Evolution of Tesla [2008-2023]

čas přidán 31. 03. 2023
It’s unbelievable how far Tesla has come with their all-electric cars, let’s go through the entire Evolution of Tesla!
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00:00 Intro
00:22 Tesla Roadster
01:20 Tesla Model S
05:36 Tesla Model X
07:33 Tesla Model 3
10:35 Tesla Model Y
12:18 Tesla CyberTruck
13:50 Tesla ATV
14:01 Tesla Semi
15:51 Tesla Roadster (Next Generation)

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  • I love how the old cars have humans and the new ones have Stormtroopers lol.

  • I was looking forward to this! Your animations always stand out!

  • This guy will never stop making new features

  • Fun fact: all car models spell this: Model S Model 3 Model X Model Y Model Cybertruck Model ATV Model Roadster Model Semi = Sexy Cars

  • The visuals and the animation done in here is astonishingly well done! Awesome stuff!

  • Fun Fact: The Tesla Model X plaid needed to have it's top speed locked, due to it's own brakes not even being able to handle such speed. However, if you get the brakes upgraded, the top speed can be unlocked.

  • Imagine pressing the accelerator instead of brake in the tesla roadster with the spacex package included.

    • @Engineer It's been 5 years since they've unveiled it

    • @Eshan Satti the space x package will come out, also with the new Tesla roadsters, give them a couple of years

    • People walking around the tesla roadster: ooo this is a nice gas car "then check's the hood" WHAT THE WHERE'S THE ENGINE IS THIS CAR A TOY CAR OR SOMETHING THERE'S NO ENGINE owner of the tesla: its electric-_- "then owner accelerates tesla roadster 0 to 200 in 1.1 seconds" the people: YO WHAT THE TOLIET

  • Fun probable fact: the specs on the upcoming Cybertruck, Roadster, and Semi are probably outdated. These specs were released at the unveiling events several years ago and were specs based off the prototypes. Tesla will certainly update the specs.

  • These animations are soooo good. Keep it up

  • I really really love the effort you put to produce this awesome content. Congratulation... but the only content I am excited to know is the evolution of bicycle and the mechanical technology for the future🤗 tech and love

  • The cybertruck windows were tested a lot of times before the presentation. The reason they broke is that before they threw the ball to it, they hit the doors with sledgehammer. That rolled a window down by a little bit and reduced its structural support.

  • The 2008 Roadster was not the first electric car. It was the first electric sports car though. It also reinvigorated the public's interest in ev's. The first electric car was built in 1890 by a man named William Morrison.

  • I didnt expect the cybertruck to be that cheap like it looks like a 5 million dollar car

  • Great video. Couple of feedback points: Wish Model Y went more in-depth and talked about it's bestselling as a car now. Also dog mode is not detected, have to turn it on.

  • Fun Fact: When Tesla released the Model s, It costed $89,000 and Elon wanted to make a cheaper model (This was when the Model 3 didn't released) So they made the Model s 40d, it still costed $52,550 and had the same battery as the 60d, just software limited. Only 337 units were made and most of them now have the 60d range via software update

    • @faizul raseli Not even close to true 😅

    • @faizul raseli no, it also has 85d and 75d etc lol.

    • Bruh the model s dont have a 40d model it has the 100d or p100d u liar

  • Imagine seeing a kid alone in a Tesla with the main screen reading "My owner will be back soon"

    • It would be even more messed up if that kid was black.

  • All this success and evolution is beautiful!

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  • The reason why the window shattered in the car was because they hit the door first and made the force to the glass

  • I'm a huge fan of the model S. I wonder what Toyota will come up with in the EV market, I'm really curious.

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  • Fun fact, Tesla wanted to use "Model E" instead of "Model 3". But since the naming right of "Model E" did and still does belong to Ford despite Tesla offering to buy the naming rights Ford refused to sell the rights

    • He made a post of it. AND WHO EVER REPLIED JUST SHUT UP

    • He said it in the video

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  • Fun Fact: the 0-60 of The Gemeras 1.9s was equaled by the Tesla Roaster and Pinnafarina Battista, and beaten by the Aspark Owl at 1.89s.

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  • The yoke steering wheel for tesla is perfect. Yoke steering wheel is a unique and fun way to steer. This high quality steering wheel has an incredible feel, too. It's a must-have for long road trips! I know where can you get it at a great price 😁😁

    • @Orange_turtle - I wasn’t solely referring to the comment regarding the yoke steering wheel (which, to be clear, I do agree is less functional than a traditional steering wheel around town. But, when you’re using the vehicle for its performance capabilities, around twists and turns, etc. the yoke is actually much better in my opinion). But, I was actually referring to the “Pointless, useless, and overall detrimental features” portion of your comment. Sure, *some* features are more “party tricks” than everyday features, but from my personal experience with my old Tesla, and my current one, a lot of features are actually very useful and make my trips far more convenient. But, I would say that’s a very common theme with full electric vehicles. The technology is almost out of this world compared to the established manufacturers. My Tesla outperforms my RS7, and has better & more convenient tech features.

