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everythingawful subreddit is awful suprise epicly
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  • Hot water boils slower btw.

  • As a child I need to grow up FAST ASAP

  • Hey when it's the election cuz I'm voting with all my 20 fingers and so should all your subs.

  • Felix was a engineering student i think so he should know the black stuff in the water was actually the filter

  • The thing around 12:17 is actually in the shape of a very bad disease I can't remember what disease it is but I know it's a parasite/ disease

  • 2014:EVERYTHING IS AWESOME 2020:everything is awful

  • Start with insects then take the children. - pewdie pie

  • 5:00 when ur Scottish and the tap waters fine to do anything with. Hmmmmm interesting

  • 6:50-6:54 a woman moaning in the background? Listen closely. Maybe i just have problems.

  • Pewds: Kids are disgusting, i will ban them. Marzia: So you wanna die now, or later?


  • Can someone expand on boiling already hot water bad? For research...

  • Hey pewds the parasite thing is called a horseworm it mainly aims a cricket for its pray First I goes inside the body After digest the insides and gets out if finished eating Its harmless too humans so you can touch it. Little tip

  • Time to vote minor party

  • I’m ready for your plan. Because of this video I agree children and bugs should be dealt with..

  • that australian moth is stil giving me nightmares

  • It's nice to know other countrys make fun of Americans as much as Americans make fun of themselves.

  • Pewds the boss

  • i like your plan please do it

  • I had to thumbs down because I’m prego

  • Felix that's not an australian moth, that is a moth with 2 worms on its wings, Btw there harmless

  • I was on the bus and slapped the seat for my friend to sit down and a cloud blew into his eyes and he spent 10 minutes cleaning out his eyes.

  • I saw one of those parasites at boy scout camp once. I crushed it with a rock and dumped a glob of hand sanitizer on it

  • Instead of killing the children, send them to a island like you said in earlier videos so I can go and finally use my boy scout survival skills to kill every child and create a tribe to kill larger groups of children and we will become adults and be sent back to the real world and meet you

  • Those 7k dislikes r t series cuz there jealous

  • "We start with the insects, we then take the children." My new life motto. Thank you Pewds.

  • there is no fucking way that baby was crawling

  • So I guess this means now pewdiepir junior

  • 5:34 that actually happened to one old Xbox 360 controller i had.

  • 5:04 “It’s really bad it’s black”

  • jfdnekgf2kjm fnbqj

  • 00:18 ''cute cropped overalls'' Me: *sees price* monkaS

  • i miss when you guys weren’t assholes and would time stamp the thumbnail

  • I cannot wait until Pewds is president of the world

  • this total video is just mxr

  • my depression increased by 72%

  • The Beanie Babies were collecters items and some were worth a silly amount of money.

  • Who's still here? 😂 (Read my name)

  • i am a kid :(

  • 6.9 Dislikes nice

  • Soon enough my comments will cover every corner of youtube...

  • The puppet was the shape of a bacteriophage/virus

  • does anyone hear the moaning at 6:48 ???

  • man i'm watching this now hearing pewds say things like based and degenerate and watching his videos now and he's very clearly hiding his power level. sad. many such cases.

  • pewdiepie: children are disgusting when i am world leader i will ban them! everyone: i mean pewdiepie said it so ok

  • 11:35 It’s Chris Fleming’s final form


  • Everything is indeed awful. Fml. Fyl.

  • the brown an black in the hot water is just excess mineral build up in the hot water tank felix JEZZ BRO GOSH

  • 10:53 This actually happened to me but the spider got into my ear and I had to pull it out.

  • PewDiePie people have said you are a SCP creature is that true we know you have goat legs

  • too many opinions in a single video felix. Remember what happened the last time you gave an opinion 😠

  • Spiders are not insects, Pew.

  • dsyu froiu ryu ra rahl ghhhhhh faaaaaaaa d rekhyu tryu tryu trayu k wreyu ry yu ure oiwqr yewa;s yrkz hu rnd xwa nyutrcu xae ewxwa ye yreao iwo xwynunyuaw ya yu xyuxa a axny wnyxsty yttuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuys u syt u st jyu t fg m mgf f fmffff syt hjys s y jys jyjy sjy sj s jyt nyx nyux nyua yuy aynxa nya yy nxa nyrx yar nyn yu xnyunyuyun

  • Pewdiepie: children are disgusting, germ spreading creatures. Children watching: agreed. Pewdiepie: when I am world leader, I will ban all children. Children watching: ...

  • 9:14 she just finished filming a waterhag scene for Witcher season 2

  • imperial march

  • Is that a vape 8:55, if so when did Pewds vape lol?

  • 13:00 in this never ending war against insects I'm with you ,let us come together and kill each one of them , cockroach are the biggest enemy