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Hello everyone! Today's video is about fashion hacks every girl should know! In this lookbook I show DIY outfit ideas with clothing hacks to show how to dress well for women and make any basic outfit look good. I really hope you like it! Please give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more! :) X
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Items shown (not in exact order):
Miss Selfridge light blue jeans (size 6): N/A Similar: bit.ly/2LFoU6P
US link: bit.ly/2LNEVHY
Timberland boots (size 3): bit.ly/2HQHXcq
If you're size 3 get the kids for £10 off! bit.ly/2HQWrc9
US link: bit.ly/2PNsdx8
Missguided satin wrap dress: N/A similar: bit.ly/2qUhchZ
US link: bit.ly/2PEoQpb
Similar: bit.ly/2ROiea6
US link: bit.ly/36uIGdf
Grey slogan t-shirt: N/A Similar: bit.ly/35iV8wA
US link: bit.ly/2PDTcb0
ASOS white shirt: N/A Similar: bit.ly/2PDZmIa
US link: bit.ly/2YDRzOM
Forever 21 flowy blouse: N/A Similar: bit.ly/2YFxp76
US link: bit.ly/2EdkxvI
Pretty little thing floral dress (size 4): bit.ly/2YIw1R5
US link: N/A Similar: bit.ly/2PyXfFS
H&M white sweatshirt: N/A Similar: bit.ly/2t8BvJj
US link: bit.ly/36lVClm
River island black patent boots (size 3): N/A Similar: bit.ly/2YDNJ8k
US link: bit.ly/3495spu
Vera Moda checked blazer: N/A Similar: bit.ly/35iY2S0
US link: bit.ly/34hnpSV
Missguided beige pink sweatshirt (size S): bit.ly/36m0h6Q
US link: bit.ly/2RIgNu7


  • I hope you like this video! Please leave your fashion hacks in the comments because it would be amazing to share!

    • Omg ur the best

    • Thank you ☺️

    • A hack that works for bigger creases is using a flat iron

    • I have a hack if your shorts are to loose around the waste take your tshirt and your wast part of your shorts and tie them together in a side pony tail and make it look neat after your shorts aren't loose

    • Ladies dress on amazon ge it here :amzn.to/2QpWpvr

  • The half tuck at the front doesn’t look good if you have very prominent violin hips like I do. It just emphasizes it more. Some of these hacks only apply if you are thin. 😒

  • There's something very satisfying about a video that's exactly 10 minutes long.

  • I prob :c I don't have any jeans LoL 😂😝🙄😱 Haha love the video Mwah mwah

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  • now i know why girls own thousands of hair ties

  • Thank you darling.

  • I have 4'11 too I'm not alone at all 😅

  • Hair grip ? I love hearing what others call things. I call it a Bobby pin.

  • Started the video and the first hack itself is so helpful that I had to stop midway and subscribe immediately! 💖👌

  • Great idea

  • Hey! I would like to know where did you get your gold bracelet because I find it so pretty! By the way, I love your style and video. I level up my style by watching your video and find so many new ideas and hacks. I’m also very happy for you that you’re almost reach 1M followers because you deserve it!

    • Aww thank you so much that's so sweet of you to say! The bracelet is from Monica vinader :) <3!

  • I love the last one you did

  • Loved your hacks! Thanks for sharing

  • Thankyo for thzt

  • Super good tips

  • 4'11 I feel you

  • i like it

  • I LOVE THESE HACKS SO MUCH!! Thanks for making this video , most realistic and easiest fashion tips ever!!💞

  • Very pretty

  • Finally found a CS-tvr who is also 4’11😊💖👍.

  • I really liked this video bc that dress one is so helped me!!! Thank you from Japan

  • for zippers that don't stay up i put an elastic band through the zipper and over the button

  • Love from india

  • The first frame with the dress I honestly thought was the finished look but then she shortened it lol Neat tip though

  • Lmao I just wear ripped jeans and a hoodie with vans everyday lol

  • These hacks were so helpful ..thanks Miss Alex❤️.

  • Hey, what's your shoes at 4:22 pls ?

  • My hack is for jeans that are too big for you. What you do is put on your jeans then take the little button and hook it around the little hooks (that keeps a belt in place when you have a belt on) anyways hook it around that and then zip your jeans up and there you go. Hope you liked it and it worked😊☺️🥰 Sorry it’s quite hard to explain it in writing.😊😂

  • If your wearing a loose pair of pants and you want to make it look fitted at the ankles, fold the bottom up and put a hair tie over it. Then slide the fabric under the hair tie to reveal a tucked and fitted bottom

  • Who else is jealous of her clothes ☹️

  • Привет) Да, да, я из России)

  • Step one: Don't look like a potato. Me: 🥔

  • step 1: be skinny

  • Cutting of blood circulation. Yayyyy

  • Wehre did she get the kaki dress? It looks so pretty

  • yup its helpful... 🤗💖🤗

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  • She’s so pretty

  • I been doing the first hack and I didn’t even know other ppl did it 😂🤦‍♀️

  • Great video! You're adorable and have a beautiful voice! I def will be using these tips! God bless!

  • Does anybody know where her blouse is from @3:55 is from

  • Tuck your shirt in your bra to shorten it.

  • Your voice is so satisfying

  • If I have a top that is too long, I either tuck it into my bottoms or take a hair tie, gather the material to the front and tie it into a ponytail and then tuck the ponytail under the shirt. This obviously works better with baggy shirts x

  • Fashion ideas cs-tv.org/tv/video-m8kr60gR2p0.html

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  • am i the only one who freaked out when she said she’s 4’11

  • that was such a pretty dress!

  • 2:32 Bonus hack: you can pretend you finally have a dick.

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  • Ohhhhhh she meant Bobby pin lol I was so confused 😆

  • OMG using the belt to "tuck" a sweater into your skirt! That's amazing I can't believe I never thought of that, I've been struggling trying to make my skirts not look lumpy and weird with thick sweaters tucked in 😭😭

  • if your pants are too loose, thread the button into the belt loop closest and then button it up, makeshift belt

  • Hair: Am I a joke to you?

  • And now I just need to a hot girl

  • my fav hack is pin rolling the ends of your jeans. It rly hard to explain so i would just look it up but its a fix for when your jeans or pants are too big at the bottom and regular cuffing is too wide it makes the cuff more fitted to your ankle

  • Where did you get that green dress?!

    • Helena Arnold i scrolled through all the comments: From H&M If you find ist online Could you please add a link, because I cant find it

  • can you do how to style combat boots or like bulky boots cause i love my doc martens but idk how to style them

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