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Falcons vs. Rams | NFL Wild Card Game Highlights

čas přidán 7. 01. 2018
The Atlanta Falcons take on the Los Angeles Rams during Wild Card Weekend of the 2017 NFL Postseason.
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  • 0:32

  • I love the NFL

  • Just wish this was the 2019 Superbowl.

  • Wait the Falcons had a 13-0 lead and unlike the Saints they kept it?

  • NFC championship we won

  • Falcons r still the last team to beat the Rams in the playoffs haha

  • Don't mind me just here to show saints fans how a real team beats the rams

  • Tomorow we go again let’s get this fucken W horns up baby 🤟🏽

  • Any Cowboys fan here checking out this game before our payoff match with them?

  • Cowboys fan here!!! Reviewing film lol.

  • Who else is a Rams fan that came back here to watch this before our game Saturday?

  • Here 365 days after... hopping the rams choke again next week

  • announcer: "some confusion, players didn't know what to do. do we grab it, do we not?" uh, duh. it's football. uh, yeah maybe grab the ball. what does this guy think?

  • The Rams growth from last season is ridiculous

  • really hope the rams do better this year, having a bye will really help them

  • Pharoah Cooper ruined this game. That's why he's cut now

  • Who’s Here After the Super Bowl or Minneapolis Miracle

  • 10:50 look this lollipop, this should be immortalized forever you can’t hide it from us

  • #FalconsSuck #RAMSWIN

  • We face the Rams again this year in the playoffs

  • Hello nice

  • Both defenses played great but the Rams special teams killed them

  • So this is how the NFC playoffs went Rams were screwed by the falcons Falcons were screwed by the eagles Saints were screwed by the Vikings Vikings were screwed by the eagles Patriots were screwed by the eagles The eagles were clearly the better team that year

  • ATL ALL DAY. We are awaken ever since Michael hit Georgia days ago. ;)

  • A little Looooooose 😂😂😂

  • In the Matt Ryan Era, the Falcons are 5-0 against the Rams also, Matt Ryan is 2-0 in L.A. against Jared Goff

  • guessing RAMS have the best team on paper but we've all seen amazing rosters flop be4, think the NATIONALS being in 3rd place rn🤗 MARCUS PETERS N AQUIB TALIB HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO BE THE BEST CB TANDEM EVER🥊 EAGLES STILL GONNA BE CHAMPS AGAIN THIS YEAR🥇

  • Atlanta falcons are a bunch of weak ass football players from what I'm seeing with this defense over the last few plays I've seen in this game against Philly,, this is the opening game of the season, all of a sudden the defensive players are getting hurt back to back, this game is a set up for the falcons to lose,,, believe it

  • No way the rams Shouldve lost this

  • 👍

  • Rams wanted the eagles..... 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • 🍭🍭🍭🍭

  • dayemmn matt ryans a bum lol. wentz carved these guys up.

  • 1 and done Rams

  • Reminds me of the old NFL West battles between Falcons and Rams at the coliseum.

  • i hate the rams and loved that the birds shut those 1 year wonders up in their own building, and barely lost to the eagles,eventual superbowl champs in 2018

    • We're back

  • Still haunts me till this day ... But it's okay we gone open up a can of whoop ass this season! RAMS4LIFE

  • Doug Pederson beat mcvay head to head and Doug was able to beat the same Falcons with a backup quarterback and of course ultimately win the Superbowl but got one vote for head coach of the year(yes I know voting happens before)

  • I'm a seahawks fan so I'm happy to see there playoff loss

  • But now the rams are stacked as hell this new season

  • Go Falcons!!! Rise up dirty birds!!!

  • Rams special teams 2 turnovers 6 pts for atl l. I think rams played too scared. Didn't run the ball enough. Plus that defense didn't make adjustments too stop the run.

  • Goff Is a beast

  • This field was HORRIBLE

  • The rams should have won . but super proud of them from being the worst team in the nfl to one of the best

  • Goff isn’t a playoff QB

  • Mark Barron next best thing

  • the eagles are going to go 14-2 i know it

  • Ogletree’s missed tackle at 6:43 is crunch worthy...

  • What do you mean you dont see Julio that wide open 😅😅😅😅

  • LA Rams and I thought they are good that's why I don't trust ppl opinion lol From the eagles fan

  • The atlanta falcons win in L.A. against the Los Angeles rams. Go falcons and rise up!!!

