Falling In Reverse - "Watch The World Burn"

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"Watch The World Burn" by @FallingInReverse
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Song produced by Tyler Smyth and Ronnie Radke
Vocal Production: Charles Massabo
Song engineered, mixed and mastered by Tyler Smyth
Song written by Ronnie Radke, Tyler Smyth, Cody Quistad, Christian Thompson and Tyler Burgess

Director: Jensen Noen
Producers: Phoenix Vaughn, Tanner Gordon, Veronika Graves, Ruth Devereaux
Executive Producers: Frank Borin & Ivanna Borin
Production Company: Blesscode Entertainment
Cinematographer: Powell Robinson
Production Designer: Albina Kim
HMU Designer: Olga Tarnovetska
Associate Producers: Jessica Harris & Sean Hughes
1st AD: Tiffany Waxler
Stunt Coordinator & Lead Rigger: Brandon Belieu
Burn Coordinator: Julia Utter
VFX: Tilt VFX, Alex Verenchyck, Roma VFX
Colorist: Dante Pasquinelli

Yeah, I got voices in my head again, tread carefully
And I don’t medicate, it helps me temporarily
I got problems, I got issues, yeah, apparently
Trauma that I’m burying
I think I need some therapy
I battle depression
I’m back with a message
I’m asking the question
That if you hate me
Why you actin obsessive?
I’m past the point of no return
Fuck being passive aggressive
I’ll brandish a weapon
Teach all you motherfuckers a lesson

I actually battle my demons and shadows
They swim in the deep and they creep in the shallows
I’m lost
I gotta admit that I’m living the life that I’ve always wanted
But it comes at a cost
They’re lickin their chops
They're fixin to rip me apart
I’m swimming with sharks
I’m liftin the bar
I’m liftin it into the stars
I’m like a shot of adrenaline
Mixed with some Ritalin
You started a battle, but bitch, I'ma finish it
You think you can stop me, not even a lil bit
Nowadays, everybody’s so sensitive
Taking my words and you pick it a part
Trippin on nothin just get in the car
Grippin n rippin, I'm stickin the mark
I’m tippin the charts

'Cause I got enemies trying to get rid of me
Evil tendencies are fucking with me mentally
I got people that don’t like me in the industry
I can feel your energy, you are not a friend to me

'Cause I have been to places that you never wanna go
I got dirt on people, but they act like I don’t know
I could do some damage, but I’ll never rock the boat
All it takes is one post, watch 'em fall like dominoes

You’ll never get rid of me
Too many mini me’s
Rippin my imagery
You know my history
It ain’t a mystery
I put every enemy outta they misery
Somebody send me some positive energy
About to go Darth, about to go Disney
Into the darkness, into infinity
And shut you motherfuckers up
You listening?

Stackin every little pretty penny that I’m getting
And I’m never giving In to anybody, always winning
Never kidding, when I die
I’m takin everybody with me
You’re never gonna get me
'Cause you’ll never see it simply
I’m a motherfucking god
You’re a light yawn
I’m a time bomb
And the vibes wrong
Is this mic on?

I’m killin the syllables
With a loaded refillable
I’m a lyrical typical supervillain
I’m venomous
And I’m never gonna stop until
They put me on top of the list

I can’t control the monster any longer that’s inside

The pain and sorrow
Left us hollow
No tomorrows
Hard to swallow
Death is calling
So appalling
Tightrope walking
Now I’m falling down
Like missiles falling from the sky
Come and save us
The pain and sorrow
Left us hollow
Here today but gone tomorrow

The pain inside is the fuel that drives
This flesh and bone through
Blood red skies
The death defying
One day you’re gonna figure out
That everything they taught you was a LIE
Watch The World Burn

The fear is what keeps you alive
Break the fucking chains, take back your life
The fear is what keeps you insane
Break the fucking chains
Take away the pain

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  • Listen Here: fallinginreverse.ffm.to/watchtheworldburn

  • Falling in Reverse really feels like it's own genre. Rap, hard metal, punk, and melodic. This sound is truly multiple generations coming together as one

  • Cara, que música e clipe insanos !!! Perfeitoooo

  • Você deixa de ser emo, mas o emo nunca sai de você. Uma das minhas bandas favoritas desde meus 12 anos, hoje tenho 23 e ainda curto essas bandas

    • Então ksksks.

