Evolution of McLaren (Animation)

čas přidán 10. 06. 2023
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  • Amazing video! 1 Correction though: The McLaren F1 was NEVER ment to be a Top Speed Machine, it was supposed to be a drivers car and for the Track. Gordon Murray said in a Video on the 25th anniversary of the McLaren F1 “I never Intended the F1 to have a high Top speed. It became that way because it was extremely light, but powerful.”

    • Thanks for that fact i never knew that

    • Same

    • Not a lot of people know that

    • @The Canadian gamer the Artura is still slower than McLaren F1 GTR.

    • @Damar Fadlan the Artura it's a touring car not a full bonkers sports car

  • I still find the Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren to be one of the most beautiful cars ever built.

    • i hate it so much, so ugly

    • The design hasn’t aged well imo. The headlights especially make it look very of-its-time.

  • Damn, another great evolution video. Even though McLaren isn't my favourite car brand, it still is entertaining to watch it evolve.

    • Nice, my favorite car brand is McLaren and I really like watching this guys other videos too.

    • @syrld My favourite one is Koenigsegg, who already has a video made about it

    • @P o t o my favourite is buggati

    • There is McLaren, and there is the McLaren F1... I'm not a fan of McLaren but the McLaren F1 is one of my top all time favorite machines ever built.

    • @imkg75 mine is bmw

  • The mclaren elva might as well become a spaceship with its forcefield air redirection system

  • A correction at 7:14 . The kmph readings are shown greater to the P1 than the la Ferrari

  • It was a great video. I loved this evolution video. Also, it is not only speed that matters while racing, but also skill.

  • Great video! I'd just like to add that the true successor to the Mclaren F1 isn't the Speedtail, but the Gordon Murray T50. Also, the Mclaren Artura makes 671hp, not 577.

  • You should make more car evolution videos! I really enjoy them I think others could say the same.

  • Amazing video 👏 The animations are simple and clean, the text is really good, I'm directly sub 👌

  • Fun Fact: the front rim coverings on the Speedtail don’t move. This improves aerodynamics and it’s performance! They are spinning at 16:10

  • The P1 is for me the best car ever produced. Then comes the Senna.

  • I love when you make European car brands evolutions. I'm a car enthusiast, even European cars impress me. I wonder if you can explain the evolution of European luxury car brands like Mercedes-Benz, Rolls-Royce, Maserati, ETC. I like how you explain what the car model names mean, and everything about the cars. 🏎️🏎️🏎️😃

  • Flatlife makes the best animations for anything. My favourite is every video especially the car vids when the humans are in old cars and stormtroopers are in the future cars

  • For you guys to skip to wherever you want to see 0:00 Intro 0:27 Evolution of McLaren 0:31!Before McLaren 1:30 Founded McLaren (1963) 1:51 McLaren Prototype M6-GT 2:03 McLaren Death (1970) 2:15 Ron Dennis New CEO 2:25 Road Car idea brought back to life (1988) 3:04 McLean F1 (1992) 3:30 Prototype 240 MPH (1998) 4:33 106 McLaren F1 Units (1992-1998) 4:44 Fun Fact 4:59 Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren (2003) 5:27 McLaren Automotive Founded (2010) 5:31 McLaren MP4-12C (2011) 6:24 Fun Fact 2 6:47 McLaren P1 (2013) 7:30 McLaren P1- GTR 7:34 McLaren P1-GTR LM Road Car (2016) 7:38 McLaren P1- GT (2018) 7:44 Fun Fact 3 8:00 Bloop Animations & Adobe Animate 9:10 McLaren 650S 9:56 McLaren 650S SPYDER 10:00 McLaren 675-LT 10:05 McLaren MSO-HS (2016) 10:21 Fun Fact 4 10:46 McLaren 570-S (2015) 11:21 McLaren 540-C 11:23 McLaren 570-GT 11:25 McLaren 570-S-Sprint 11:27 McLaren MSO-X 11:28 McLaren 600-LT 11:30 McLaren 620-R 11:35 McLaren 720S (2017) 12:24 McLaren 720S-SPYDER 12:26 McLaren 765-LT 12:28 McLaren 720-LT-SPYDER 12:30 McLaren 720S-GT3 12:35 McLaren GT (2019) 13:11 Fun Fact 5

  • From this video I learn many things about McLaren's evolution... This video is a great education for me as a car anthusiast... Keep it up... By the way I have a request : "the evolution of Mercedes"

  • Fantastic content. I love these history videos on exotic and supercar brands.

  • i live in auckland nz it’s crazy that such masterpieces can originate from a not so known place

  • I would recommend, the evolution of Space Shuttles. It would be cool though!

  • The Speedtail, P1, and GMA T50 are all worthy successors to the F1 imo

  • Another fun fact of the 12C: In the movie cars 2, british race car Lewis Hamilton was based on the Mclaren MP4 12C.

    • Fact Lewis Hamilton was with McLaren in 2007 to 2012 until his move to Mercedes Petronas during then

  • My favorite is the McLaren GT (2019) I once had to honor to sit in one. It’s so spacious if you would compare it to a lambo or a Ferarri. I also love the glass in the back & the amount of storage space.

  • I like the way how McLaren had evolved from McLaren F1 to McLaren GT

  • Fun fact, the thing he says, "Up to Speed" is actually the line from donut media, one of their big series on their channel

  • When he said "everything you need to know, to get up to speed" I thought.. that's James Pumphry line.

    • ya

    • The more you know James Pumphry, the more you know Lightning Lightning Lightning.. more powah babe...

    • @Marti Prakoso indeen man! Nice one.

