Felony Disenfranchisement: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

čas přidán 10. 09. 2018
Many people with felony convictions are unfairly prohibited from voting, and the worst state for this - surprise - is Florida.
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  • Crimes shouldn't follow you around forever. They do this on purpose to make you a second class citizen for life even after doing you time and being an upstanding citizen.

  • Is everyone just gonna ignore the fact that apparently 10% of Florida's Adult population are convicted felons?

  • American legal system: We’ll show you a thing or two!

  • My punishment was 5 years of my life in prison for growing marijuana. MARIJUANA FOR FUCK SAKE. I payed my debt with the time I served. I'm square with the house. Give me my rights.

  • If you've done all your time and move out of Florida, can you vote in your new state?

  • This is embarrassing, I thought this is for 3rd world.

  • A big chunk of the American people are utter shit lords.

  • Florida apparenty has a inquisition styled 'clemency' board based on 'beliefs' but it doesn't have 'standards', well that's just plumbcrazy. Can I have my nuts now?

  • The "Fish Love" Jeopardy answer was actually "Wish list". I can finally rest in peace.

  • If you say you go to church do they check if you actually go? I would lie just to be able to vote.

  • What was the right answer though?

  • This would mean something if your vote meant something.

  • Um, isnt the state of Florida breaking a couple federal laws here? If someone knows more about this please expand on this...

  • Just an update for anybody wondering. As per Wikipedia: "Florida Amendment 4, also the Voting Rights Restoration for Felons Initiative, is an amendment to the Constitution of Florida passed by ballot initiative on November 6, 2018, as part of the 2018 Florida elections. The proposition restored the voting rights of Floridians with felony convictions after they complete all terms of their sentence including parole or probation. The amendment does not apply to Floridians convicted of murder or sexual offenses." Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_Florida_Amendment_4

  • I’m from Florida, born inTampa and raised in Jacksonville. I’m very glad to see this pass! Rick Scott is an ass and if anyone shouldn’t vote, it’s him!

  • Why doesn't more people see that this is the real sh*thole country..

  • rick scott is straight out of salem 1690

  • voting is a human right and the human rights act states those in jail can vote as voting is their right in a democracy

  • They are right (they have no standards) If you can ask me question about my (past)- Why can I not question yours? It's a possibility that the past of adulterated laws, murdering inhabitants, sex trafficking, drug trafficking, and this is just scratching the surface- It is insane that people wake up on Sunday morning to worship a forgiving God- but don't have it in their heart- So when the jobs are gone and everybody feels the pinch, judge and be judged by the same sword

  • Are you fucking kidding me... "Do you go to church?" How do so many people seem to forget that whole country was founded on the principle of SEPARATION BETWEEN CHURCH & STATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I feel like these sorts of things exist because Republicans know that more felons would vote for the Democrats all things, like the fact that Republicans do shit like this, considered.

  • That sound a lot like immigration system

  • In China, the court sentences for felons are like this, "Four years in prison, and stripping of political rights for one year." That means the person will gain it's right to vote/be voted one year after serving four years in prison.

  • Fuck you, Rick Scott. I wish aged rich white men could be banned from politics. I know that will never happen, but I still feel that way.

  • For real man... Florida sent me to Florida state prison where they executed ted freaking bundy for getting pulled over with weed & no license... 1st time felony offense ...... the fuck , now I can’t posses a firearm. I don’t want to vote , u can take the ballot & stick it smooth up the butt of these political jerks 🖕 I want the heat - the strap - the burna - the fire - the glizzy- the rooga- the gat - the blammy-the blicky-the thang

  • Jimmy’s patronus is a Red Florida

  • Jimmy Patronus is a Slytherin for sure

  • The gator guy can borrow my truck anytime

  • That poor fish fucker.

  • That’s funny because I was thinking ab the dude’s glasses before John said it

  • "You think if someone makes a mistake it should follow them for the rest of their life" It sure seems that way if the person is a republican. How many people are ran through the mud after doing something stupid (not even illegal, just stupid) and have apologized but the masses still want their heads.

  • FF.

  • Kind of ignores the fact that the falsely accused would still lose their voting rights.

  • Rick Scott has always been a Scumbag.

  • Felons also can’t buy guns, but I assume John is ok with that restriction.

