Evolution of Koenigsegg [1996-2022]

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Koenigsegg is building some of the fastest and most exclusive cars in the world!
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00:00 Intro
00:25 Origins
01:26 CC Prototype
02:40 Koenigsegg CC8S
03:43 Koenigsegg CCR
04:11 Koenigsegg CCX
05:09 Koenigsegg CCXR
06:42 Koenigsegg CCGT
07:18 Koenigsegg Agera
07:48 Koenigsegg Agera R
08:18 Koenigsegg Agera S
08:44 Koenigsegg Agera RS
09:47 Koenigsegg One:1
10:31 Koenigsegg Regera
11:56 Koenigsegg Jesko
12:44 Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut
13:48 Koenigsegg Gemera
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Koenigsegg Gemera: www.koenigsegg.com/gemera/
Christian von Koenigsegg video: • KOENIGSEGG JESKO ...
Koenigsegg CCR - World Record at Nardo: • Koenigsegg CCR --...
Koenigsegg Agera: • Agera test drive ...
Koenigsegg R World Record: • Agera R World Record
Koenigsegg Agera RS: • Koenigsegg Agera ...
Koenigsegg Agera FE: • Koenigsegg Agera FE
Koenigsegg One:1: • Koenigsegg One:1 ...
Koenigsegg Regera: • Koenigsegg Regera...
Koenigsegg Regera Snow: • Koenigsegg Regera...
Koenigsegg Regera World Record: • Koenigsegg Regera...
Jesko von Koenigsegg: • Jesko von Koenigs...
Koenigsegg Jesko: • The Show Must Go ...
Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut: • The Show Must Go ...
Koenigsegg Gemera: • The Show Must Go ...
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  • Koenigsegg just keeps getting better and better! We've updated the Evolution of Koenigsegg, and it's sure to get your heart racing. Check it out here! cs-tv.org/tv/video-Fe3Ona4wNaM.html

    • Flatlife is the best 👌

  • He completely missed why the "one:1" was named that, well done! Hint: it had one hp per kg..

    • Yeah, that was a disappointment.

    • He also said twin supercharged instead of twin turbocharged lol

    • @Stephen Maxwell Fuks the ccxr is twin supercharger…

    • 1 megawatt power, it is said in the video

    • the car haz 1360 kg and one megawatt is 1341.02209 HP, the hint is wrong.

  • I have a great deal of respect for Christian Koenigsegg and what he's been able to accomplish. He's a legit automotive visionary, with the mental fortitude to bring his visions into reality. All in an industry dominated by large and long entrenched car manufacturers with comparably infinite resources behind them. He's the real deal.

    • Its cause when you work on designing the car he didnt strive for “good enough” he strived for perfection

    • On a holiday to Sweden, I actually met Mr Christian. What a humble and lovely person to be around, honestly you can forget that he's the owner of the BEST HYPERCAR COMPANY IN THE WORLD!

  • Keonigsegg is killing it on hyper cars.

    • Mega cars*

    • @TeeToo_ what? No it’s a hyper car

    • @TeeToo_ except for the new ones

    • @HarriVFX no, Mega car

    • @Tom Möller yes. A megacar is a hypercar with 1341 hp or more, like the koenigsegg one:1, which had 1 megawatt of horsepower, which is 1341 hp.

  • Christian is 100 years ahead of this times… absolute Legend!! I’ve been fascinated with his cars since the beginning…

    • Yeah he is it's crazy cool

    • Koenigsegg almost beat SSC Tuatara 2020, the fastest car in the world

    • Jesko Absolut waaaay more faster

    • absolut*

  • One of the greatest ever, yet has made less that 200 cars in its entire history so far. Incredible.

    • It also makes it hard to call them "production cars" though. I would actually expect nothing less than ultra high performance with purpose-built cars, especially built in small numbers.

  • I think that his free valve system is one of the most innovative advancements to the ICE in a very long time. Really smart and down to earth kind of guy from what I've heard about him.

    • And even if Koenigsegg isn’t the inventor of free valve, they’re the best at using it so far.

  • The CCX was clearly the most important, and painful, milestone in Christian's career (other than the original proto).

