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A wavy weekend at Boca Inlet and Haulover Inlet means new challengers appear with intentions of "sending it" through rough conditions. Check out these boca boats and some haulover boats! Enjoy the video.

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  • Where is everyone watching from today? 🌎

  • everybody's having fun but me.

  • Dads going to be mad when he sees his son running the boat like that

  • 3:08, aaaaaaaaaand that boat looks like a fun time.

  • Blocked out the dudes but cracks but not the girls?...Hmmm

  • If they’re daddy’s see this video…. Ouch!!

  • Everyone wants to be a legend till it’s time to do legend shit

  • Blue top legends are completely out of the Carolina Skiff’s guys league. The twins whoop’em easy. They Get Air!

  • The girls on Colleen Marie were some classless broads

  • 3 minutes in. So far so good lol!

  • Was that a tube at 1:09? Hopefully no one was in the water

  • Everyone wants to be a legend , but we all know there’s only one legend

  • I need to move to America. So many hot boat chicks! Lol 😍😍

  • Especially impressed by the jet-ski dude in snow ski goggles in the last segment.


  • 2:00, whole lotta partying going on that "colleen". 🙀🤣❤👍

  • Enjoying your video’s from Holland 🇾🇪

  • That must be a bunch of scientists on the Colleen Marie.

  • Those Boston Whalers are pretty dang impressive , especially the smaller ones they take the waves better than a lot of the bigger boats out there….👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • Hell ya let’s get drunk and try and stand on the front of the boat,,,,awesome….Not !!!🤪🤪🤪🤪

  • The legend continues

  • There is only one legend and it has a blue top! ;)

  • Seems like cactus jack had way too many beer's !!!.

  • Cake PFD's And boats..in that order What's not to like

  • 🥃🇨🇦

  • The only one that knew how to handle a boat in rough water is the guy in the Boston Whaler at 6:23 , the rest were DUMB ASSESS who shouldn’t be near a boat or a boat on the water !

  • 1:50 Hey, I remember my first beer.

  • Guy at the 2:00 mark (ish).... so disappointing!! .... no clue how to handle beauty!!!

  • Is it me or was it more fun when they didn't know they were bring filmed🤷‍♂️

  • So you cover guys a$$ crack, but the girls can let it all hang out? Really??

  • Nothing on the blue top

  • 1:58 Wasted!!!!!

  • Southeast Florida's high dollar mommy and daddy's silver spoon fed spoiled rotten scumbags in boats at its finest! 😁🖕

  • Idiot..He shold have been slanted back, not slightly forward like he was . Surprised it didn't know him out completely. I saw a high diver on video from the early 60's. He came in forward and had his chin out when he hit. Knocked him completely out. That's why they put the bubbles in the water to soften the impact, in addition to giving you a target and some depth of field

  • Remember, kid. There's heroes and there's legends. Heroes get remembered, but legends never die. Follow your heart, kid, and you'll never go wrong.

  • They can try but nobody tops Blue Top Legend!!

  • Oh, Colleen Marie, that's not twerking, that's just giggling your flabby asses... Need to do some squats & lunges.

  • Uturn no look behind first...not good

  • Everyone's a legend!

  • 04:38 The center console grab bar is not designed to support the full weight of an adult male. When the bar fails, he will be in the path of the boat behind him.

  • Aint got nutz like the twins !!!

  • The Video Cam encourages these kids to do stupid shit. I wouldn't post purposeful bad decisions in busy inlets, just keeps them doing it until someone gets badly hurt or worse. No less, I must admit, it's like the colleseum when the Romans are feeding people to the Lions, it's hard to watch, and hard not to watch... No disrespect meant, love your channle, thanks.

  • All these people and no life preservers on!!!

    • No masks ether maybe they choose not to live in fear?

  • NO lifejackets....stupid!

  • I love watching the boats on the inlet...but...How do people afford these boats? There are not a lot of cheap boats moving through each week. How do they do it?

    • We got rich with Bernie Madoff investments Seriously though take a cruise down the intercoastal in Boca and Palm Beach lotta people down here with serious money and if you don’t have it you can always charter a boat and pretend like you do

  • The lady on the Colleen seemed high as a kite

  • Is it just me, or is there some sort of ban on curvy ladies at the haulover? Like a B or less is only acceptable?

    • Basically the same as far as scenery goes.

    • Not sure about haulover But this video is from Boca

  • Southern California - In my 4x4 Truck

  • Bunch of hoochies on the stick ray!

  • Gentleman at 6:30… well done , sir!

  • Southside of Chicago

  • Hey don't cover up the breast it's OK for educational purposes and religious purposes and medical purposes. I was giving them a drive by breast exam. GOT IT?

  • I think we all know who the next legend needs to be. Cleetus Mcfarland and the Mountain Dew Boat.

  • No matter how hard those fellas try with the whaler and skiff,they will never look as good in a thong as the Blue Top Legend.

