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Hello everyone! Today's video is about fashion hacks every girl should know! In this lookbook I show DIY outfit ideas with clothing hacks to show how to dress well for women and make any basic outfit look good. I really hope you like it! Please give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more! :) X
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Items shown (not in exact order):
Miss Selfridge light blue jeans (size 6): N/A Similar: bit.ly/2LFoU6P
US link: bit.ly/2LNEVHY
Timberland boots (size 3): bit.ly/2HQHXcq
If you're size 3 get the kids for £10 off! bit.ly/2HQWrc9
US link: bit.ly/2PNsdx8
Missguided satin wrap dress: N/A similar: bit.ly/2qUhchZ
US link: bit.ly/2PEoQpb
Similar: bit.ly/2ROiea6
US link: bit.ly/36uIGdf
Grey slogan t-shirt: N/A Similar: bit.ly/35iV8wA
US link: bit.ly/2PDTcb0
ASOS white shirt: N/A Similar: bit.ly/2PDZmIa
US link: bit.ly/2YDRzOM
Forever 21 flowy blouse: N/A Similar: bit.ly/2YFxp76
US link: bit.ly/2EdkxvI
Pretty little thing floral dress (size 4): bit.ly/2YIw1R5
US link: N/A Similar: bit.ly/2PyXfFS
H&M white sweatshirt: N/A Similar: bit.ly/2t8BvJj
US link: bit.ly/36lVClm
River island black patent boots (size 3): N/A Similar: bit.ly/2YDNJ8k
US link: bit.ly/3495spu
Vera Moda checked blazer: N/A Similar: bit.ly/35iY2S0
US link: bit.ly/34hnpSV
Missguided beige pink sweatshirt (size S): bit.ly/36m0h6Q
US link: bit.ly/2RIgNu7


  • I hope you like this video! Please leave your fashion hacks in the comments because it would be amazing to share!

  • Hello dear I have a suggestion.....do some skirt and top lookbook 🥰😍😍.....love u sis .....god bless u .....love from kerala

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  • Love these fashion hacks

  • basically have enough hair ties to spare

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  • Hack : at 6:43, you can also just shower and put the dress near you in the bathroom, the heat will make the wrinkles disappear (hack from a nigahiga video haha)

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  • I think u should see this one for your selves guys

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  • My fashion hack is when you have a sweater that you want to have tucked in, put a belt underneath and tuck the sweater upward into the belt, mostly only works with the belts with holes all over the belt, belts that fit any size.

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