    • @Corey I pointed out an objective flaw in the steering yoke. Not even an opinion. It is factually inferior to a steering wheel.

    • @Orange_turtle- You do realize the original comment you replied to was a scam profile trying to lure people in to buy fake, nonexistent, yoke steering wheel, right? Of course, you were just looking for somewhere to rant about your hate towards Tesla’s technology - I’ll bite. Complaining about a vehicle with undeniably admirable features just doesn’t look good on you - I’m not even a big fan of Tesla, but I can admit to an impressive vehicle when I see one. If Tesla hadn’t been the first mainstream electric brand to hit the automotive market, then one of the established brands would have done it later, and they would have produced a far less superior product simply because their brand recognition would have allowed that. Tesla was a new brand, and the first all-electric brand, they had no other choice but to come to market with a “wow factor”, they did just that, and that’s why they’re successful - and also why the market is now being saturated with brands like Rivian and Lucid, as well as competitive products from the established brands. In other words, Tesla wrote the history book on electric vehicles, and is a major contributor to the amazing technology EVs offer.

    • Its half a steering wheel. Thats half the space you have on the wheel to turn. Its only gonna cause more problems. Common theme with teslas. Pointless, useless, and overall detrimental features. Gullwing doors, flush door handles, lack of gauge cluster. Just to name a few.

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    • @Samuel Armstrong that dashcam is called Sentry Mode, btw i watch Wham Baam Teslacam

    • @Samuel Armstrong hope you're satisfied

    • Not only that but they put in a built in dashcam called "Teslacam" and there is a CS-tv channel called Wham baam teslacam

  • 13:03 No, they first hitted the glass with a sledgehammer. It might have broken the glass on the sides and after that the glass protection was gone.

    • True

    • yes, the sledge hammer broke the frame of the glass which is the most important part for the strength.

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  • For cybertruck, they made a video on twitter i think. They remake the glass to be more resistant and they say it will be a little bit lower than before

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  • I love how he said the roadster will “only cost 200,000$“

    • bro you might as well say that a hypercar should cost less than 200k

    • True, thats quite expensive but compared to other hypercars it isn’t.

    • Other brand are twice or thrice the price and gasoline hungry which will make less range

    • because comparing it to other supercars which could be slower and way more expensive the roadster is way cheaper

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  • The model S Plaid is already the quickest accelerating production car in the world with 9.2 seconds quarter mile. That's until the Rimac Nevera is released thought, and the koenigsegg gemera is years away.

    • @Carlife but you can t aford it !!! :))) not like the tesla s plaid

    • @szamito gep lol the gemera has four seats. But the Tesla is cheaper

    • @szamito gep agrreed, also, roadster will be as fast as the nevera top speed, and will almostt be as fast in accel. its going to have 4 seats tho, and be WAY cheaper.

    • @szamito gep 5 seats actually, roadster will have 4 and be even better, can't wait

    • @Magnom Thank's. Dou you have any source for that?

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    • @Neena John John if u don't know the materials u need in a battery come from mines and that's pollution

    • @Neena John John I like the Model S

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    • @Ethan Mapanao I dunno but Model 3 is my favorite

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  • Fun Fact: The first tesla is not the roadster. It was a remake of a 2003-2008 t-zero!

  • funfact: when the cybertruck's windows broke it was because they tested throwing the ball to the cybertruck backstage.

  • I really wanna see that ticket mode and see if it’s real. I’ve never gotten a ticket on my Tesla….don’t want to because I have sense not to park in a no parking area or a time limited area.

  • Another fun fact that this video has not covered, is actually that a famous Twitch celebrity Tweeted about a giveaway about a new Model 3. Her username is Pokimaine, and you may have heard of her around here. I cannot specify if it's a Standard Range Plus, Long Range, or Performance form, but looking at the car, I'm definitely sure that it's a Model 3.

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  • Ferrari and Bugatti: you took everything from me. Tesla: i don't even know who you are.

    • The thing is that the records Tesla has are not the records manufactures like Bugatti and Ferrari have been aiming for, Bugatti has been going for top speed records and Koenigsegg owns that Record, Ferrari has been building racing cars and has been successful in that in reality tesla is only good at acceleration which the others are not primarily striving for.

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