    • I am 50 and just discovered Falling in reverse. Now they are playing everywhere where I go 😆

    • @Thalis Sousa 6 but yes 🤣

    • @Kayla Moore are you listening since you were 7 years old? :o

    • I've been listening since 2013 I'm almost 16 now💀

  • You recognize the superiority of metal when you realize that when the real drums come in (1:40) that's when all the amazing stuff starts

  • I wish I never heard this song so I can discover it once again

  • the way this dude goes from rapping to screaming , from rap music to metal music is crazy

  • This isn't a song, this is a whole experience.

  • The transition between genres at 1:45 is a masterpiece

  • i just can't stop watching this video and listening to this song - it's totally addicting

    • Yeah!!!

    • Same!!! I just commented that before I read your comment. I have this addiction to this song like I want more!🤙

    • I know bro! It’s literally the best thing I’ve ever seen. I’m obsessed.

  • The funny thing is that he didn't just make a video destroying the haters, he used the controversy to get a ton of publicity. Can't deny he dropped a bomb on Bach lol who couldn't get half this many views if he reunited with his old band. I never cared for this band, but this is an amazing video. The Boys nod was great.

  • Escucho metal desde hace 21 años. Y no solo debo decir que necesitaba algo así en estos tiempos de música basura, sino que simplemente esto marca un antes y un después en cuanto a este espectacular género musical. Felicitaciones a Ronnie Radke, genio total.

    • Tnego 42 años y escucho metal de siempre .. simplemente con la boca abierta me ha dejado el tema 😳😳

    • Metal alternativo lo mismo que likin park mas moderno y me re encanta

  • Every time Falling in Reverse releases a new song, I think to myself, "There it is, there is no way in hell that song can be topped by anyone." Then Ronnie comes back and tops his own shit. By far the most talented artist in the music scene

  • There's a big difference between a rapper and a metal vocalist who raps like this. Mad talent.

    • Insane talent.

    • This or these (idk really) guy/guys sound like ghostemane. No cap. Except the flow and lyrics. But low-key, ghostemane copy. Idk who's started earlier.

    • ​@returnformeri do wonder if Tech 9 uses autotune. Still my fav tho

  • This video is a relentless assault on your ears and eyes! This is the first video to ever give me goosebumps and the first video that made my jaw drop by the end of the video. Everything is epic and done with perfection. Please give us more videos like this.

  • I will never stop commenting on how impressive this man's life is. Holy shit. I was in high school during te ETF drama, and now it's like, respectfully, who is ETF compared to FIR. And I say that with respect because I still love ETF, old and current. But it's one thing to come out and start a band and simply have a career, it's another to simply take over the scene. Radke is one of the few celebrities that actually NEED to have an autobiography done

  • Yo... wait... is this greatest song of all time? Like seriously... wtf have I just laid my ears upon. I am simply shooketh.

  • I can see this being someone's gateway to metal

  • He is not only making music! He is Keeping the Crown on The Rock music!!, Respect!

  • How does he manage to just blow everything out of the water with every release? This isnt even close to the charts man this left the atmosphere. This ticked all the boxes and more. Perfection.

  • This song + music video is one of the best things they have ever done. Their last 5-6 songs are so fire, I want this whole album.

    • your house is gonna be on fire

  • Truly a spiritual lyrical miracle individual.

    • ​@Jaunger Just not your cup of tea. It's not bad just not for you.

    • @Jaunger hopefully you don’t get around to uploading something, ain’t nobody wanna see that lmao 😂

    • @Jaunger YOOO based

    • This is like the only good post in this comment section. Jesus Christ this song is bad.

