Felicia Day - Final Sale by Julie Hermelin

čas přidán
Felicia Day in Final Sale short movie as Jane
Final Sale (2004)
Its funny and there is really great fighting scene. Unfortunately its not full video of this movie which has originally about 15 minutes. But I hope that someday in the future it will be possible to see the whole movie. We must wait and hope.

Written, Directed & Produced: Julie Hermelin

I don't own any rights to this movie


  • Hey Pablo, Thanks for liking and supporting my little film! If you want to see the whole film, you can see it here. bit.ly/1IS0r7i Enjoy! If you want to change your link to the complete one that would be great. Thanks, Julie

  • I'm sorry, but women getting into a physical fight over a dress? What unfortunately written characters :/

  • so much for the sale, the repairs will quadruple that price

  • I stayed for Cerina

  • Wait! Felicia DIDN'T win? No, can't accept this ending. I reject your reality and substitute my own.

  • @PabloFuentes Nobody's telling you to upload a new version. That's what adding a new tag means; so CS-tv will "fix" what it already has. Don't you read the YT User Help Boards and doesn't the squished look bother you?

  • @RingSight91 Sorry, this is the only version I have and my programs in PC have tendency to make it worse.

  • @87lene This is not the whole movie but its not possible to find it complete :(

  • but... how does "Izabell" look on a dress that is way too small? I want a better ending to this!

  • 1) I love the old Felecia with short hair. 2) Please fix the aspect ratio. They shouldn't look short-squished-n-fat in this. It's a 4:3 video letterboxed into 16:9 which has been further letterboxed another 16:9. yt:stretch=4:3 is the tag you need to add. Thank You.

  • That fight should not have ended like that.

  • She looks good, even with short hair!

  • 1:50 shit's about to get real