  • Robert Woods put in work this game

  • Those field conditions were horrible. Everybody was falling

  • How did Goff fall in the beginning?

  • That throw by Goff at 7:30 was beautiful

  • I definitely feel like if the rams played how they did the whole season they would have Easley won

    • Well duh lmao. If the falcons played like they did in the first half of tje super bowl they wanted have choked.

  • Atlanta gone be ready this year ..they held to high scoring teams to low scores in the playoffs not to mention if Julio would have caught the ball against the eagles no tell where they would've been

    • Im hoping julio does better in the redzone this year. We would have beat the panthers if he hadnt droped the pass in the end zone that was wide open

  • Think about it, The rams have rookies,The falcons have veterans who would win

  • That higbee TD overturn was bullshit

  • Rams should have won

  • Great game plan by Atalanta that exposed many of LA's weaknesses. But neither team would have survived the Eagles last season. Bet that many teams will utilize some things Dan Quinn used in this game to control the rams. ANY team can be beaten.

  • The only weakness Rams have is goff's inexperience and maybe get a RB that can break tackles. Gurly is ok use him for goal line TD's or 5-10 yards for 1st downs

  • Rams xD

  • am I the only one that can't STAND Cris Collinsworth?

  • Dude I think I am lit at football

  • there both my favorite teams but right now I want the Falcons to win


  • If it wasn’t for black men in the NFL. The NFL would be rugby.

  • For all you Rams fans in L.A., this is karma for your team's owner, if you don't know what I mean, watch UrinatingTree's video on the Rams.


  • St. Louis is STILL laughing at their demise

  • Falcon nation

  • I’m just surprised how the Rams had such a high powered offense throughout the whole season and ended up laying an egg in this game

    • The Dark Warrior Plain and simple. Goff aint even close to ready to competing in January. Numbers weren't great at all.

  • My picks for the NFC wild card round next year are Packers and Cowboys and Saints and Panthers.

  • Rams too overhyped...

  • I knew as soon as Mohamed Sanu had that 52-yard catch near the seven minute mark of the fourth quarter, that this game was over. I'm a big Rams fan, but I knew my Rams were done when Sanu had that big catch and run.

  • In the Fourth quarter, the Falcons scored Seven points, and the Rams scored Three points.

  • In the Third quarter, the Falcons scored Six points, and the Rams scored Zero points.

  • In the Second quarter, the Rams scored Ten points, and the Falcons scored seven points.

  • In the First quarter, the Falcons scored Six points, and the Rams scored Zero points.

  • Los angeles has bright future

  • Can't wait for the XX18 season!

  • BRU COoPer sucks at keeping da ball at punts and kicks he’ll get better

  • I went to that game

  • Al Michaels- I thought they were already reviewing the play.

  • We coming Db4L, Atlanta Falcons are going to win a Superbowl you can bet your sweet ass on that!

  • Everyone noticing the QB's, WR's... Y'all notice both teams defense??? Those guys made more plays than the offense

  • Like👍 this comment, if you’re a Los Angeles Rams Fan!!!

  • Like👍 this comment, if you’re a Atlanta Falcons Fan!!!

  • Falcons are my brothers

  • Pharoah cooper still pisses me off, you go from pro bowl selection to coughing up 1 and not communicating to get out of the way

  • I still wished the Rams won

    • GreenSheep 3636 They would've lost to the Eagles though...

  • As a Falcons fan I'm happy that we won

  • No, Defense didn't help the Falcons win the game. Rams rookie mistakes did tbh. Yes they were better prepared all around tho wich is what it takes + no major mistakes. Hek of a season tho for Rams. 💯💪👏

  • I don’t understand “playoff experience”. I know what the word means but I don’t get how that makes a difference. The Super Bowl is different, but why can’t the Rams just play like they had all season? It’s a home with fan support. It should be no different.

    • Maby its just that the game meand alot more then a normal one that makes the rookies nervous

  • I'm sad we lose😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Out of all the teams the Rams could have drawn in the first round - the Falcons were the one team that was a bad draw for them. I still think they are a Top-5 team in the league regardless of being one-and-done this year.

  • hi

  • Im still sad we lost :( next year, baby, next year!