  • Why is this music vid have better production than 90% marvel films. 😂

  • Verse 1: I witnessed the flames, saw the world burn But now it's time for a new turn I got visions of a future, bright and green A world where love, peace, and unity reign supreme I'll take responsibility, lead the way And make sure we don't fall prey Chorus: Let's create a world that's verdant and alive Let's break the chains, and take back our lives Together we'll compose simulations, and thrive A world of love, let's make it arrive Verse 2: I know the road ahead will be tough But I won't back down, I won't give up I'll use my skills, I'll use my hacks I'll lead the charge, and never look back I'll build my character, grow numerous and strong And make sure the world we build isn't wrong Chorus: Let's create a world that's verdant and alive Let's break the chains, and take back our lives Together we'll compose simulations, and thrive A world of love, let's make it arrive Outro: The fear kept us alive, but now it's time to soar And make the world verdant, like never before We'll work together, side by side And create a future that we'll all abide.

  • Hi , i just wanted to thank everyone who made ronnie mad enough to drop this masterpiece keep hate we'll keep enjoying ;)

  • Rap 🔥🔥🔥 Metal : 🔥🔥🔥 Video : 🔥🔥🔥 Beat : 🔥🔥🔥 Scream : 🔥🔥🔥 Bass : 🔥🔥🔥 Guitar : 🔥🔥🔥 Drum : 🔥🔥🔥 Burning Stuntman : 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • The whole video: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Homelander:🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

    • My mind🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶

  • I literally can't hear this song enough, I'm a huge slipknot fan but absolutely love this, modern day classic 🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • I'm in love, mix genre it's the better things I hear in music, just so much love for you guys. I want more.

  • I know a lot of people hate Ronnie Radke but men, c'mon, this dude is bringing the metal to the mainstream again

  • Most unique song i have ever heard

  • Man 20 million views in only like a month and a half that’s crazy even tho it’s not a surprise this song goes hard

  • 2023 and I'm still falling in love with Falling in Reverse. Ronnie's vocal talents never cease to blow my mind.

    • Took the words right outta my mind!

    • RIGHT 🫶

    • @BaadHamster Well I give the people what they want, but I'm also a bit messed up. That's what makes me a Popular Monster.

    • @Jerome Valeska haha! I was waiting for this reply. 😎

  • This dude is the best in the game. End of story. Goat status in the music industry.

  • I cant get enough of this video. Please make more hybrid rap, rock, heavy metal videos like this. Absolute masterpiece.

  • LYRICS: Yeah, I got voices in my head again, tread carefully And I don't medicate, it helps me temporarily I got problems, I got issues, yeah, apparently Trauma that I'm burying, I think I need some therapy I battle depression, I'm back with a message I'm asking the question that if you hate me, why you acting obsessive? I'm past the point of no return, fuck being passive aggressive I'll brandish a weapon, teach all you motherfuckers a lesson I actually battle my demons and shadows They swim in the deep and they creep in the shallows, I'm lost I gotta admit that I'm living the life that I've always wanted But it comes at a cost They're licking their chops, they're fixing to rip me apart I'm swimming with sharks I'm lifting the bar, I'm lifting it into the stars I'm like a shot of adrenaline mixed with some Ritalin You started a battle, but bitch, I'mma finish it You think you can stop me? Not even a little bit Nowadays everybody's so sensitive Taking my words and you pick it apart Tripping on nothing, just get in the car Gripping and ripping, I'm sticking the mark I'm tipping the ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-charts 'Cause I got enemies trying to get rid of me Evil tendencies are fucking with me mentally I got people that don't like me in the industry I can feel your energy, you are not a friend to me 'Cause I have been to places that you never wanna go, yeah I got dirt on people, but they act like I don't know, yeah I could do some damage, but I'll never rock the boat All it takes is one post, watch 'em fall like dominoes You'll never get rid of me, too many mini-mes ripping my imagery You know my history, it ain't a mystery I put every enemy outta they misery Somebody, send me some positive energy About to go Darth, about to go Disney Into the darkness, into infinity and Shut you motherfuckers up, you listening? Stacking every little pretty penny that I'm getting And I'm never giving in to anybody always winning Never kidding when I die, I'm taking everybody with me You're never gonna get me 'cause you'll never see it simply I'm a motherfucking god, you're a light yawn, I'm a time bomb And the vibes wrong, is this mic on? I'm killing the syllables with a loaded refillable I'm a lyrical, typical supervillain, I'm venomous And I'm never gonna stop until they put me on top of the list I can't control the monster any longer that's inside The pain and sorrow left us hollow No tomorrows hard to swallow Death is calling so appalling Tightrope walking, now I'm falling down Like missiles falling from the sky Come and save us The pain and sorrow left us hollow Here today, but gone tomorrow The pain inside is the fuel that drives This flesh and bone through blood red skies The death defying, hypnotizing One day you're gonna figure out that Everything they taught you was a LIE Watch the world burn Ah Ooh The fear is what keeps you alive Break the fucking chains, take back your life The fear is what keeps you insane Break the fucking chains, take away the pain

  • It's amazing how Ronnie just crushed the rap game. He just made every rapper seem weak as fuck!!!

