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everythingawful subreddit is awful suprise epicly
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  • Nice frnd

  • Felix why u racist, black water is as good as white water

  • I don’t pull up my sleeves when I wash my hands

  • eu só queria que as legendas fizessem sentido porque o que eu leio...

  • "We Start with Insects, then we take the Children" you were once a child.

  • i was eating noodles when the parasite was shown lol

  • Pewd's: every insects will be destroyed Australian bush fire and the flooding: i can do that


    • I don't understand a word as I don't speak this language

  • Pewds if you get rid of children you get rid of the 9 year olds

  • Pewds you are a swedish viking you should have a hairstyle like ragnar lothbrok and you should grow a big beard consider doing that in the future

  • 10:56 Me: *slowly takes off earphones*

  • I just realized his beard is getting bigger which reminds me of old pewds

  • spiders are not part of insects. they are categorized as arachnids. but hey, i am fun at a party.........hahahahahaahhahahahahaahahhaha?

  • I decided to watch this while eating my pizza...couldnt even come half way through

  • Pewdiepie just attacked us 9 year olds

  • React To Reynhard Sinaga :v

  • Captain crack😂

  • Im a child... Like if i should still subscribe.

  • 9:45 what is this

  • 👌👌👈👌👈

  • I've never laughed so much in my life. 😂😂😂😂 pewds voice should be the next siri

  • PewDiePie: I'll kill the insects then the kids Me:(a kid) meh sounds fair

  • I don't understand a word as I don't speak this language

  • Help I Live in Australia and I no longer fear burning

  • We can be there by knots in my stomach hurts

    • @roouit patan good, star wars next movie. + a tutorial

    • Defeat t series kill hin

  • God clicking on this video was a mistake

  • Start with the insects....... *then the children...*

    • great journey thanks to everyone who can help me

  • pewdiepie for president

  • Best meme 2020; insects

  • 12:26 my friend doesn’t have lip fillers but her lips kinda look like that because she was bit by a dog when she was little. The owner was abusing the dog tho :(

  • did anyone of you get the ad to JB's music video yummy??

  • Small youtubers lets go support each other to grow..dont loose hope Like and comment 👎😊😊


  • 2:15 Pewdiepie is being controlled by Poppy Gloria

  • 2:56 why not on the knees?

  • 2:48. Bruh

  • Australia is just frickin with us at this point this cannot be real

  • .... boiling water purifies the water Felix.... dumb dumb....

  • He’s already making dad jokes and not even a dad yet *HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM*

  • Guys good night I believe everyone has a dream and my dream and a great youtuber to help my parents and a better life for them If people are not going to be a force on this great journey thanks to everyone who can help me

  • Defeat t series kill hin

  • R u still young pewdiepie

  • I live in australia

  • I'm in 8th grade and my mother's an Entomologist. She let me take her 'Insects from Pakistan' collection (she has a lot of bug collections). Anyway, I'm in class showing off my bugs, introducing them yada yada, and this girl walks up to me, and says "As a fellow girl to girl, there's something *freaking* wrong you. That's disgusting." and the other girls in the back saying "EWWW ITS DEAD" and shit like that. I set the glass case down, take out the *Xylocopa violacea*, or the *Violet Carpenter Bee* and proceed to shove it in her face. She screamed and sure I got in trouble but at least my cute little babies weren't hurt. I love and bugs and they're just so cute I wanna snuggle 'em.

    • *freaking was not the word she said but if i say it Susan will demonetize me

  • *Yes sir you will get rides of the insects* *You may too get rid of the children* *But what you don’t know is...* *Spiders are* 𝒜𝓇𝒶𝒸𝒽𝓃𝒾𝒹𝓈

  • 5:24 Wife: I’m all eyes Husband: I’m all ears *now kiss!*

  • Wet Yoga Class: Don't attend if you can't hold your breath for atleast 33 lunar seconds! Intellectual: T-thats actually over 15 minutes! *pokes glasses up* Tom Sietas : Amateurs.

  • Spiders ! Spiders everywhere !! No, seriously, now I doubt everything around me AAAH THERE'S ONE IN MY PET GECKO'S ASS

  • Save Iraq, Iraq is bleeding.

  • This was the first ever pewdiepie video I saw.. don't understand the hype.. it's kinda funny half the time but not enough to make me watch more.. just stopped at 9:05 because it got boring..


  • chal behan chod fuck you pewdiepie

  • ? 1:50 ?? ? ? ? ? ?

  • 420k likes that’s very noice

  • The old lady with the wig 😂😂

  • Those things that are coming out of the Australian moth it's actually it's penis

  • Alguém br

  • Sadece "TÜRKİYE" kısmını anlayanlar +1

  • lets leave the likes at 420K

  • *TRUMP*