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We played the hardest game of camouflage hide and seek in a GIANT mansion!

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  • rip to my hiding spot 😅

  • I love how brent helps everyone before hiding himself. He is a true friend

  • I loved how Liv got into a pink teddy bear with Brent’s help.

  • Seeing liv moving in the bear suit was so funny 😂

  • as usual you never fail to make us laugh ben

  • Jeremy is totally 100% invisible 😂

  • I love how liv was just running and casually singing a whistle note 😂

  • okay but Brent spent literally almost the whole 10 minutes trying to find his own spot, all while helping everyone else with theirs. Absolutely love your videos! Can’t wait for the next one already

  • I love how they call it Diamond play button when it’s a silver one 💀

  • Ben never fail to entertain us

  • I love how Ben gets threatened to burn his playbutton, even though he can order a new one anything he likes 👍

  • You always keep us entertained! We love you guys!

  • I love you Ben! You do amazing videos and they really entertain me! Thank you for existing! 😁😇😊😘

  • I like how much time and effort ben puts into his videos 😍

  • Guys I found something that I wanna hide or fit in 🙈🙈 8:16 so good luck Ben

  • Can we all agree that ben’s content keeps on getting better and better each video, amazing 🤩 work ben! Keep it up. ❤️

    • @DefinitelyNotSammy aaa

    • 👆👆👆 Great fan, A big surprise awaits you 💖.

    • funny Footage of BEN RàPiNG HIS BOYFRIEND : cs-tv.org/tv/video-CWfd8OjWkwg.html

    • no

  • I love how Ben makes a game even more interesting. Like Hide and Seek to Camouflage Hide and Seek. And having his Diamond Play Button hanging on top of fire. Amazing content from Ben as always!

    • it's scripted

  • Ben is the best and a legend for taking the time to make these videos and editing it for us to watch

  • Can we all just appreciate the fact that Brent literally helped everyone who asked for help......well Jeremy is a diff case tho😂

  • i love how brent is helping everyone 🤣🤣😂😂

  • Thank you Ben for making all of us smile

  • Lets appreciate how good Bens ideas for videos are 🤩

  • I love how Jeremy's hiding spot backfired lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I love how Brent helped everyone❤️😊👍😍and that the first person everyone called to help them was Brent😂😂

  • The fact that Brent just pretended to be a basketball 🏀 😂😂😂😂

  • I love how Brent helps everyone before hiding himself he is a true friend

  • Nobody gonna talk about the squad game guard being the one cutting the string😂

  • Your vids are amazing Ben ❤ thank u for making us all smile💕

  • Ben never fails to entertain us

  • Came had the worst hiding spot😂

  • I like how much work Ben puts into making these videos for us

    • 👆👆👆 Great fan, A big surprise awaits you 💖.

    • @Instabruh User HUH IK UR A BOT BUT HUH

  • I could not stop laughing after seeing jeremy under the table 😂😂😂😂😂

  • these videos are amazing ben! keep working hard

  • Alexas hiding spot was genius 😍

  • I really love how Jerome was on the floor and Brent just left him to figure it out himself

  • That was absolutely ridiculously insanely crazy as hell funny!

  • Liv and Brent just casually taking stuffing out of a bear and liv getting in it. I don’t know why I’m not surprised. 😂😂❤

  • Love it congratulations Lexi🎉❤😍💜

  • Let's all appreciate ben doing all these hide in seek video's

    • Hello there! I make entertaining videos as well and I bet I can put a smile on your face ! Just see for yourself and let me know what video I should do or try next! Goodluck❤️‍🔥🙏🏽!!

  • I love watching Ben’s videos every week 😁

    • Same I do to

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  • Brent is a true friend for helping everyone

  • its so funny that brent helps everyone and he has not have a hiding spot

  • I love how Brent helps everyone before he hides his self

    • 👆👆👆 Great fan, A big surprise awaits you 💖.

    • I felt really bad for Brent...my heart was literally in anxiety.

  • Can we all just appreciate to brent for helping everyone

  • Lets all appreciate the effort and hard work Ben puts into his videos for our entertainment

  • OMG can we just talk about how ben never fails to keep us entertained even tho he ends up in the hospital half the time, ben we r so grateful to watch ur vid keep up the good work mate

  • Ben: What is this hiding spot?!! Brent: im a basketball!! those boys make me laugh

  • You put so much effort in your videos! Good job!! 😊

  • The fact that cam’s said cam cam I think that’s cute😂❤

  • I really love the videos ben makes😊

  • I love that lets you just have the best hiding spots lol😂😂😂🎉🎉🎉

  • Can we all just appreciate all the effort that been put in to do these videos and they are just the best no one can lie

    • Pp his name is Ben

    • 3year old ?

