EXODIA BUILD LUX with 9 INFERNO! | Teamfight Tactics Set 2 | TFT | League of Legends Auto Chess

čas přidán 6. 01. 2020
Disguised Toast can't pass up on a 9 inferno opportunity! Watch him showcase the power of this TFT team comp with an inferno Lux! Enjoy some steamy hot Teamfight Tactics set 2 action!
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  • P

  • Almost as bad as Australia

  • “Monster hunter is like Dark Souls with monsters and multiplayer.” ...but dark souls has those too 😢

  • Monster Hunter = Dark Souls ;-;

  • Set the playback speed to 1.25× now you have normal video.

  • I made a spellpower Karma( 2x Rabadon) + mana Lux (Shojin + Seraph) build once. There were lasers everywhere!

  • Hey toast, how'd you know who your next opponent gonna be? I notice this on most of your vids.

  • Toast, are you asian jim?

  • abre los ojos

  • IT's not clikbait if it actualy happens!

  • Monster hunter world: Dark souls with monsters and multiplayer 😂 yes

  • oiiiii!! toast, monster hunter has been released befor dark souls was even in processing xD

  • If anything Dark souls is like Monster Hunter since Monster Hunter came first.

  • Omg. Last round lux ult only removed the shield but the Inferno burnt nami down instantly.

  • exodia exodia exodia exodia exodia exodia. The title is just annoying.

  • why does lux count for 2? or am i missing somehting?

    • Lux has the avatar trait, the avatar trait is exclusive to lux and counts for 2 of the element lux is

  • why in the description says "dota auto chess"????

  • Am I the only one who skips to min 20 every video just to see the comb from the clickbait thumbnail?

  • Fake tittle, fake mini. Lux put on board last 2 rounds, did nothing just put team on 9 infernal. Nothing about exodia. Biggest fake in toast history.

  • Toasts TFT vids are great, but I dont think I ever watched the first half of any of them - TFT Gameplay never feels relevant for the game or meme for the first half

  • Why u dont using brand u can got lvl 3 if

  • why, why don't you ever read the game chat?! It breaks my heart when ingame people talk to you and you don't answer. :(

    • I think he addressed it a while back. He thinks it encourages players who knows him to write crappy stuff just to get attention.

  • Toast is a cuckold...like for real

  • He made so many terrible decisions this game but it doesn’t matter cause he’s Toast. Lol

  • Toast you should fit zed in this comp.He is summoner and assasin

  • bro wtf does exodia mean

  • koureutike kiolas o malakas ante gamisou re pordi

  • I think Toast thinks that "Exodia" in the title makes people click. He uses it so often, I think he only knows that word.

  • cs-tv.org/tv/video-GvN1aiUvG30.html

  • Real gold player. Just bad :D But a funny guy

  • i would love to play monster hunter with toast or anyone else, solo hunting takes mad long

  • Haven‘t watched a Toast video in a week, I don‘t even bother if its not an EXODIA COMP

  • Anyone else not know what he fuck exodia means

  • I love Infernal Lux. She reminds me of Lina from Dota 2 and I wanna fug Lina

  • Lame and a very cheap way to click bait . Not cool toast , not cool .

  • 14:29 "The shame...the sha-AME!" Don't think I didn't recognize that futurama reference...

  • I want to do Lightning Inferno, for that advanced Fire Bending talent.

  • What time you stream????

  • Shadow Comp pleasee

  • You're so cringe either you've been bullied in a white school or you were the dumbest kid in a china one

  • Almost got 1 mil subs gj toasty boy


  • 00:57 bro he just said its like dark souls with monsters and online DARK SOULS 3 has multiplayer and all the games has MONSTERS u dumb dumb,

  • so original right making the same builds and posting 3 . 4 vids

  • Best part is Tibber's punch😂

  • @Disguised Toast Hint for spat turn 1 spam attack move on the spat. It wont move your unit until it can actually move to the location. occasionally this can give you a head start

  • Go summoners inferno and assassin inferno do everything with inferno and then change the name of the channel to Inferno is Toast.

  • Wtf fake toasat

  • Maybe glacial singed?

  • ty for editing your vids it makes them a lot easier to watch

  • i thought he was higher then Gold :o

    • Me too, I checked and he was D1 last season and fell like a ton of bricks

  • In the description said Dota Auto Chess LMAO

  • 18:55 you had the perfect items for zed (ga and redemption) you were also missing assassin and summoner. Just why

    • @FQVBSina Amumu could have replaced one of the rangers

    • @ProjectLab because at that time Amumu is better than Zed

    • @FQVBSina gotta get that 9 inferno for the clickbait cuz 6 is not enough am I right

    • Because Zed is not an inferno

  • Make a tft video with Assassins samthing different pls

  • Game has slightly advanced combat system and difficulty Everyone: Its kinda like darksouls

  • Eai fake

  • Your channel Is dead

  • Even though this game was played pretty bad it was so funny to see the final exodia lux

  • For like half the game he had the Thief's Glove Qiyana on the firehex instead of his Zyra and that made me uncomfortably upset

  • Every day a different "exodia" build.