Exploring an Abandoned Movie Theater

čas přidán 14. 08. 2015
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We were able to get inside an abandoned movie theater that still had power and was in near perfect condition.
Music: Silence Await - cdk
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  • I keep coming back to this video. The nostalgia of 90’s and early 2000’s futuristic view on what we thought the world would look like. Neon lights, memorable shapes and designs from malls to movie theaters to theme parks. It’s ironic. It was an illusion, a false hope of what the future would come to be. I love this video for that childhood magical feeling.

  • Camera wasn't very steady.😵

  • i’m watching all of u guys videos and wondering where michael is in this video?

  • No one goes to old movie theaters.. They are HAUNTED 😘😘😘💩💩💩👌😴😵⚰🎃⚰🎃⚰☠☠☠☠

  • wtf bottled water is 3.89$

  • “Sorry for the convenience, Escalator is now stairs.”

  • OK. So who is this kid with Bryan and where is Michael?

  • All I could think of was cs-tv.org/tv/video-1k9pAL8Qg-I.html

  • The lights are on that’s weird!

  • i feel ive been in this theater before..

  • 11:32. Wow that must be scary hearing that train sound in an abandoned movie theater. They already mentioned it was a train, but it is still mysterious.

  • You burned out the projector lamp.

  • I love how this video is just them trying to reverse engineer the electrical system!

  • 7:49

  • Those bulbs need cooling or they will blowout, you must not have turned on the cooling system.

  • The reason the projector didnt work anymore is that the Xenon lamp overheated due to the cooling fan not being on

  • Perfect for that 70s/80s HORRORTHON !!!!!!

  • hey where is this place?

  • it was just them turning stuff on :( i wanted to see the theatre

  • This theater was demolished in 2017 so it’s long gone

  • You guys are having too much fun I wish I was there with ya.

  • At about 11:13 you mentioned "The breaker on the projector failed". I don't think that is the case. You turned on the Xenon without the ventilation (Hose on top of projector going through roof) being on. You also had the Xenon turned on with the side door open. In short you over-heated the bulb destroying it. They run about $1700.00. I know the place was already closed down, but what happened to the Urbex rule of doing no damage?

  • I work at Cinemark,in Brasil,and it's kind a sad to see a beautiful movie theater abandoned like this (Sorry,my english is rusty)

    • Luisa Jales Schmitz Your English is pretty good in my opinion. 👍🏼

  • This was quite a disappointing explore. You spent half the time trying to turn on the electric rather than actually exploring the theatre

  • 2020?

  • Who else would go there and steal everything they can

  • bulb probably blew and tripped the breaker due to no air cooling lol i reckon

  • You had a different partner back then?

  • This has to be one of the coolest abandoned places I've ever seen. Also, that's some beautiful intro music.

  • that intro is 👌

  • The thumbnail is literally Terminal from MW2.

  • What on Earth How this could be abandoned... Still have all the Powers completely running

  • He seems to know a bit about electrical systems to be using terms like "main" breaker and sub panel. Also knowing what those letters were, kind of a welcome break from some of the dumb ass shit kids say in most videos.

  • you can visit my kitchen. it is abandoned for 2 days.

  • I'd be turning on the power for the projector and watch a movie

  • Top G. Unauthorized m. Psy c. P .

  • Th-th-th-th-th-that's all folks!

  • Is this filmed in ft Lauderdale riverwalk,sunrise cinemas by any chance

  • 우리나란 땅이 좁아서 저런거 바로 뿌시고 뚝딱뚝딱

  • @properpeople your life is like a movie 🎥

  • 7:48 Look at the movie screen

  • Fascinating stuff

  • I'm 50 yes old and absolutely love your channel. Much love 🌞💛

  • I used to frequent this theater. It was in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Since torn down.

  • Just found your video MAN fascinating!! in my hometown (Richmond Va.) there was three old theaters in what was like Times Square I used to go down thee to watch old Kung Fu and Horror films and Blacksplotation and later after they closed I was allowed to explore and take all the old 1 sheet posters and Lobby cards you brought back such great memories!

  • wth

  • interesting....

  • Why do I love this intro song so much??

  • The neons were badass looked like an 80s arcade

  • Was in theater in Florida? The murals in the auditorium were a common build/design theme for Cobb Theaters/Regal Cinemas locations in Florida that were built in the early and mid 90s. There are still a few locations that contain the murals in the larger auditoriums. If you're in South Florida, the Royal Palm 18 & Bell Tower 20 have similar murals and would've been built around the same time period - give or take - as this location

  • This is cra cra!!

