Feast Mansion w/ Rich Brian and Joji🍴88rising x First We Feast

čas přidán
Brian and Joji are getting ready for the Head In The Clouds Festival and 88 Degrees & Rising Tour and learning some cooking skills for the road. Tune into a new episode of Feast Mansion every Wednesday on the First We Feast CS-tv channel.
See Joji and Rich Brian at the 88rising Head In The Clouds Music Festival and 88 Degrees & Rising tour this Fall.
88rising Head In The Clouds Music & Arts Festival
September 22, 2018 | Los Angeles State Historic Park
Tickets: hive.co/l/hitcla
88 Degrees & Rising North American Tour
Tickets: 88rising.com
Rich Brian
88 is double happiness


  • 0:04 beat name?

    • Please love this beat 😅

  • This was posted on my birthday

  • what is BGM at 0:17

  • I love the soundtrack

  • Of course this fucker took our filthy frank not being funny anymore

  • have you ever seen chef?

  • Season 2 pls b0ss

  • welcome to the fies...... RICE FIELDS MOTHERFUCKER

  • ''The most fucked up cooking show ever''... AHA

  • He made a nice hair cake once

  • its filthy frank mothe fuqa its filthy franks behch

  • make this a real show please

  • Dude I’ve never heard filthy frank talk regular#please come back people

  • That instantly gave me flashbacks of jojis baby sewer squid

  • Alrught we gunna learn how to microwave bread

  • Ебать вы жрать конечно

  • he should've cooked rats for everyone

  • Who’s that beautiful girl in white?

  • I see indomie 🍜

  • господа можете добавить русские субтитры cyka blat

  • FilthyFrank's cancerous fanbase loves nostalgia.

  • hair cake

  • Joji is so dead inside

  • So cute hahaha

  • For me its look like a movie, its awesome

  • Brian has no stage presence.

  • Is this the final cake from filthy frank?

  • Asian pizza 2

  • We need Gordon ramsay in this show

  • He should have found another rat.

  • Rich brian😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Somewhy I still read: 'ÖÖrising'..

  • 1:47 that’s gonna be a yes for me

  • Pink guy be like...


  • Salam KONTOL!!!!!!

  • 1,2,3... TESTIS!

  • 0:34.. Papa franku is ready to roll on the grass and snapped brian neck..


  • Who else was getting some filthy frank vibes?

  • Hey bows

  • Look what Joji is wearing at 1:55. Is that... Is that... just a coincidence?

  • h3h3h3

  • Selling out .

  • 😅👌

  • Can we get some Hair Cake part 2??

  • joji is a poser bitch

  • Those glasses

  • Wtf

  • 0:17 that indomie and kecap ABC tho 😂😂

  • I miss people asking if Joji was Sperm qvq

  • Best duo


  • 1:20 the inner frank is still trapped inside the joji body trying desperately to escape and return home

  • They are so handsome

  • was this a parody of a reality TV promo?

  • waiting for lord chin chin cameo

  • Pink Guy is here

  • Hab u seena chef??

  • Brian has gain some fukin weight

  • or via

  • rich brian do you know edita charvia ante

  • 1:25 HAHAHAHA

  • Haram, dosa

  • Can't wait!!!

  • Homo

  • 1:47 🙂

  • 2015 was one of the best dude

  • please return us the omnivers Filthy Frank. It could not end like this. Please man!

  • dude where is the pie with the hair?

  • Joji doesn't want to be thought of as FilthyFrank anymore, you know?

  • I thought it was a music video

  • Has filthy frank really been turned into this

  • filthy frank feast mansion

  • I think i understand wat happened to frank... I think Chin chin some how took control of franks body leading him to become a 2nd fake frank making him have to go undercover as Joji. But somehow the pink guy got killed in someway or was banished into another universe far far away. Meaning that this isnt frank it has to be chin chin pretending to be Frank but change his name to Joji. I understand it all now.

  • Can I see pink guy cooking rice balls, noodles and teriyaki?

  • welcome to the filthyfrank show???

  • I would watch a cooking show hosted by joji and rich Brian.🕶️🔥

  • Filthy Frank isn't dead I can vaguely see how his face and voice almost come out to be Filthy Frank again.

  • I'm a simple guy I saw Indomie at 1:26 then I hit like button...

  • still wonder why he abandoned Joji Vlogs.

  • I want filty Frank pls Pink guy pls come back

  • Song???

  • I still love you Joji you’re so cool

  • As long as there isn’t vomit cake

  • Puke cake 2

  • Joji is just a mask that he is wearing. Joji has nothing in common with frank. There is someone hiding in there but it definitely isn't frank or joji. Nobody knows who though. Not even himself I guess.

  • Hey Joe miller don't forget your CS-tv channel...your channel has even more subscribers please comeback:FILTHYFRANK

  • Welcome to the R I C E F I E L D S motherfuckas

  • I’m ready for it

  • 1:24 that brings back memories

  • Brians laugh sounds like a car trying to start 0:23

  • I miss Filthy Frank,but he is always the best

  • I really don't get this demographic, you make extremely unique and iconic videos, you make a fool out of yourself (VOLUNTARILY,) and people love you and your work. Then, you wanna be a big boy and make """""real""""" music, so you pretend like it never happened. Then, when your adoring fans follow and support you to the new channel and love your music and make jokes about how much they miss your old characters and stories, you expect them to forget about the past fucking decade of your work. Pretty fucking hypocritical. You can be a real musician without completely ignoring your old work and fanbase.

  • “Ravioli ravioli what’s in the pockioli” 😢


  • Which song is in the background? (At the start)

  • Id give anything to have a life like them....

  • If Joji was still Filthyfrank, he would've got hit by hundreds of chicken hearts by Idubbbz, Maxmoefoe, and Howtobasic.

  • 1,2,3, T E S T E S