    • Same

    • Pop up and down headlights

  • I really like your videos man, keep it up, also can you make a Evolution of Mercedes Benz next?

  • I love this show! Child-friendly too!

  • This was exactly what I was looking for!

  • 7:13 when you said the McLaren was 1 mile per hour slower, the kph for the la Ferrari was 351 and for the McLaren, it was 359 kph. A little mistake

  • The P1 was my favorite but the senna tops it in my opinion.

  • I was just driving our new (5 year old) BMW 3 series into town, feeling like the sportiest car on the road, & then I passed an amazing McLaren.

  • It's cool how he adds a star wars characters inside the cars

  • This is like I’m in school but it’s actually fun and I would be willing to learn no matter what

  • Jesus christ, I totally forgot about how beautiful the SLR was

  • The F1 gives me shivers …. Everytime I see it …. What a monster

  • this feels like history except even better

  • Waiting for the evolution of the 720 😍

  • man youve grown so fast from the evolution of spacex youve grown and now in 2022 you have 279k subs and hopefully next year you will get the gold play button you already have the silver one so i have no doubt you will have the golden one

  • Mclaren isn't my favorite car brand. Still, I loved to see it's evolution. I was really happy to see the Mclaren Senna. After all, Ayrton Senna is a brazilian pride (A great hello from Brazil!).

  • Let's be honest. We gotta love both Bruce And the Ceo

  • Great video as always🥰

  • These videos is REAL entertaining. I love it! 🙂 keep it up 👍🙂👍

  • Flatlife's classes are the most interesting ones to me🤣!

  • "This is everything you need to know to get up to speed on McLaren", I know where it is come from

  • I have loved the mclaren P1 since I was little, and when I found the GTR I fell in love as soon as I saw it. ❤️

  • Honestly. I can imagine watching an evolution of Ford on this channel. But that might take too long (too many cars, etc)

  • Great video. You deserve more subscribers.💪

  • to be honest Koneigsegg is my favorite car brand but McLaren they have my "mind" blown

  • "To get you up to speed, on McLaren!" *Donut Media Up To Speed Intro starts.*

  • love it 😍 very nice animations! 👍🏼👍🏼

  • The McLaren Senna also appeared on the cover of the video game Forza Horizon 4.

  • Your animations are the best!

  • I wonder how the “oasis of calm” handles the occasional “stone of fury”

  • This video made my day! This is the Evolution i really wanted and on the Evolution of the porsche 911 i even commented about it you replied that you are gonna make this in the future and it finally got released!

  • Starting off with a 1988 hypercar, what a blast

  • The McLaren 570s spider is my dream car Much love and support from Belgium 🇧🇪✌️

  • This is now my new favorite history channel!!!!!!

  • One of my favorite car brands! McLaren my favorite McLaren is the McLaren Speedtail, McLaren P1, McLaren Senna and the McLaren Elva!

  • I’m busy building a Lego Koenigsegg Jesko, and I love it. I also have a Lego McLaren P1, and it looks beautiful. Love the vids, keep up the work.

  • Greatest sports car brand of all time.

  • The kph conversion on the graphics are all over the place.

  • This is real content right here

  • My favorite part of the day is sitting down to watch this evolution videos

  • Man when you showed the speedtail I was sad because I remember selling that for a much slower car and it was a *LIMITED* and it was rare and I was so in love with it, man I'm sad :((

  • Been waiting for this video forever! McLaren has some of the prettiest cars! My favorite is McLaren p1 gtr

  • Nice Video Bro Good Work!!

  • Can I just say that all the cars’ top speed except the F1 and the Speedtail, doesn’t matter because they are designed for handling not hitting top speeds even though mclarens are ver very fast.

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  • man i have watched all of your videos and i am a big fan of your evolutions its very true and you will be the bes for sure thankyou

  • Bruce mclaren will never be forgotten.

  • Imagine you're driving in an elva and it rains

  • I Always watch your videos all day!! I wanna be just like you one day!!

  • 0:15 Damn that Donut media reference was amazing!

  • Ayrton Senna 🇧🇷

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  • I hope he was out history teacher for ever

  • I miss the 1990s McLarens, especially F1 and F1LM.

  • You should try SSC, since you also did Bugatti and Koenigsegg, both land speed record holders.

  • 13:11 As a Bruneien, I didn't know that our sultan own 10 McLaren F1

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  • "This is everything you need to know, to get you up to speed" seems familiar

  • Thomas, the new McLaren video is awesome! I especially liked the animation of opening the doors at the front view car :) If anything, it's me, Kate ;)

    • Thank you so much Kate, I couldn't have made this video without you ;) Send me an email: flatlifestudios@gmail.com

  • U are so underrated. Love your videos

  • Fun fact the McLaren logo is a stylised kiwi which is also used in the headlights and tailights.

  • Hey, loved you videos I've been watching them before this account was created and I would like if you made a video on Koenigsegg or the Nissan Z series please and thanks you.

  • Pretty sure the successor to the McLaren f1 is the Gordon Murray T.50

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  • You've got to admit, McLaren makes some sick ass cars. Especially the Senna.

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  • McLarne need to make more daily/ road cars, reliable, build quality, better engine, luxury interior, new design language.

    • Tf are you talking about !? Mclaren makes lots of road cars that are luxurious and reliable.

    • @Feltzy- this year there's alot of complaint against McLaren about it's interior design for not properly fixed, also to it's engine components and many customers having a problem. So I don't think they're that reliable specially the 720S.

  • Fun fact: mclaren also partnered with lego to make a 720s

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