Evolution of Boeing (1/3) | The History of Boeing

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Since Boeing was founded in 1916 they produced many crazy and massive airplanes, this is the first part of the Evolution of Boeing!
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  • My grandfather (R.I.P) used to work for Boeing while it was based out of Washington. He said that was the best place he had worked. I grew up around planes and the airport in the fact that every once in a while, I'd go to my grandfather's work with him. I remember sitting in his office and looking out the window at Boeing field, admiring the planes. My Father flies to a new country / state almost every month, so I grew up going to the airport either really late, or really early to pick him up or drop him off. Whenever we'd pull into the airport parking lot, the roar of plane engines exited me. Since then I've been working towards becoming a pilot. ✈🌏

  • Another one you could possibly do someday is an evolution of Union Pacific, one of the biggest railroad companies in the world, starting way back in 1862.

  • I appreciate your effort. You make so many educational things that I'm learning a lot from you. Keep up the good work

  • Nice inclusion of the WW2 bombers! For some reasons I forgot about this channel. But it’s surprising to see how far the channel has grown. Keep it up!

  • The 377 Stratocrusier/KC 97 would have seemed like an obvious success, but it was VERY COMPLEX and quite a challenge to flight crews. The AF procured some 800 tankers but it was ill suited for jet bombers because of slow speed until the KC-135 came along.

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  • fun fact : before 307 existed, passengers had to wear gas mask at high altitudes. But with the 307's pressurized cabin technology, passengers don't need to wear one anymore and that's why it had an amazing cruising altitude of 20,000 ft

    • it was the first (commercial) aircraft to use a pressurized cabin the lessons in technology were applied to the b-29 superfortress which also had a pressurized cabin.

    • Can you tell me where you heard about masks being used for passengers? i thought airliners before pressurization just had to fly lower.

    • @米空軍パイロット most of the time that was true but if they wanted to fly higher than the clouds which removed as much turbulence they needed masks to prevent dieing of hypoxia

    • 👈👈👈✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️😱😱😱😱😱

  • I’m not an airplane fan, a rocket one actually, but I found this really interesting and you clearly have a passion for making videos, keep up the amazing work.

  • Your videos are top notch, keep up the great work.

  • flatlife's videos are very educational and the animations are good it really gives me happiness to see these stuff

  • The earlier years of aviation was filled with wonder, almos anyone could make a plane with the proper resources and skills. Wonderful video!

  • That's what I requested a year ago, thank you so much for making it a reality!

    • Thank you for the suggestion!

  • I always felt proud to be born and grow up in the same state boeing was at, it has such a unique history and is very interesting to learn about.

    • I felt ashamed working at Boeing after the 737 crisis before I finally quitted. Whatever prestige it had, is all gone in my opinion. It hope it will recover trust one day.

  • That "new" Boeing logo is quite interesting. After Douglas made the DWC, Douglas World Cruiser, they made a logo, of a stylized airplane, circling the world. When Douglas merged with McDonnell, the new company kept that insignia. Now that Boeing has swallowed up Douglas, Boeing chose to (again) steal that design. Even though McDonnell nor Boeing could lay claim to have circled the world, in 1924. steve

  • I have watched part 1-3 and it is a really good video series. This interests me as I didn't know much about Boeing before I watched this video.

  • You did a great job on this video, you perfectly summarized the beginnings of Boeing. It is true that the B 29 was one of the best bombers of the Second World War. We shouldn't have converted it into an airliner after the world war 2 as it was so fast: 587 KM/H is not bad

  • My dad used to work at boing building the flaps for f-18s then later built elevators for 777 I remember once he took me to work an some kind of take your kid to work day and i got to see all the plane parts and all that kind of stuff, recently I've gotten into aviation and whenever I see him now we always talk about planes.

  • The Boeing model 80 is at least the size of a Cessna citation, impressive considering that it was built in 1928

    • Well there was the Zeppelin-Staaken R.VI which was even bigger during ww1, it managed to bomb Londen during ww1

  • 0:00 Introduction 0:50 Founding 1:00 First Airplanes made by Boeing 3:50 4:52 Mail Planes 4:15 6:49 10:03 Passenger Planes 5:13 9:04 *W A R P L A N E S* 10:52 WWII Section

  • Great job! I just cant wait for part 2!

  • Fun fact: The B52 can also carry the X - 15 the worlds fastest aircraft.

    • it is technically the fastest manned aircraft as drones can go faster and if you count the space shuttle as a plane or a glider which it could "technically" go faster

  • Fun fact: the B-17 could fly 50 miles on only one engine

  • Flatline thank you I got into aviation because of you. love your videos

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  • Fantastic video. Just wish you would mention the exact museums those models went to. So we can visit.

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  • Boeing, once one of the greatest aircraft companies in the world. R.I.P.

  • Got to love their bombers from the B-17 to the B-52

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  • I'm excited for part 2 and 3!

  • 6:23 The P-26 Peashooters were the last fighter aircraft manufactured by Boeing for the US Military until they acquired McDonnel Douglas that eventually gave birth to F/A-18E/F Super Hornet.

  • Fun fact: the boeing warehouse in Everett is the largest warehouse in the world. It's around 4.3million square feet it's large enough to fit 80 football field piches in

  • Did u know the boeing 314 clipper was the first Air Force one?that makes it a very important aircraft

  • Keep up your great videos!

