Evgeni Malkin Beats Brian Elliott With Slick Wraparound Goal

čas přidán 6. 03. 2021
Evgeni Malkin dekes out Brian Elliott before tucking the puck in the net with a gorgeous wraparound goal.


  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 okkk

  • At age *35* this guy is doing young guy things....

  • 5 unanswered goals vs. The Flyers priceless.

  • King Kong Lives!

  • мастерски исполнен прием по-Бобровски!

  • Welcome back Geno!

  • cool goal

  • That was nice

  • Malkin's finally starting to look like himself

  • The Jagr special

  • That’s the Malkin I want to see

  • Angry Geno is fantasy gold

  • How is Elliot still in the league?

    • I mean, he has had 3 shutouts this season and has only lost one of his starts. Currently doing better than most goaltenders in the league

  • good, i scratched him on my fantasy team... looks like he got the message.

    • You’re not the only one lmao

  • geno looking like a youngster

  • Where's that RIDICULOUS Barzal goal Sportsnet????

  • Bingo

  • Geno is score

  • What are the SHITSBURGH fans doing there? They're allowing live spectators now?

  • Американский пенсионер ещё могёт😳

    • Не завидуй !! Лучше путинки накати

  • 80's goal

  • Malkin looks like Malkin again !!! Have a feeling he might get another one tonight or maybe even a hatrick ! Update no hatrick but he finished 1st star of the game!!! Geno is back I’m telling you👍

    • He is also 33 now lol it just took longer for him to find his legs again people !

    • His skating was slower compared to usual this season (he looked out of shape and sluggish) simply because he was not able to do his normal off season training! His legs are back people he will be putting up great numbers this season I can guarantee it! Malkin with confidence is dangerous !

  • About time

  • 1st