Far Cry | Game Awards 2018 Teaser Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

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Far Cry | Game Awards 2018 Teaser Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]


  • So, legit sequel to Farcry 5 then?

  • Another far cry game? Has it even been a full year since the Last one!?

  • Pls be a better far cry 5

  • WOW we got new Fallout here cough*still better than 76cought* WHAT WAIT isn't this Until Down ???

  • Not to mention that Far Cry is a mess game anyway, but I certainly do not play games that are so Multiculturalistic Verseucht. Just the thumbnail with the two Mischrassigen Negro women shoots the bird. I'm definitely not going to be so manipulated and fooled by Ubisoft. Much "fun" I wish those who buy the game and let themselves be contaminated ideologically. Who falls for it is your own fault. Greetings from Germany

  • If yall are trying to sell this reskinned farcry 5 for 60$ I cant wait to pick it up for 15$ 3 months later after it gets review bombed for being a lazy reskin of a game you guys just made. I would say I'm surprised you guys would try this so soon after the last, and so soon after the 76 debacle, but I'm not suprised..... its ubisoft.

  • What happened

  • Far Cry New Dawn ,yesss Far Cry

  • basically how I saw this trailer the first time I saw it: cs-tv.org/tv/video-zQL0WCTt5fU.html

  • Just like Battlefield 5... Far Cry is a game I will not buy.

  • That cover is racist with two black sheboons who have tied up a white guy ,the jews at jewbecucked are working overtime


  • Please no Fallout76 remake.

  • "Suffering is a choice" - Joseph Seed 2018

  • I like how they actually are following up on far cry 5s ending instead of it just being one and done

  • Almost Heaven...

  • I've seen the full trailer now. Get Woke, Go Broke.

  • Cull The Herd


  • Welp, I knew Ubisoft would manage to run this series into the ground eventually. So much for the beautiful writing of Jack Carver, The Jackal, and hell even Vaas Montenegro. The intrigue from the first 3 stories of Far Cry to the sheer horror of Far Cry 2 was some of the best writing I've seen in video games from any studio outside of Obsidian. To see the series dumbed down to the lowest common denominator of "action game full of explosions" is so disappointing, and them making the special ending of Far Cry 5 canon is just laughable. I don't care if this is a side game like Primal was supposed to be, it just makes Far Cry feel like a shell of its former self.

  • Almost heaven

  • So basically this is the cause of Joseph seed with the bad ending in Far Cry 5

  • Yes the farther returns, the hype is real.

  • shut up and take my money.FARCRY is the best.

  • What happened to Boomer peaches or cheeseburger over one of my favorite characters and thanks for hire I hope they didn't die

  • More like a fall cry

  • LOL they gonna make a better falout 76 then bethesda!

  • Is it far cry 6 or new dlc if it its new dlc will i get it for free i have gold edition?

  • The Deputy done screwed up.

  • HO my god ...... Ubisoft take my money

  • Is that a Femcry ?

  • Oh Ubisoft I do love your work :)

  • bethesda - we are making an online Fallout. Every single other company ever - we should make a post apocaliptic game. Maybe even a singleplayer RPG

  • Can’t wait for the new fallout game

  • What, don't you guys have phones?

  • Ubi- WHERE IS MY AAA DINOSAUR GAME? I want a time travel game to dinosaur times with a bad group that attacked some government time machine and some military group going back to protect the Earth's timeline. Maybe you can be one of the scientists who worked at the time machine and you are partly responsible for the security breach and now the entire planet is in danger. Please give me tanks too. I want to see a T rex bend a tank turret with its insanely strong bite even if it's not possible. Ubisoft Montreal please give me a fully realized prehistoric world with dinosaurs. We have not had a great game that really focused on Dinosaurs since Dino Crisis 2 in 2000.

  • Fallout77

  • fallout we deserved

  • es el disco de mi sierra que andava buscando :v

  • Farnite

  • Well, on the plus side, it can't have as terrible an ending as Farcry 5 did (Or Mass Effect 3 for that matter). Still, not sure how I feel about a "post apocalyptic" setting, though I am a tad intrigued that it appears to still be set in "Hope County".

  • This is basically metal gear survival


  • Should of been a DLC , its still far cry 5 .

  • Бля надеюсь денуво опять быстро крякнут

  • Far cry... Mad Max... Far cry... The book of Eli... Far cry... Fallout...

  • Fallout-cry

  • Read title "Far Cry" *Cleaned glasses : Fallout cry xD

  • Fallout?

  • its rage 2 but... no ok, its rage 2.

  • Farcry 76 awesome.. another game made by copy paste. First Dishonored 2 and Death of the outsider then AC orgins and odyssey then fallout 4 and 76 now Farcry 5 and farcry 76 WHAT'S NEXT?


  • Take that Bethesda! That's how you make a Fallout survival game!

  • Fix the hit box on hostage

  • One of the best spin-offs games I've played was FarCry: Blood Dragon. Oh, what a nice little piece of sarcastic 80s cyber action shooter that was.

  • Fallout: Montana

  • We just got one months ago. Really Ubisoft?

  • Bless me Father

  • farcry and co, always same game only world changes but always same thing to do, like all games finaly zzzzzzz

  • I'm confused, so has the entire world ended or is it just the US? Or is it only Hope County Montana that came to an end?

  • OH MAN.

  • Hopefully we don't have a mute protagonist. Hopefully

  • Far far never changes

  • Make a new rainbow Six Vegas

  • So fallout 76???

  • looks like a reskin of fc5 . why play this when you have RAGE 2?

  • Mad max?

  • Hopefully the fallout we deserve

  • I see a woman,I see a woman not bf5

  • Oh Ubisoft my love. How could you drop this on my life So soon! Ive so many other games to finish first :,D

  • Зачем вы выложили трейлер fallout 76?

  • Bethesda: *makes fallout 76* Ubisoft: hold my beer

  • I hope we see Joseph seed and the player in fc5 but I doubt it

  • Sigh how uncreative. A fallout clone. Great. Guess it could be worse. Ubisoft could of added dragons.

  • "Countrrrryyyyyy Roaddddsssss! Take me homeeeeeeee! To the place where I belonggggg!"

  • Do we get to play as deputy again?

  • So the end of Far Cry 5 really was the end of the world

  • Assholes that's all the dlc we didn't get oooooubisoft shits the bed again without pants 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢💩💩💩💩💩

  • So the nuclear ending of Far Cry 5 was the canon one, after all.. I kind of thought so. But that is absolutely brutal.

  • FarCry New Dawn (this) looks like is started as a DLC to 5. I'm a little worried after the reveal. Also, the serious tone of this is replaced by more FarCry 5 style lightheartedness.

  • Could this be a Far Cry/Fallout crossover?

  • Damnit Joseph...

  • I hope it's not trash

  • I buy

  • ??????

  • This is crazy...for the first time, you guys do a continued story that has no odd interconnecting things between it. Just... together

  • Far cry 5 nuclear ending

  • This might be after farcry 5 because u know NUKES AND BULLSHIT

  • The fallout we deserve?

  • Soo... far cry 5 has a cannon ending.

  • Fallout : New Hope County

  • I hope this new far cry will kind off stuff the hole in my heart that Fallout 76 left

  • I still play far cry 5 to this day

  • With these graphics- I think I’m cumming.

  • Far Cry Fallout

  • I mean after you nuke the fucking planet where else do you have to do with the series

  • Memes..... Memes never changes.

  • When r we seeing gameplay?

  • RIP Methesda.

  • Pero donde tomo la sierra estaba cerca de la explosión lo debería haber matado de radiación