  • Some of the music industry may hate you but your fans don't, thank you that you keep pumping out tracks like this

    • Some may not like them but there is a ton that do. They 11 million views in just 3 weeks!

    • @Sarah its a metaphor

    • @Sarah Yup. He's perfectly okay. Edit: You do know he's not ACTUALLY killing people, right?

  • This is the best music video I’ve seen in my 34 years on this planets

  • Великолепно! ❤👏🏻

  • It's been a while where I actually jaw dropped many times throughout a music video, let alone a CS-tv video. Fucking incredible

  • This song just throws any typical music patterns out of the water. There's no chorus, there's no hook. NOTHING ever repeats itself, and every single verse was a different style. It just makes any modern bands look lazy in comparison. This is a work of fucking art.

  • Insano! ❤

  • This dude just can not be defined by just one genre , truly talented

    • @420 Factually and objectively speaking, this is pure talent. Just because you don't like something doesn't mean it's bad, it just means it's not for you. Try to go outside more and get some perspective.

    • @rimisark It's a TV show called the boyz. home lander is Kind of like Superman if he was totally evil.

    • Started like a drake song it turned into a slipknot masterpiece

  • The best song I have ever heard. He is super talented, no doubt. Please, come to Europe :)

  • La combinacion perfecta del rap/trap y el metal rock......sigue asi bro!!!

  • This was like 3 songs in one, all of them a different genre 😂 I like it.

  • This is better then some movies out right now lol! ❤

  • This song is not just a song, it's THE song!!! The video, the lyrics, Ronny is the best. This song is the best thing I've ever heard in the last 10 years.

    • @Kayla Moore Translated with Deepl ;)

    • @slim shabby you typed just fine up there💀💀💀

    • @Kayla Moore Me so Sorry me from Ukraine. my English is very bad

    • The game with Bach and the notebooks is funny as hell.

  • This dude can literally say “the next song is gonna blow your mind”, build up my suspense to where I over think it and feel like I’m gonna be disappointed, and then DESTROY everything I thought and exceed all my expectations. I was out of my seat fist pumping with how HYPE I got. Ronnie = GOAT 🐐

    • MTV Dance. Love, I'm

    • ​@DrDisInfect 😷 I thought so too...then I saw this kickass video.

    • It was OK

    • Same happened to me Hahaha I don't know how they're gonna get over this for the next one.

  • Holy shit. This was first touch to this band and what can i say... Absolutely stunning.

  • 42 years old and I've witnessed metal become what it is today...this. This is what evolution looks like. Fucking brilliant

    • @GrindKing 0mega the heart of this song isn't metal. Metal is an accent on this song. It's like 70% rap and punk. I don't care, I love the song. But calling it am evolution of metal is not accurate. This isn't an evolution, it's just a genre mashup

    • @johnny bravo We did but how many can you think of that mixed so many different styles into one song and did so perfectly executed?

    • @KillingWithaSmile613 I gotta disagree. Where do we draw a line and say a song must have this, this and this to be "metal"? Slipknot raps several of their lyrics but are still considered one of the greatest metal bands ever. Several metal bands aren't even screaming now...Killswitch Engage has beautiful melodic vocals mixed with deep low screams...are they not metal? Imo people are far too concerned with labels these days and because of that, we have a 1000 subgenres of metal now. Why? If the heart and soul of a song is metal....its metal.

    • I don’t know brother if you’re 42 you saw plenty of rap rock like this in the 90s.