  • "one of the highest power to weight cars" you never mentioned that the One:1 has it's name literally because it has 1HP per 1KG of weight. 1360Hp and weighs 1360KG

    • really hurt when he didnt mention that

    • literally is so light that it matters for speed the person

  • This is the type of content that CS-tv needs more of... High quality content! Appreciation from Sweden.

  • "What do you drive?" "Oh, a 3 cylinder hybrid......."

  • Even though he missed the reason for the name "One:1", I still really liked the video, informative and fun to watch. Regardless, I think Christian Von Koenigsegg is a massive inspiration for every dreamer out there.

  • I remember reading years ago that a Trevita was found covered in dust and seemingly abandoned in an underground car park. Insane that such a rare and expensive car would be left in such a condition.

  • I believe Forza Horizon 5 will add Jesko Absolut

  • These videos are WAY TOO FANTASTIC!

    • Austin YES I DID

    • Flatlife's video's are amazing and calming and cool

  • I can't wait to see the evolution of other automotive manifacturers' evolutions in your channel!

  • I always loved Koenigsegg ever since the prototype came out. Watching that company evolve all these years has been a treat. Thanks Koenigsegg for making a car that fits my taste no othe hypercar does that for me.

    • Yeah man, even tho I'm too young to have watched the first prototype come to life I still agree with you on everything else, koenigsegg is really one hell of a car, I'm not really a big fan of supercars especially mainstream ones like ferrari and lambo, but koenigsegg really checks everything for me except for the budget lol, neat design, exclusive and super rare, ridiculous power and speed, and I like the way their engines roar. Hopefully sometime in the future I'll be able to put a checkmark on the budget box lol cuz honestly I wouldn't want to buy and hypercar other than koenigsegg if I could afford it

    • @Jacob Frye hell yeah the prototype amazing

  • We all thought that he will make an evolution of ferarri but koegnigsseg is another story also amazing animation it's the best one I've seen so far

    • Thank you so much! I'm also working on the Evolution of Ferrari!

    • @Flatlife om and im just wain you can take as long as you like so it's the best animations on CS-tv and thank you for creating them I really love them there in my top 3 risk of videos to watch if I'm bored of anything on CS-tv there really grate (all so I'm 12 and I'm not a grown man that is a picture of my father.I'm a boy)

    • @linus why do you say that's your father. You shouldn't share such information on a public platform

    • @Generál Grievoús tanks I didn't notice it I was just writing randomly tanks again

    • @linus thanks*

  • The car videos are so good! You should definitely do more of these. The Lamborghini video was probably my favorite video you made because of how much info there is. You should make one for more bigger compnies like ferrari!

  • I remember seeing the first koenigsegg in a magazine when I was 10 and now he's building some on the most amazing hypercars next to bugatti, mclaren, ferrari, Pagani and Lamborghini. Didn't take him long to get up to speed.

  • Yay! Another video and about the evolution of my favourite car company, amazing quality and subtitles as always! You deserve much more recognition than you have today.

    • Yea he really does

    • Don't worry, they will get it. It's only been 10 days and they are already at a third of a million, they will have much more to come.

  • Stig crashed the CCX when it first went on top gear saying there wasn’t enough down force and it needed a wing on the back then it came back with a wing a while after and smashed the lap record

    • A friend of mine had dinner with two guys that worked at Koenigsegg at the time when Stig crashed. They said that they had to rush a car straight of the assembly line down to England if they wanted to be on that season of Top Gear. They had no time to dial the car in (suspension, breaks etc). After the crash they tried to convince Top Gear to let them come back with a finished car, but Top Gear made them put that useless little wing on so they could take credit. This is all hearsay of course, but it sounds legit when you look at that little cosmetic wing 😁.

    • @Hodor I would like to believe that story, but all of the models after the CCX were built with a wing on them stock, so I still think there is some truth to the Top Gear side of the story.

    • @Hodor the wing wasn’t just cosmetic and top gear were half joking about it being their idea mate KVK said himself that it was always needed they just didn’t have time to fit and test it before they had to send the CCX to top gear

    • @Hodor also everybody at the company has to sign a confidentiality agreement so are not meant to say anything about what happens at the factory unless it’s been cleared first mate

    • ChironUSA yeah they can but then they’re open to charges that can ruin them so it’s not worth it in case the company finds out

  • U deserve 1 billion subs for the effort you put into these vids! Keep it up mate!