  • I like that these videos are simple and easy to understand

  • 6:24 Fun fact: the Boeing p-26 peashooter it was used by Philippine army air corps (today Philippine air force) and that was used by caesar basa, a first Filipino fighter pilot casualty and Jesus Villamor, a first Filipino ace fighter pilot that he fights the powerful Japanese Mitsubishi A6M zero. both of these pilots are bear their names in military airbases including nichols field (today Villamor air base in pasay) and Floridablanca airfield (today basa air base in Pampanga). Today the p-26 peashooter was displayed in PAF aerospace museum located in pasay near in NAIA

    • Thanks man it made me feel patriotic now I was about to say that

    • The first filipino fighter pilot casualty* Peashooter was used by* The first filipino* he fought* Today the P-26 Peashooter is displayed*

    • @Matteo hehehehe... Thanks... Because I'm bad to type some English out here

    • @GamerCstudios Gotchu

    • 👈👈👈✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️😱😱😱😱😱

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  • Still crazy to think that the TU-95 Bear is a distant relative of the B-29

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  • Fun fact about the Boeing 377 stratocruiser: it made the first ditching in the world

  • I wish that you talked more about post WW2 bombers like the stratofotress. Not complaning though.

  • I finally realized the history of Boeing Airlines

  • This is amazing and very educational

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  • Fun fact: I had no idea that the b17 was made by Boeing

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  • My favourite WW1 aeroplane fact is, that for most of the war planes were only used for scouting/surveilance and unarmed, so when a pilot encounterd an enemy plane in the sky all they could do was to shoot at each other with pistols or throw bricks.

    • “Or throw bricks” What in the cartoon trap?

    • @I love Canada! no clue what a cartoon trap is

    • @Teamgeist I worded it wrong, but have you watched that Home Alone movie where Kevin was throwing bricks at the burglars? I was mocking the idea of throwing bricks at high altitudes, because that’s something you’d typically only find in cartoons.

  • Does anyone know the name of the piece of music playing during the Clipper segment? ~07:35-08:43 It's easily some of the most relaxing music I've ever heard, and would be great to add to my playlist. Just kinda sucks that there's credits for everything in this video except the music used 😅

  • I once saw that first and only Boeing 707 dash 80 in a museum it looked like. Your ordinary Boeing 737 but with 4 smaller engines and no windows and longer.

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  • I noticed a mistake, On the part about the Boeing Clipper Flying Boat, Winston Churchill travelled on the aircraft to meet Roosevelt during WW2. So you just mixed up who flew on the Boeing Clipper

  • Without the Boeing 707, we will not have the kind of airplanes we have today.

  • the first plane belonged to Santos Dumont because he could take off without the help of slingshots

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  • if i remember correctly: 1 or 2 clipper are still being use as Forest fire plane

  • The P26 PeaShooter is my favorite out of these! Due to the fact than It has a plants vs zombies character name on it

  • Fun fact before airbus boeing made a double decker plane but it had lot of problems since it had no luggage compartment and many other issues so they imediately made the 747 next while MD and Airbus where focussing on the double decker and airbus won by making A380 but the 747 is the queen of skies since its cheaper than A380 and also if seats are lesser than airbus so profitable while A380 is only for busy traffics like for UAE ( Emirates).

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  • As a child I actually saw Boeing’s first seaplane many times at the Museum of Flight in Seattle (I live near there). Now I finally know what it is.

  • Imagine if Boeing didn't look at the plane

  • Imagine Buying A Plane And Turning It Into A Boat.

  • Wow Never knew Boeing built the plane that launched the first 2 nuclear bombs in Japan

  • Enjoyed the vide, but during the B-17 segment, you should’ve mentioned the Memphis Belle, one of the few aircraft that completed its 25 missions and the crew got to go home.

    • Memphis Belle was the first, but not "one of few". Later in the war it became pretty common. The Belle did it in 1943, before German air defenses were worn down.

  • I would like to know not just MPH & KPH, but 8n would like to know speed on knots as well.

  • 3:20 i actually went to that place in DC! it is incredible

  • keep in mind that "top speed" and "speed" is very different. aircraft do not operate at "top speed", the "top speed" is usually talking about the maximum speed the aircraft can sustain OR the top speed the engine can propel the aircraft at a specific altitude. thus the point made at 5:29 "it could even outrun fighters" is incorrect as that would require the plane to be run at 100% throttle the whole time, and it would have been a waste of both fuel and engine lifespan "why not just push the throttle to 100% after you get attacked?" you may ask 1. when the enemy aircraft attack you, the engine may catch on fire, the radiator may have been hit, and even if all critical components are fine, increased drag from ruptured aircraft skin makes it much harder to increase speed 2. it takes quite a bit of time for a aircraft to reach top speed, the enemy fighter would have plenty of time to shoot you down 3. fighters don't usually attack bombers on their own, it's usually at least several fighters against a bomber formation 4. going top speed will cause other planes in the formation to not be able to catch up 5. even if the entire formation was a their top speed, the formation's own escort fighters won't be able to keep up in conclusion this point is misleading and should be corrected

  • The first twin engined passenger plane that could fly beyond the etops rules (60 minutes with 2 engines) was the Airbus A300!

    • It only had an etops of 75 minutes but it was still a big improvement at the time

    • Federal Bureau of Investigation isn't Airbus the main competator?

  • I was on a clipper theres one some where in the west of ireland idk but its pretty cool and u can go inside it