, others have to be underprivileged. Like good & evil, light & dark; one cannot exist without the other but that doesn't mean that the underprivileged should not have equal rights. To deny that would ensure that there would be far fewer privileged people in the world voting against the same rights that allowed them to attain their position of privilege in the first place.

  • I live in the Netherlands and I really thougth that America would have this law, and I was shocked to learn that they didn't have a law like this that protects people against discrimination. And I am especially suprised because in the Netherlands it is coverd in the first article of constitution that states that the everyone in the Netherlands should be treated equally. Discrimination because of religion, philosophy of life, political conviction, race, gender or any other reason is not permitted. (Not an exect translation, also not perfect because my english isn't perfect but i hope you get the meaning) And I really thought that America or at least almost al of it's states would have a similar law against discrimination.

  • The ERA seemed destined for ratification until Phyllis Schlafly mobilized women in opposition. These women argued that the ERA would disadvantage housewives, cause women to be drafted into the military and to lose protections such as alimony, and eliminate the tendency for mothers to obtain custody over their children in divorce cases. Many labor feminists also opposed the ERA on the basis that it would eliminate protections for women in labor law.

  • Nooooooooo Virginia why

  • People who don’t have jobs shouldn’t vote.

  • Phyllis Schlafly is also the mother of the guy who made Conservapedia. Let that sink in.

  • Virginia - you owe us this

  • Liberal scum 🤮

  • In my opinion, this person (Oliver) needs to seek professional help for his own safety and for the safety of others. Seriously, I think he is emotionally and mentally unstable.

  • Why does the Arkansas flag look like a shitty version of that famous Las Vegas sign? And seriously, Mississippi, wtf???

  • Mississippi: Also known as "Confederoslavia"

  • Okay.. I'm completely willing to be corrected here, but I thought the civil rights act of 1964 covers discrimination against women for all types of things, doesn't that accomplish what you're talking about? Again, I might be wrong, please correct me if I am

  • And Johnny, you forgot to include the fact that there are states that have rescinded their support for the ERA. So we are actually five states away from passing. Oh yeah, but you don't want to speak the truth, do you?

  • If a state can vote for the ERA after the deadline expired, then for the sake of equality state's can also rescind their vote to for support, as four states have done. This shit about the ERA vote going on forever until it finally passes is just that, shit. So let's just keep every bill that comes up for a vote going forever until it eventually passes. How does that sound to you idiots that are continuing to push this load of manure?

  • I JUST found out the FIVE... yes FIVE states that have already ratified the E.R.A. "Idaho, Kentucky, Nebraska, Tennessee, and South Dakota - have attempted to withdraw their approval of the Equal Rights Amendment" according to equalrightsamendment.org

  • You are a dumb cunt. All this equal rights shit is dumb. People are free to do as they please. Making everything equal is DUMB! The ERA would be interpreted in a very broad way to deny the rights of men. DUMB CUNT!

  • In order to get equality, feminism needs to disappear. They just want privileges.

  • This is what happened with climate change, it became a political issue and all logic and common sense flew out the window.

    • @StormCrown that's... That's what they said. Once politics get involved, they blindly follow people who have the same party alignment. That's why so many Republicans either don't think climate change is even real, or isn't a problem.

    • @Aethelred The Ready No, idiots that only care about their team will ignore the evidence. Big difference.

    • StormCrown Yes, but they didn't start doing that until it became a political issue. Once politics gets involved, people will gladly ignore evidence.

    • No, right wingers just won't listen to the scientists.

  • when he showed the states that haven't ratified it, I was like "Of course Alabama hasn't ratified it" Alabama can you be on the right side of history for once, I live here, but the more I find out about my state, the more it feels like Alabama deserves every bit of its backwards stereotype. F*** Me. welp I can bet you ALABAMA isn't gonna ratify it.

  • The second most famous part of Arizona? Meteor Crater. A mile wide and several hundred foot-deep hole in the ground gouged out by a rock from space. Yet again, "A part of Arizona with LESS Arizona in it." XD

  • Audience: "BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHASKJNOAOA" Me: *silent*

  • Phylis are the trade mark of the most ridicoulus air heads embarrasment of my sex. Stupid cows that OK to be 2nd class sex.

  • I'm so tired of feminism but god damn, the US is behind on something that should've been done hundreds of years ago. Again. Land of the free, my arse...