  • instant subscribed, glad this videos aren't like those that takes 30+ minutes and not straight to the point, we need content like these!

    • I really appreciate it, thank you so much!

  • This guy makes his videos with passion.This why he should have 1 billion subscribers.

  • "That makes me wonder what i've been doing with my life" same tbh

    • yeah me too

    • Ikr😔

    • lol

    • Yeaz

    • He was most probably born in a very rich family to begin with which made it a whole lot easier. But still impressive af.

  • Their flair and drive for technological excellence is unrivaled.

  • The Regera is proof that CVTs deserve more respect, and can be awesome in their own right

  • Something you glossed over with the Gemera, it's a 4 seater with plenty of room for all passengers. Easily the fastest and most luxurious 4 seater GT ever made, quite possibly ever.

  • FUN FACT: The One:1 is named that because it has a perfect 1:1 power to weight ratio, meaning it has the exact same amount of power as it weighs. Pretty interesting

    • There's nothing perfect about the 1:1 power to weight in KG ratio. Higher ratio than that will be better. There's no perfect power to weight ratio.

    • @P Sh nobody is saying that's the perfect number obviously anything above that is good but perfect as in a 1341hp to 1341kg. Not perfect as in the best ever. The jesko has about a 1.2 actually.

    • @D1RT BAGGG it's 1360kg to 1360hp tho, metric horsepower that is (obviously since it's kg)

  • This is my dream car . I am so impressed how it evolve so fast and somemore it has so many records! I loved the Koenisegg Regera

  • Fortunately, I had the opportunity to visit the koenigsegg factory in Sweden and I do not regret it because the opportunity to see live specific cars that broke records on the tracks and naked engines with huge powers.

  • One of the most accurate videos about the Koenigsegg cars as a whole. Well done!

    • That's cuz Koenigsegg actually worked with Flatlife on the video, how cool is that!

    • @Sabersz Damn i didn't know that, thanks for letting me know! So glad that finally someone made a video about the cars as a whole btw, it was about time to shine some light on one of the best car brands on the world (I've been following them ever since their debut with the CCX at 2006)

    • @Godfather it was the One:1 that was the reason I'm so into cars now, so I have a lot to thank Koenigsegg for. Their cars are poster on the kids' bedroom wall material!

    • @Sabersz Same story for me, just in a different period. Though as much as i love Koenigsegg and wish them each day the best, and i am glad that they are successful, one side of me always says that too much publicity is just bad: What i mean is basically there are too many stupid people in the car community, so preserving these gem companies would be the best by not letting everyone know about it

    • @Godfather there's an element of gatekeeping to be had in the community already. It's the difference between a 'car guy' and a 'car enthusiast'. Unfortunately you'll always get stupid people in any community but it's videos like this, where the video is made with the help of Koenigsegg themselves, that will give out real info

  • As a swede this makes me so proud that we still have the factory in Sweden 🔥🔥

  • The Gemera also has... wait for it... a 0 to 60 time of 1.9 seconds! A world record!

  • another fun fact. they actually only made 5 one:1. the sixth one was their development car which was pretty much a hot rod version of the Agera R. the One:1 aero, engine, suspension, transmission etc was all present, but it has a rollcage and runs on a strengthened version of the Agera chassis which the other One:1 didn't really do. source: Christian Von Koenigsegg told me in person.

  • I watched every video of Christians available on Koenigseggs website, the way he speaks, shows the models, man I tell you he is absolutely loving his time building cars. No wonder he's unstoppable. They achieved 400+ with V8s man. Buggati here are applying 16 cylinders W16s. I wonder what could Koenigsegg do with W16s. DAMN

  • Bruh, Koenigsegg is so easy to pronounce, but dang near impossible to spell unless you write the world famous name constantly. I think the company literally has dominated as the makers of the world's fastest cars ever since they overtook the Bugatti Veyron.

  • man this was way better than i expected, not just some images of old to new koenigseggs shown, but speaking to us in a real human voice, not text-to-speech. was a great video and IS THAT A STORMTROOPER IN THE CAR AT 12:05

  • As a norwegian. Im happy that Christian got inspired by one of the best Norwegian films

  • When you said "These beautiful beasts were made" to Agera R, I got chills, cuz its the most beautiful monstrosity I've seen as a hypercar.