  • Depends on the offense

  • Voting isn’t even tight

  • The US agenda to subdue and control the black man continues... what's new?

  • in india convicts cannot vote but they can contest elections

  • Yeah Florida aint felon friendly at all. Wish I researched that before I moved here. Altough I did get a county gig for ahwile till I was fired and I now can't even get a job delivering pizza. You can still vote if you are a felon from a different state.

  • what was the wheel of fortune answer anyway?

  • ・war on drugs (majority of "the arrested" are racial minorities including African Americans) ・felony disenfranchisement ("the arested" can't vote) hmmmmmmmmm???🧐🤨🧐🤨🧐🤨

  • I think I helped bully this guy in school..... sorry

  • Ironically, Florida will be missed when the water submerges it completely. Where else are we gonna have such weird stories like a guy running around a liquor store, drunk, and holding a gator? "Happy Pencil in all my nightmares"? John, I think we need to talk.

  • "a TJ MAXX Janice Joplin"

  • ...funny people still think voting makes a difference

  • 1:50 Well, isn't it a public safety issue? With all of these philosophical issues, I like to think about the extreme plausible case and then decide on that: Someone who sympathizes with small-crime criminals becomes president and the first law that gets passed is that theft of objects less than $5 of value is something you can get an indefinite amount of warnings from, you get nothing added to your "record" whatever that may be, and are immediately free to go. Now anyone who committed petty thievery can vote, yay! Now imagine the loopholes in this law, where people can get away with stealing objects that themselves are worth $5 or less, but which enable far bigger crimes. Like keys, Credit cards and entry permits. Do you want that? The answer to your question is the same answer you give to the question "Should people with a criminal record be allowed to vote?"

    • Sooo much wrong with this comment. 1. The president can't just "pass laws". While he can submit laws those laws must still go through Congress and congress would have to then vote on those laws. the laws then have to go through the Senate and the Senate would have to vote on it. After the senate voted on it it would still have to be signed by the President. Then it becomes a law. No Congressman is going to stand up and defend theft. 2. No one is talking about removing crimes from public record. They are talking about letting people who have been convicted of a crime and have served their time vote again. This would neither remove the crime from their record nor would it make crime legal. 3. Stealing keys with the purpose of taking the car they belong to is already a crime. It's called Vehicular Theft and it is a felony. It doesn't matter if you stole the keys of not, taking a car without the owners permission is a crime. Similarly, stealing a persons' ID, credit cards or entry permits is also a crime. It is called identity theft and it too is a felony. After reading your comment it became clear to me that you don't understand how the law works. I understand you are concerned with public safety but you would do well to better educate yourself. Have a nice day.

  • I'm an Australian and I can vote, yet I will not. I'll tell u why? Because no matter who u vote for, lets face it, all politicians r crooked as hell, and I'm not gonna vote for a crook. Pretty ironic America- if ur a crook, u cannot vote..for another crook!

  • “Do you go to church?” Aw yes, because as well all know nothing immoral has ever happened in a church, they have a spotless reputation!

  • America are you ok? is everything you do a cry for help??

  • How can this be legal: "This is a court of mercy. There are no standards." What a prick. Given a little power and acting like this shows how large an arsehole this Scott person is.

  • First voting is a privilege not a right like drive you choose to break the law you choose to lose the privilege

  • Jimmy Patronous? I doubt he’s anyone’s patronous! Ugh!

  • What a Fucking douche bag Rick Scott is. Fuck that asshole

  • Eat shit Rick scott

  • america is ashit hole country and the fucking Americans are all rapists and criminals and this country's future is in toilet

  • I have a friend who got black out drunk and regained consciousness, in jail. When he asked what he had done, they told him that, while driving his car, he hit and killed a bicyclist. My friend had to be put on suicide watch, while in jail. He was charged with manslaughter and plead guilty and was given a sentence of 40 years/violent(meaning he has to serve 80% of that 40 years before he can be paroled) + 10 years for driving under the influence. There are murderers and rapists doing less time than that...

  • Wow he makes me laugh every time. John Oliver is a national treasure.

  • Wheel of Fortune answer : wish list ...in case anyone else was wondering

  • Abysmal behavior... Making criminals earn their rights back after they voluntarily gave them up when they broke the law. Liberals are just trying to swing Florida anyway they can