  • They need to make a bostan whaler flats boat for fishing

    • They do it’s called the montauk 170 it’s a true flats boat and can be equipped with a jackplate but is also able to go offshore on good days

  • Why is it that you can immediately pick out the people that are on a boat for the first time?

  • Some of these tarts leave ZERO to the imagination.

  • Send me the unedited without the wavy censor banner's. One of the best videos on here. :-)

  • YES, I wish to PROCEED. Now , where's the chi chi's ??

  • I wish I had rich friends. Hell all I know are alcoholics and poor people.

  • The guy in the black shorts standing in the front next to the girl in the bikini has ILS (imaginary lat syndrome.)

  • So the guys asses are blurred but not the girls? 🤔

    • As it should be

    • Bare butts have to blurred. CS-tv doesn't like it lol.

  • Those guys suck compared to the blue top legend.

  • Thanks for the vid. Would like to see more focus on the actual boats, than the passengers.

  • Is there any way to remove the people from these videos?

  • Whe4 are they hiding the PFDs of some of these boats?

    • They use them to keep the beer cooler safe

  • I was trying to figure out what was up with dude and the blonde on the 500 - looked like he had a pretty bad shoulder injury combined with being flat wasted.

    • @John Bumpus are you kidding me LMFAO there is no problem I don’t see race, clearly you’re the one with the problem if you genuinely forgave me for a comment I was being facetious with. You’re racist dude

    • @A day in the life it’s all good man step one is admitting you have a problem, nothing wrong with being white maybe just don’t try to dance or play basketball 👍

    • No shoulder injury here dude all good

    • @John Bumpus yea sorry for my whiteness dude

    • He wanted to dance but realized last minute he was white 😅


  • I'm curious. Whats with all the mats on the back of the boats used for?

  • Camperjoe from Germany

  • A boat full of teeny booper girls that don't know how to twerk ...

  • That Intrepid crew looked worried or something as they kept looking back?

  • one simply cannot become a legend without a blue coloured top.......or bottom

  • Waiting for the serious injury or death.

  • PCB, FL

  • Where are blue top legend ladies to show all these piker wannabes how it's done?!?!

  • If you are going to floss the butt why bother wearing anything?

    • Look man here’s the deal Joe Biden wants a sniff

    • I bet the string gets all kinds of nasty sweaty but juice on it

  • Many boats have this sort of yoga mat strapped on, what's all that about?

    • Wavy yoga the next big thing

    • It’s a play mat that you can jump off of or just lay on it.

  • The Whaler at 6:24 shows mad skillz.

    • Yes he rode in on the back of the waves perfect He knows the art of matching throttle to conditions

  • 1:05 No F*cks given. Contender.

  • Chandler AZ Wavy!

  • Maybe there needs to be a tier below "Legend?" "Icon?" "Star?" So maybe the guys at 5:00 are "No Top stars?"

  • Where are most of these boats goin after they get out there on the open waters? (Not the ones that are fishing, but the ones wearing swimshort/bikinis..)

    • Anchor off beach for Instagram photoshoot

    • Usually a local sandbar where boats park and people get drunk(er).

  • Tha chick is the No Top Legend

  • There are no legends at Boca.

  • Wide variety of humanity. Classy to trashy. And it's unrelated to how much money they have.

  • Chick @3:17 was hiding from the camera

  • 7:03 That old man is going to get hurt…😳

  • Boca inlet is lit 🔥

  • 1:07 Lol….just got punked by a faster boat…😂

  • At 234, youth being wasted on the young.

  • "Blue Top Legend" by far my favorite to watch!

  • IF LA PALMA's volcano keeps erupting as it is and then it collapses into the Ocean, it will send a huge tsunami your way I would like to see the boats tackle them waves. DO SOME RESEARCH INTO IT, IT SOUNDS SCARY VERY SCARY.ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY SAY IT COULD KEEP ERUPTING UNTIL DECEMBER MAKING IT EVER LIKELY TO COLLAPSE...

  • That captain with a drunken tipsy guy standing in front is no captain.

    • @A day in the life were you trying to get that drunk girl off the bow? It looked like you were either trying to get her off there or be there if she fell.

    • He’s the best captain in southeast FL I can garuntee you that, him and I (the “bow rider”) work on the boat and have a good understanding of how to operate safely even when standing in less then considerable conditions, I am not saying that sitting down as opposed to standing is unadvisable, I completely agree that it is safer. But I assure you neither I or the girl were in any danger.

    • Tipsy my ass he was almost too drunk to stand. His girlfriend was a little tipsy. One good jolt and they both would have been down. Watching these boat channels there's more lunacy than there is common sense! Everybody wants to be a poser. The bowriders don't have sense enough to sit down. That's okay, mother nature will sit you down one way or the other. You can do it the hard way or you can do it the easy way. Your choice!

  • Southwest Alabama

  • Watching on the shores of a choppy minch today....whats the aversion to pfds for kids

  • They need some advice and guidance from the blue top legend girls

  • Where's BTL?

  • There can be only one Legend...!!!... And....We all know who that is....!!!😊😊😊!!!

  • When brother is in a video