Falling In Reverse - "I'm Not A Vampire"

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"I'm Not A Vampire" by Falling In Reverse from their debut album 'The Drug In Me Is You,' in stores now!
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im not a vampire but i feel like one
i sleep all day,because i hate the
my hands are always shaking
bodies always achin and the dark is when i feed
i can lure any woman that i want to in my bed with me
and whiskey seems to be my holy water
mothers better lock your doors and hide your daughters
im insane
i can feel it in my bones
coursing through my veins
when did i become so cold?
for goodness sakes,
where is my self control?
if home is where my heart is then my heart has lost all hope
im not a zombie
but i feel like one
self induced,comatose,chemical
my head is always spinning from this dizzy blurry vision
and my stomach has had enough
i feel like a lady that is pregnant with a baby cause im always throwing up.
hi my name is ronnie im an addict (HI RONNIE!)
daddy should've never raised me on black sabbath
im insane
i can feel it in my bones
coursing through my veins
when did i become so cold?
for goodness sakes,
where is my self control?
if home is where my heart is then my heart has lost all hope


  • Yes

  • he is the singer of the "escape the fate" O.O the band changed name? found this song randomly on youtube xD

    • no he went to prison for 2 years and when he got out left escape the fate and created falling in reverse.

  • No one can beat his fashion sense

  • you can definitely see his ass crack in those pants

  • I fucking love this song and miss the crazy Ronnie putting out absolute jams.

  • 2020 o/

  • "I'm not an addict . I just came here lookin for some friends." Me too. Me too.

  • Yasss Jeffree

  • 2.25 is that jeffry star ?

  • "I can lure any women in my bed with me " The nurse was like yea k sure you can

  • Lol I was 4 when this video dropped I'm 13 now and I love this song

  • Nostalgia. :) One of the few emo songs that I enjoyed at a younger age. My favorite part was always <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="66">1:06</a>-<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="76">1:16</a>. Good times.

  • "Daddy should have never raised me on Black Sabbath" *Well... I'm doomed*

  • This is about The Republican Party

  • Roderick after diary of a wimpy kid

  • I don't Lycan vamps

  • Anyone else think Ronnie should do a whole new album of them doing all of their famous songs again kind of like drug in me is reimagined

  • i need a Vampire Knights edit of Yuki to this song extra bad

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="144">2:24</a> JEFFREE STAR????

  • That one guy eating his pizza is definitely me at a party or celebration of some sort

  • That haircut though

  • Anyone notice Jeffree Star in the music video?


  • reimagined reimagined reimagined reimagined reimagined

  • watching jeffree Star being in this video makes me smile hahah i am so happy he is in this video

  • is that jeffree starr

  • did i see a buttcrack lol

  • I love the songs with solos. Such an amazing unnderated Guitarssection in FiR

  • But like Mika is fine af

  • who's the guy with the red headband playing the guitar?

  • Ahhhh I didn’t know The Starr was in this video!!! Awesome!!!!!! ✊✊✊✊

  • Did anyone else see jefforee star in the back?

  • Damn I had a crush on this dude when I was 14-

  • 480p and this was full HD on its time

  • this dudes basically the store brand nikki sixx

  • Its a good song but its annoying me. Idk why. Maybe its the repeating rhythm and repeating lyrical rhyming.

    • That's a good question. Nothing really phases me. It's pretty rare something can annoy me more than myself sometimes.

    • Do a lot of things annoy you?

  • Just got outta rehab for the 4th time. This shit is so relatable. ROCK ON RONNIE!!!

  • Wish my mum never locked the door 😉

  • So Jeffree star was in this music video

  • So that guy with the pizza at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="219">3:39</a>... that´s me

  • When u realize JEFFREE STAR is in the video XD XD XD XD XD XD

  • I'm getting Avenged Sevenfold vibes

  • the fact i’m just now realizing Jeffery is in this

  • People dumb. Or really young and never had Myspace. I was never a jefree star fan but he was in the punk emo scene for so long that's where he came from lol remember Hollywood undead? He was on there first song back in the day too

  • If wanna see jeffree <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="210">3:30</a>


  • It's always good to listen to some interesting music. Of course, the psychology can sometimes drive someone insane.

  • Once emo always emo

  • why are these music videos slappin so much again! :D

  • For as long as ive known this band, song and jeffree star how HOW did i miss that jeffree was in this video?!

  • I fucking love this song

  • These are the real sad bois

  • I'm having a emo night (pretending I'm back in my old emo phase) and this struck something special in me

  • Seeing a younger Ryan Seaman makes me happy.

  • El vocalista de esta canción es el vocalista del resto de canciones del grupo? Amo esta canción con toda mi alma pero las demás canciones del grupo me parecen malas; la de gangstas paradise mola también pero es una cover.. bueno no está mal pero mi favorita esta canción

  • Why on rock bottom is Jeffrey Starr in this

  • Upload to roblox not copyrighted

  • Ronnie is somehow my 💞💖 Can someone explain??? 😏 the girl with the puppy is barbie no lie 😂😂

  • I need a reimagined version PLEASE It would be legitness

  • i was today years old when i realized jeffree star was in the music vid wtf

  • For me it feels like this guy looks like natewantstobattle

  • Wait. Jeffree star??

  • im just now discovering jeffree star and fir, bvb, atl, fob, etc and when i watched this video i had to rewind it like 12 times bc.... jeffree? a pleasant surprise.

  • Is that Jeffrey star?

  • I liked this band for about 2 months lol

  • Still totally bangable in 2020. 2030. 2040.and 2050.

  • This song gives off major fuck boy vibes

  • Brings back memories...

  • Ok...is it me, or does it look like Jeffree Star is in this video ( wearing the pink yoga suit, or whatever it's called)?

    • Yup

  • I had to come back in 2020 to listen to my favorite song

  • como hicieron para grabar todo el video viendole la raya? xd

  • Its taken me 8 years to realize Jeffree Star is in this video

  • I'm a new fan but I love this song.. regardless of addiction I think portrayed well

  • Jeffree Star in the video! I had no idea about him back then lol

  • I realy do like this song... but the video could've been better ^^"

  • Everyone: jEfFreE¿?

  • Still can't believe he made this and Popular Monster 😊 I love both of them ❤

  • Nobody gonna talk about how he peed into a cup?!?

  • Omg I never knew Jeffree was there 😂🤦🏻‍♀️👀

  • No se si alguien hable español por aquí, pero tengo que hacer este comentario No creen que ronnie se parece a nikki sixx de joven?