  • Looks like a level in call of duty

  • I could still make that theater work and bring business regardless of the train

  • Man I totally cannot believe you guys almost got that projector working to play a movie!!! You guys are fucking smart as Hell too!!! I don't know too many people that would have been able to walk into a place that was completely shut down like that that'd be capable of turníng all the power on & even more especially figure out how to both power up all the various different types of equipment & within mere minutes have assimilated the knowledge necessary to run such complex complicated equipment such as those projectors and be ready to run a movie & more or less just figured out how to do it ín ñext to no tíme at all!! I'm Blown Away by your wit!!! What I'm basically trying to say here is running one of those projectors usually takes some pretty significant training. You guys were making it look like child's play though!! LMAO

  • I’m just a fan! Cool videos🙌

  • Very cool to see this totally intact. Now when you all go into a location like this do you get permission from the building owners or management? Be careful in locations like this you never know what are in them. These are cool though keep being on these videos. I am surprised to see that the amplifier racks still have amps in them and that there are still porojectors there. You can get lots of money for those things. If this movie theatre was going out of business due to lack of money and that is why it closed selling that stuff would at least have given them some money. Depending on how old the amps are in those amp racks you are looking at thousand dollars or more for the entire amp rack with everything in it. Now I have no idea how much the projectors would be. Thanks for the video like I said before I like these videos keep them coming.

  • Able to gain access...... AKA FELONY B&E

  • Where’s it located?

  • How are you legally able to enter these properties and film ?

    • I would get permission from the owner rather than facing the consequences of being injured on property or arrested for trespassing.

    • Hint, they're not legally able to.

  • I feel like I've been to this movie theatre. Fantastic video guys

  • 11:07. That's so disappointing... I was hoping you guys succeed in getting the movie going.

  • needed to turn the projector fan on to cool the bulb down.. if not, the breaker shuts down..

  • What state city is this movie theater in

  • I wanna see more kitchens lol

  • What is the name of this movie ??🤔🤔🤔

  • Omg this place is sooo beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍

  • I'd love to explore stuff like this.

  • Was Bryan exploring with another dude early on or was that just a baby Michael?

  • Just lets land there and get some loot

  • should be able to reopen if they don't let it go downhill year after year

  • It's a shame that a budget company like Picture Show doesn't reopen and operate it -- Dollar movies on Tuesdays rock, I'm sure it would revitalize the area.

  • Again CS-tv stop recommending me old videos

  • But... How did you get in?? And why is there no security or vandalism??

  • You should Show how you break in to these Places, So everyone can "Explore" ? THIS IS BURGULARY AND TRESSPASSING ! How many Other businesses do you hit ? DOES THE LOCAL SHERRIFF KNOW YOU WERE THERE ?

    • @Pleasantly Rusty It is my concern when I'm witnessing a felony and it's filmed. (Dont think becasue this is CS-tv, People are NOT hard to find ) it's a Burglury in progress Min Class 3 Felony. I'll almost PROMISE you it was secured and Locked ! ( NO Burglury tools ? ) What other building(s) were hit in the same general area ?

    • You're worrying about stuff that isn't any of your concern.

  • My soul gets so pissed off when stupid people just abandon great places like the theater. It's like they don't know how to appreciate the fine things in life. We need better appreciative people who won't leave behind great places no matter if they're financially troubled. BIG TIME SMH

  • What is it about us that we enjoy looking at people exploring abandoned places? But I just love it!

  • Film type projectors are no longer used it would cost more to upgrade the projectors than to keep the power on

  • Start at 0:26

  • I wonder what was behind that roll-up door downstairs. Or was it just an access door to outside?

  • I couldn't watch long. The shakey cam was making me sick.

  • That wouldn't be abandoned if in the small town I live in. It hasn't been updated in decades and only has 5 screens.

  • This is awesome

  • was left in 2012, I looked up the movie that was in the beginning "the good ol life of timothy green"

  • The projector needed the extractor fan working, as you did not have it running it over heated and tripped the fuse board. Should be no damage.

  • I’m not sure how bad of condition it is in now but if it’s still in this pristine condition there’s a room for another company to turn this place back into what it once was

  • its not yours, leave it alone

  • Xeon lamp needs cooling so the overheat braker set off. This is to prevent the explosion of the lamp and getting exposed to mercury.

  • the camera moves all the time impossible to follow this video is worth nothing damage.

  • The most amazing thing is that this is not vandalized

  • I'd bring a bag of popcorn and play a movie next time I would go visit this place haha abandoned places like this with power is a paradise if there is no security or something 😂👌

  • One of your best videos

  • More like tour of an abandoned theater's power controls :-|

  • Someone could still reopen it but in a few years vandals and natural deterioration will destroy it.

  • what did they find at 6:37

  • What's that intro I love the music for it

  • Update for anyone wondering: This movie theater sat closed like this until 2017, when it was purchased and then demolished for new construction.

    • also where’s michael in this video?

    • Cece Marie for fucks sake come ON!

    • So.....What building will occupies the former movie theater land ?

    • Thank you for the update ❤️🌟

    • Cece Marie.. Did the construct a new theatre..

  • Should have went ghost hunting in that place

  • I guess the biggest rule about making a movie theater is to NEVER build a movie theater near an active rail way.

  • Hope someone buys it it looks fabs. Would make a good night club or a gaming venue.

  • This place would be perfect for filming where is this at? I'd like to see this myself i explore alot too