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  • Another amazing Hide and Seek video! I always have a smile on my face when I see Hide and Seek videos like this!

    • 👆👆👆 Great fan, A big surprise awaits you 💖

  • Brent was so kind helping everybody and he was so kind he didn’t even get a proper hoding spot!!

  • Let’s appreciate how Ben works so hard to make us all smile. Love from a fellow creator

    • Hey I watch your videos every single bad day been in the Andrew

  • Is it only me but when Brent got found and his hair went all up it looked really good ngl

  • Where is that 20 bucks that Jeremy owes Brent 😂

    • @Abdullahi Jalloh yea

    • He probably didn't give Brent 20 bucks because he sabotaged him.

    • 👆👆👆 Great fan, A big surprise awaits you 💖.

  • I love how Brent got people in good hiding spots and he still got time to hide but it was a bad hiding spot 😹

  • This guy's videos are soo entertaining 💓💓❤

  • Brent is just helping. 😄

  • Can we all appreciate how Brent helped everyone and hid in not such a good spot

  • Brent's so funny I laughed so much and hard

  • Who else saw Sydney walking around outside right after he checked the green bins?

  • The way Lexi actually fits in the trunk

  • I love how Brent was helping everybody with the spots but he didn’t have enough time with his spot lol😂

  • Brent is 100% inviseable😂

  • Ben's videos are so Wholesome and entertaining 🙌👏💛

  • I love that Brent was sleeping at his spot

  • These guys make my day 🤞

  • ben has the best videos and i love how he gets as much of amp world to join in them. thx ben for your videos

  • Jeremys hiding spot had me laughing

  • Brent make me laugh when the basketball appear😂

  • this is so fun! love it🙌💗

  • I love your videos! I wish I could meet you!!

  • thanks ben for uploading bangers every week 🙂🙂🙂

    • Brent and Jeremy’s hiding spot got me laughing my ass off 🤣🤣

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  • I love how Brent helps everyone before hiding himself. He is a true friend Proud of your vids Ben Keep up the good work Ben Love your vids all the time Ben

  • I feel bad that Brent had to help everyone but at least he found a hiding spot 😅Ben is so lucky but he should be he's happy 😊🤷

  • Kam is the funniest guy I've met

  • Can we just appreciate how Brent helped everybody before finding his hiding spot. That’s a true friend

  • I was hell laughing when Ben took off Brent’s cap and Brent’s hair is messed up 😂😂😂😂

  • Dude you never make me disappointed ❤

  • Brent kills me everytime 😭🤣🤣🤣

  • everybody is panicking while liv is just singing her heart out 😂

  • I’ve been here since u guys had 9million sub and I can’t believe u guys hit 16m congratulations Ben hope u can get to 20m:D

  • I love bens relationship w Sydney Making a small creator have the spotlight is very respectable

    • 👆👆👆 Great fan, A big surprise awaits you 💖

  • You guys are so entertaining

  • you could literally see sydney through the reflection of the window at 6:18

  • I love Jeremy hiding spot 🤣🤣

  • I like how when Ben was with the basketballs and he was “snoring” I could see his eye opened 😂

  • Ben:u need to get better at hiding 🙄 Brent:okay ina get some tacos

  • This was so much fun to watch it’s literally so cool, ur so lucky to do these sort of things

  • Brent is so kind to Sydney lexi jermey liv and EVERYONE!!!! He's just soo kind

  • I love it when Brent has to help everyone😂

    • Same I do to

    • 👆👆👆thanks for watching and commenting, text me on the above telegram to claim ur prize 🎁

  • Ben never disappoints on CS-tv making fire videos every time he uploads and everybody let's get Ben Azelart to 12Million subscribers and then to 13Million subscribers bro

  • I can't believe that Sydney was so brave enough to get into that green barrel. YOU GO GIRLLL. Also Ben great video. StayWild. 🥰🤓😎

    • Wait!!! is this THE REAL Ben Azelart?!?😅😲

  • Brent is a true friend he help his friends and has no time for his spot

  • Til this day Brent still finding his spot

  • Dude seriously I felt really claustrophobic seeing this video😭btw loved this💟

  • Wow, I cant stop watching these videos. They are just so entertaining. I wish i could meet you, but alas i don't think i can with my luck. Keep goinggggg and get even better😁