    • @Kind Old Raven yeah its a fusion and a great one at that. I love this song. But an evolution is a stretch. It's a genre mash up

  • Amazing song and video... such a song to listen while you are going through deep issue! Well done, master piece

  • Holy shit! After that break down and then when the orchestra comes in … just phenomenal. He really knows how to structure a song and make it interesting

  • It sounds like a mix between Tom McDonald "best rapper ever", NF "clouds", "rap god" by eminem and of course the surprise moments of every falling in reverse song. Needless to say: i Love it!

  • Can we take a moment to apriciate the CGI team behind this Master Peice of a song. This entire thing is a game changer

  • The way this song just organically morphs from rap to metal is genius. Soooooo seamless

  • how many genres can you put in a single song? Ronnie: yes

  • Ronnie does Ronnie. This was epic. Need to listen to it again. Falling in reverse are amazing, changing when they feel like it. Always doing something new. Love it. ❤

  • that breakdown goes almost as hard as the first time they did it in voices in my head

  • Men this song is on fire! and to be honest u make me fall in love with this band by the song "voices in my head". Has been a while since i listenned an amazing song!

  • Not only does the music continuously get better, but people really sleep on the fact that these music videos are like blockbuster productions 🔥 I always come back for Ronnie's vocals, but as a rapper for 14 years, Ronnie's bars and flow really impressed me on this one 💯 Ronnie one of my all time favorites and Falling in Reverse is on fire.

    • 23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, (Romans 3:23)

    • @Константин Иванов When I say Ronnie impressed me with the rap portion, I'm saying compared to previous instances where he's taken a crack at it, he has definitely improved. Ronnie would never claim to be a rapper and any person with knowledge of hip hop would know better than to compare him to bone thugs. As far as the CGI, there has been much worse CGI used in actual movies, so to say this CGI is mid, imagining the cost of production (which realistically is higher than any music video coming out in the past couple years), you just sound like a hater. And comparing Ronnie radke to the hip hop legends that you did, your only purpose was to hate. Cause nobody would do that from a rational perspective. Get off it

    • the music was a pale immitation of Tech N9ne, the video was mid CGI at best and I didn't hear a single bar or punchline that was worth the time I spent on this video. Raise your bar a bit mate - go listen to Bone Thugs and "The Devil's playground" by Koopsta Knicca.

    • @Paladinmini Pedro agreed

    • @Paladinmini Pedro I agree 💯


  • What an unbelievable song and video. My jaw was dropped the whole time. I can’t remember another song having this kind of impact on me. Easily the best video I have ever seen and the song was pure genius. We aren’t worthy!

  • Habrá una canción este año que supere a esta pieza maestra??????

  • Words can’t describe the symbolism in this music video.

  • Que som!

  • Every single song that Ronnie puts out, I swear I have stuck in my head for months. Great job guys.

    • @Tax Evader he basically is, he writes literally everything himself and gives the band the sheet music😂 hard to give the other guys credit for just reading and playing sheet music

    • Not hating but the band is Ronnie. He writes everything, he’s the face, he finances everything. There’s a reason the members are swapped so frequently. FIR is essentially Ronnie and friends and for the most part always has been.

    • Dude, their songs are living rent free in my head and I’m not mad about it! 🤘

    • ​@Tax Evader Uh yes he is,he writes the songs by himself with the help of a producer

    • @Tax Evader sorry for the confusion. I said guys at the end indicating the members of the band.

  • These dudes just went from NF to Eminem to Queen to Avenged Sevenfold to Winds of Plague in 3 minutes ... Falling in Reverse is controlled chaos at it's finest! 🤯

  • 20M views already....I think at least 1M are from my end....this song is SICK

  • O rock vive 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • I usually don't like modern music, but I gotta admit, this song is a masterpiece

    • @mehurar I love the genre mixes. The fast rap lyrics that sound so cool, then full-on badass metal music. I love this song

    • Indeed! I was flabbergasted listening to this one.

  • this song is a masterpiece and the transition from rap to heavy... i haven't heard anything better 🤘 damn good job

  • I'm always genuinely impressed by the amount of genres he can jump to and merge together in one song.

    • ​@Pathological100 Love that this is what people have been focusing on and not the fact that FIR's CS-tv channel commented in this thread

    • Ghostemane does something like this too.. it’s different though

    • @Pathological100 Bruh it's not that serious.