    • Agera RS is way more beautiful imo though, one of the most beautiful hypercars to exist

  • Well Koenigsegg is one of the few really big thing we as Swedes can be Proud of today. And very good made video as well :)

  • I’m pretty sure the Jesko series has a biofuel option as well And also, you forgot about the Jesko “Attack” variant If you add the attack variant, just know that it is the low downforce version.

  • Fact: the koeniggseg jesko is basically maxed out stock in fh4, but you can make it faster with upgrades

    • Doesn't it only produce 1200 hp insyead of 1600 stock in fh4?

    • • 8B views it’s 998 S2 so almost

    • @Junliang Ho so 1 upgrade and it’s x class :)

    • Forza horizon 4? It is not in that game

    • @Alfred Persson the jesko is in that game yess

  • Man you are killing it! Keep it up.

  • hats off to the cameraman for running at 400kph

    • no but fr, did they have another car ? even a drone cant go that speed does it ? 💀

    • @Wee Wee I think they used a customised Toyota supra

  • Recently , a koenigsegg agera r appeared as on sale somewhere in the world on a car sale site . It's price was unknown but knowing the agera r was produced in limited numbers , it will worth a lot

  • 10:55 Fun Facts: Christian secretly to buy Tesla Model S P85+ in 2013 and was impressed by the car's ability to instantly deliver power without the need for a downshift or to wait for turbo lag. So why Regera had one gear

  • Everybody is commenting on the One:1 power to weight ratio being missed out but no one is mentioning how Jesko and Gemera were pronounced badly.

    • i understand the Jesko, the "i" sound isnt as common for "J", but hearing the "G" in Gemera pronounced "J" made me loose some braincells lol

  • 0:54 I keep forgetting how 90s he looked back in the 90s.

  • as with any guy i liked cars so much as a kid, and was big into racing games. i'm not as big into the car game anymore but i still love me some fabulous souped up sports cars, supercars etc. and as soon as i discovered the cars of Koenigsegg, i pointed as them and said "that is my dream car". i know i'll never be able to afford one in my life, but if i could, i would use it for the rest of my life! given that's it's not as practical as it is badass that may be a bad thing, but if anything it would be a killer weekend car! i think every car guy has at least 2 dream cars: the affordable one, and the big collector's piece supercar/hypercar/megacar that he'll probably never get and will rest in his dreams. to anyone who cares and is curious, my affordable dream car would be a Nissan sports car (Z series), and of course my non-affordable dream car would be one of the cars listed in this video, either an Agera or a Regera.

  • Hey i have a question, how long does it takes you to make a video ? Cause they are fantastic !

  • Gemera is not a Swedish word, but if you spell it as two words: "Ge mera" it means "Give more" in Swedish. I read somewhere that Christians mother came up with that name (a Google check says so too). It obviously is perfect for a four seat version and works well with Agera and Regera.

  • This man achieved all of this all because he had a good father figure and willpower.

  • *the GT committee knows that nobody can beat koenigsegg on track that's why they made it impossible for them to compete by increasing the minimum production number from 20 to 350*

    • Yeah the ccgt would have dominated but they couldn't let that happen

  • ah the good old days when me and my dad watched the need for speed film over and over again just to see that koenigsegg comeback and the other impressive scenes

    • Same bro same favorite car movie behind fast and furious

  • Bravo my friend. I didn't understand just how exclusive and on its own level in the craftsmanship and innovation.

  • At this point, Koenigsegg, McLaren and Bugatti are not really making just cars for rich people and sports, it's research, science, aerodynamics and engineering testing platforms, kind of like building space equipments helps science and development of new tech. in a few years : «Maybe if we combine this turbine engine powered by hydrogen, we should be able to reach Mach 1.0 on a straight line»

    • what they're doing too by making so few models is focusing on the research aspect rather than satisfying the market, maybe one day it will be so advanced and so much knowledge will be gathered, transportations like these will be common and accessible to the public, i mean.. 100 years ago any car was exclusive and expensive, and now most people own at least one

  • Back in 2003 there was a fire that happened at the Koenigsegg Factory. In Margretetorp. The staff managed to save the cars and equipment. The company records however were lost.

