Extreme 1:1 City Hide and Seek!

čas přidán 31. 07. 2020
We play hide and seek in Minecraft. In a big city. It took hours.
Check out Pippen's 200 hour Seattle timelapse video!
Shoutout to Build the Earth for making this amazing 1:1 map!
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  • I think Chris is a real fan of cod well done 😂😂

  • They should have duplicated the world before destroying such a master piece 😔👊😂😂😂

  • Binod

  • Mrbeast: Sad because they are finding everyone and crying/very sad KARL: Die Die DIE DIE WOOOOO GOOOOO JOOOOO KOOOO LOOOOL DIE

  • I'm very proud with the winner. He really camouflaged.

  • Chandler was............ULTRALORD!!!!

  • Hi, I liked my own comment. And pls pin me. You don’t have to but yea.

  • i wish i have minecraft to play with you guys

  • 4:09 is the best lol

  • No ones gonna talk about the PH intro music SMH

  • Nice teddy bear chandler

  • Mrberst loves Chris aaaaaa🤩😍😍😍😍😍

  • Is there a way to download this map?

  • SERVER: why do I have to get blew up? MR BEAST: because we’re in a pretty intense game right now. And you did not subscribe. SO SUBCRIBE!

  • Please tell me you have a backup

  • Mr beast is by far my favourite youtuber 💓

  • Did Y'all see the noob slayer 9000? XD

  • No one literally Literally no one Mr beast:I predict someone is hiding on this map. Some does:time for celebration

  • 1:52 mr beast recreating Beirut

  • Im kinda hoping this is a copy of the original world

  • Aight Chandler and Karl went kinda gay ,_,

  • 4:09 I’m screaming

  • The city... He spend days!!

  • its no fcking Hide and Seek it is Hide and Destroy

  • Nobody: Them in a H&S: 4:54

  • “Hey look at that x-wing!” “What x-wing”*blows up* “Hey look at that cool skin!” “What cool skin” *dies* “Oh wow! It’s my family!” “What family” *gone*


  • this is funny : ima going fart

  • 6:08 jojo reference with chandler kars vs joseph

  • everything that has happened in your life has led to you reading this comment. you might as well like

  • Me beast: the next person you find doesn’t get $10,000 Me:or the other 99

  • I want to play 🥺🥺

  • Hide and seek? More like blast and seek

  • Picka tails more like picka fails

  • Bro I died at 7:22 😂😂

  • Bro I died at 7:22 😂😂

  • When chandler says the biggest size was a VENTI

  • Cris & mrbeast: pika tails More like pika dead My mind before he said that: pika tails more like pika fails

  • Kick karl

  • 4:48 😨

  • Mrbeast:Pika-Tails more like........... Me: More like Pika-Fails

  • Why does karl make that noise

  • Dont tell karl but i like him😮

  • play.thespire.network play.thespire.network play.thespire.network play.thespire.network play.thespire.network

  • Y’all took so kick time on that and now you are destroying it wow that whrong but I still like watch you vids

  • jimmy: about to open door chris: IdK wHeRe tHe DooR iS

  • The fact they spend hours making these maps then destroying them in a matter of minutes

  • The American flag 🇺🇸 is tnt 🧨 lovely 😊

  • how do we get to play?

  • Binod

  • pika tails more like pika fails xd


  • It should be pika tails more like pika failes

  • chandler: *scoffs* venti 😒

  • Jimmy should’ve said Pika-Tails, more like Pika-Fails.

  • do a minecraft 100 chanengle with popural people

  • You know, a lot of people would have had a better chance at winning in the Hide and Seek hallenges if they dug down, replaced the exact first block, and kept on digging down.

  • 6:17 Chandler Hallow was slain by Mrbeast Gaming 1| 43 players left

  • 6:06 Chandler's on fire

  • 5:44 you found Karl and 5:47 Chandler's right here

  • 5:32 gentlemen this is taking forever 45 players left

  • 5:27 that was the wrong snowball you chose ultra snowball

  • 4:26 you found the plane

  • 3:54 you found a player with cool skin 59 players left

  • J

  • 3:32 ha ha ha that exploding snowball landed and the player but meanwhile 73 players left

  • 2:46 you found Minecraft Steve 82 players left

  • Mr Beast lost 99 subscribers

  • 1:30 99 players left how am I supposed to do now

  • Are they going to be able to get the map back not destroyed?

  • 1:20 Chandler hiding in the paintings

  • 1:13 I see Chandler Eyes On Target

  • 6:33 Karl and Chandler are Epic

  • Does he then have to builf The Hole thing again :(

  • Mr beast saying I didn’t count to 10000 Press X to doubt I mean he was the one who counted to 100000

  • 2:36 the gravel is flying north in the winter

  • why does pipin have his gaming room in his kitchen :/

  • guy: its snowing me: genius ;)

  • 3:34

  • Just imagine if they forgot to make a backup world...

  • it pains me to see it go kaplooey

  • Chris is the new Barack OBOMPa

  • you just build your city in 24 hours and now your destroying it🤦🏽

  • Your the best

  • I hated seeing this amazing city that I could never build get destroyed

  • Why does it say 1 on 1 j hide and seek And he’s playing with more than 100 players !!!! LIES!!!

  • Binod

  • Please come to south africa my adress is arbor park ebony street number 55

  • Your all funny

  • BINOD.

  • Like The Boys hiding from Homelander

  • I want to see a survival series with Jimmy, Karl, Chandler, and Chris

  • Petition for them to make a legit lets play

  • Jimmy is calm but karl belike yeah that happens when you are found

  • I challenge you to find Binod


  • cs-tv.org/tv/video-_LrA3My23T4.html

  • What city is that

  • karl and chandler R BEST FREINDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bro i want play with u 1 time plz plz big fan