    • @Jayrod64 you should be imprisoned for calling this progressive metal

  • Amazing song ❤❤


  • 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 vim pelo @ocaradometal_ e realmente o clipe é do caralho. virei fã do Emonem

  • The most intense song I’ve heard ever Ronnie should be so proud of this ❤

  • Simplemente hermoso.

  • It's like all the phases in my life put into one track

  • Legit EVERY genre he's done before was all in this song and he killed each and every part. Ronnie is criminally underrated by the mainstream

    • ​@Mr. Smell Good!! It's a bold assumption of OP to assume that the mainstream is ready for Ronnie's death growls in "the fear is what keeps you alive"

    • It's great the mainstream underrates him. Bc they can't come close to producing master piece songs like this.

    • @Andy Sixxlett yeah but Rolling Stone was a remix. It's still a great song, I prefer the remix at times, honestly

    • @Draven Ripley mainstream just means better and more successful, it’s a word that people use when they’re jealous that they’re favorite thing isn’t as popular with other people as it is with them

  • I still can't get over the fucking talent Ronnie has. His music videos are fucking incredible. Your music has gotten me through some rough shit. It's comforting to know that I'm not the only person who thinks this way. Thank you Ronnie!

  • I have been LOVING Falling in Reverse lately. This song is epic the video is the most epic I have seen so far. OMG what!? Def my favorite video from Falling in Reverse so far. How can you get more epic than this??

  • I just got the feeling this video will hits the billion views club very fast on youtube.

  • I could mosh to this 🤘🖤 Way to make a come back Ronnie!

  • Holy fuck that song was amazing from the cgi to just the rap my god this was good

  • That music video is absolutely INSANE

  • Masterpiece 🎉 🙌 lvl up what that's an understatement 👏 🙌 ❤

  • Idk but the end is awesome, the strings make it sound epic and that breakdown...

  • I love the attention to the details, when the bomb countdown says 16 secs 00:20, it literally blowed up in 16 secs 00:36, also the transition of genres is mind blowing 10/10

  • Tiene mejores efectos que las películas actuales de super héroes

  • Foda pra caralho!!!

  • Falling in Reverse is the only band that gives me goosebumps every time they release a new song and video. Period. I've been listening to Ronnie since i was 17, that was 2007. It's not a phase.

    • 9 The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance. (2 Peter 3:9)

    • @fewafew So must you since you're on this youtube video.

    • Definitely not a phase I accidentally passed it down to my kids 🤣 4yo daughter ask at least once a day to listen to rock aka voices in my head 2yo heard me play this song today and it's the only thing I heard for an hour!

    • @fewafew The hate comment that can never be missing from a fake account makes me laugh because it's like they're ashamed to show their faces, they live their misery hiding behind a keyboard...

    • @Rick Morgan Jr irrelevant to what i stated above, he meant that he uses autotune because he cannot sing. Learn to read please

  • What the hell just happened to me. I’ve watched the falling in reverse progression since the old days and…. What the hell. It’s such a journey now. This band is it’s own genre.

    • Right man? I'm an old fan from their first album post Ronnie's jailtime and I just kinda lost touch with them for awhile. When did they evolve to this form? Great stuff in my opinion.

  • im more like old school rock but damn this dude has some fucking insane pasion in what he is doing. the riff, the melody, the transitions, the rap, dammn dude, calm down!!! you're on fire!!!! XDD respect!!

  • Brazil is here ???Que música ,que banda PQP!!!!🇧🇷🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • I need a full musical movie of this!

  • obra de arte meus caros

  • Ronnie really wasn't bluffing saying there are incredible things ahead. It seems every new release bests the one before. This song and video are on another level entirely. This man is absolutely fonominal! 🔥

    • Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; (1 Corinthians 6:19)

    • omg I'm so excited

    • I don't know if this song trumps their previous release because they blatantly copied and pasted the breakdown from 'voices in my head' into this song! I love everything about this song bar the breakdown.

    • @Ali uh, excuse me, it’s spelled fxeknomiknoll, duh… 😂

    • Mind BLOWN 🔥

  • This song and video quality are SO WAWESOME ! Wow ! I love it

  • Perfeição que Fala? ❤ #BR