  • The jesko is the most insane HyperCar I have ever known love to use it in fh5

  • When I saw a Koegnisegg for the first time I was like "Ok I think this is the fastest car I have ever seen".

  • Very nice summary of the Koenigsegg history.

  • Its very nice how they come up with designs and names My favorite car brand (Although i will definitely never be able to afford one ever)

  • Koenigsegg a real monster ! 💪 it remains an eternal favorite for me 🙏🌪🔥🌪🔥🌪🔥🌪

  • He started with a dream........... and with only 1 billion dollar inheritance from his father managed to turn it into 1.5 billion in 20 years! Inspiring

  • Koenigsegg makes the most impressive cars I have ever seen

  • I remember seeing the Koenigsegg Agera in the Need For Speed 2014 movie god that car is good looking when at high speeds

  • I love cars and I love your videos! Keep it up

  • I love the history of koenigsegg or just any old but new super or hyper cars.

  • I’m sure Christian Von Koenigsegg’s father is so proud.

  • I saw the Hundra at an auto show a couple years back. Real amazing thing to lay your eyes on

  • Christian Von Koenigsegg himself said that the Jesko will do……. At least 330 mph !!!! and nobody’s arguing with him, because he always delivers what he says. 😍😍😍😍😍

  • I've been here since, and I'm literally mind blown of how you made a video with Koenigsegg!

  • Those cars look so cool! Even better animated!

  • Flatlife will never seem to dissapoint me

  • I remember 5 years ago i couldnt even pronounce koenigsegg and now it is one of my favourite manufacturers

  • i cant imagine how it went from a children's animation to a whole chain of hyper cars

  • I remember finding your videos in the kurzgesagt subreddit and subscribing when you had 100-ish subscribers, now look at you! Good job

  • Fun fact at 3:23 they are drive at the side of a lake called Västersjön. Koenigsegg is made in Ängelholm in Skåne in south of Sweden. I live in Helsingborg 31,3 km away from Ängelholm. The first Koenigsegg I ever saw was a Koenigsegg CCXR

    • The CCXR has a worth of 150-200,000 million $

  • I am not ccx fan, I'm Agera R fan, but this video made me love the ccx. The story made me wonder what am I doing with my life too

  • “That makes me wonder what I was doing with my life.” Okay I’ll admit it you got me really good there.

  • As far as I guess Jesko's top speed is more than 300mph!!!!

  • Türkçe altyazı koyman güzel birşey teşekkürler Flatlife 👍

  • Flatlife has the best editors IMO. Those transtition tho are amazing (That doesn't mean i don't care the car). I still absolutely love Koenigsegg!!

  • The Trevita also had diamond dust in the paint which is why only two were made

  • Pagani and koenigsegg is amazing. They literally start the company with hypercar as their starting line

  • Fun fact: "Koenig" is German and "egg" is English It's basically a mix of two languages.

  • Love your videos ! Please continue.

  • There are only two car companies in the world: You have Koenigsegg and then you have the others...... That is how much it stands out!

  • FreeValve technology...0-400kph in one gear...getting 600hp from a 3 cylinder...stuff that's no big deal. 😎

  • I love your videos Flatlife you make amazing animations!!!

  • Another name you could've translated is trevita. Trevita is two words in swedish: TRE (wich means three) and VITA (wich means white in plural). This is because the cars where white (duh) and they planned on making three of the trevitas but since they were so hard to manufacture they ended up only making two.

    • guess that makes it a Tvavita lmao

  • I like this video because it is very informative and very well explained.👍👍

  • Always good quality!💯🔥

  • A Koenigsegg is a mighty machine

  • You forgot to mention the power to weight ratio of 1:one (hence it's name) and how it could theoretically drive upside down because of it Very nice video otherwise!

    • You are confusing power to weight with downforce. Power doesn't make the car stick to the ground, and the one:1 doesn't make nearly enough downforce to theoretically drive upside down

    • @r3lease yeah, F1 cars make WAY less power, but can drive upside down, and produce enough downforce to hit the corners at some increnible speeds

  • The Jesko is like the fastest hyper and even faster than the 599XX E on Forza 4

  • Koenigsegg is so unique By far my favorite super/hypercar brand

  • Keonigsegg: balance is key Bugatti: Power is power

  • I saw Jesko last weekend. It looked so cool.