Felony Disenfranchisement: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

čas přidán 10. 09. 2018
Many people with felony convictions are unfairly prohibited from voting, and the worst state for this - surprise - is Florida.
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  • Eat shit Rick scott

  • america is ashit hole country and the fucking Americans are all rapists and criminals and this country's future is in toilet

  • I have a friend who got black out drunk and regained consciousness, in jail. When he asked what he had done, they told him that, while driving his car, he hit and killed a bicyclist. My friend had to be put on suicide watch, while in jail. He was charged with manslaughter and plead guilty and was given a sentence of 40 years/violent(meaning he has to serve 80% of that 40 years before he can be paroled) + 10 years for driving under the influence. There are murderers and rapists doing less time than that...

  • Wow he makes me laugh every time. John Oliver is a national treasure.

  • Wheel of Fortune answer : wish list ...in case anyone else was wondering

  • Abysmal behavior... Making criminals earn their rights back after they voluntarily gave them up when they broke the law. Liberals are just trying to swing Florida anyway they can

  • I found this very enjoyable. You see, I've always thought of irony as the sweetest of all treats.. And for these rich businessmen or elected officials to condemn other criminals is some of the most delicious irony I've ever tasted

  • Although Governor Ron DeSantis isn't much of an improvement lol luckily for Floridians, Rick Scott was term-limited out of the Governor's Mansion last November, 2018. The same day the bill to restore voting rights to felons passed. (with the exception of violent felons and sex offenders.) So, that's a step, albeit a small one, in the right direction. 👍

  • I don't think there's a deliberate effort to keep minorities from voting, but that's certainly been the outcome.

  • It's funny, us Floridians make fun of new Yorkers who move to Florida, which is like 50% of the population

  • I FIGURED IT OUT at 10:10 . They're not arbitrary. They decide based on who they believe would vote for their party.

  • "It's taxation without representation" exactly.

  • Really? You knew when you committed the crime what you were giving up.

  • Voting should be a right, not a privilege.

  • I know this is irrelevant but "what was the answer on wheel of fortune"?

  • This whiny english prick really wants the democrats to get those extra criminal votes.

  • When that one guy said "people need to learn actions have consequences", my immediate thought was "yes and the consequences are imprisonment." They served their time. I thought prison was supposed to be about rehabilitation. It's like if you got put in time out at school, thought about what you did wrong, and after timeout you were told you could no longer use crayons, or something equally impactful, for the rest of your life.

  • “Are there not any consequences for doing something wrong” You mean like the prison sentence they served for their crime??

  • The rigged corrupt politicians will use any reason to suppress any votes by anyone.

  • I laughed a bit too hard at "fish lube"...

  • The Governor need to be ousted!!!

  • If the felon has served the sentence and is employed paying taxes, he or she should be allowed to vote.

  • Yo that’s a good lookin hurricane

  • Of ALL of the states that I do NOT want making decisions for me here in Alaska by voting, Florida is one of those 49.

  • whatever shits boring who cares

  • Weird.. until now I thought that the right to vote was a constitutional right in all modern nations. Oh wait, it is! America is not a modern nation! It is the most backward country on the northern hemisphere, barbaric and savage af. The more I watch this show the more my negative bias against America is turning into an informed and fact based position.

  • The proposed law covers all except murder and sexual crimes. How about violent crimes? Arson? Child neglect/ battery? Proposal needs some tweeking.

  • He's right. I am a convicted felon. Prison is not a vacation, it's pure hell women or men. You're not laid up good food TV. No. Virtually all units are forced to work prisons. Everything from working fields maintenance everything. You paid your debt when your done 10 fold.

  • That governor represents to me everything I hate in a person. He fills me with so much outrage

  • Of course it’s Florida, the red headed stepchild of America.

  • P1:Why can't you vote? P2:I had an ounce weed in my back pocket when I was getting pulled over. Can you? P1:Oh no, I mugged a family and killed both parents. Freedom sure does like to be black and white doesn't it. Freedom for all except you, and maybe you, oh and definitely you.

  • We did it.

  • I looked up if the amendment won or not and it did. I guess Florida actually listened to John Oliver.

  • Wow white Devil with too much power

  • You can vote with a felony.

  • Florida recently change that bill felons can now vote in Florida. Now the state just needs to legalize marijuana like almost every other state.

  • I cant vote...cuz of weed...its decriminalization in my state now...so now what? Still cant vote fugg the man and all his bullsheet

  • "I don't know..." This is ridiculous. U don't know, and u took a man's right away.

  • Well, the citizens of FL actually did get the amendment 4 passed. Unfortunately, the governor and his posse went back in to add a bunch of stupid caveats to it after the fact.

  • Here's a though: do not break the fucking law. It is really that simple.

  • mitch mcconnell suspiciously looks similar to aziz yıldırım

  • I wonder what it would be like if they *only* let felons and no one else vote , couldn't be much worse could it?

  • Agreed. I just want to add that even people who are rich, famous, and gifted can be disenfranchised or face discrimination if they are minorities of some kind.

  • If i was that black guy convicted for those crimes and that motherfucker told me no after i switched my life around like that, i would have kindly told him to go fuck himself and burn in hell in front of everyone there. That man fucked up in the past but look at what hes done to change himself. Yet some bald cockhead can controll his life.

  • Rick Scott is a convicted anus.

  • How is this a bad thing? This is real life, not some idyllic fantasy land where everyone gets what they want. If you break the law it does and it should haunt you for the rest of your life, including when it comes to voting. These people clearly have no disregard for the law, so they shouldn't be allowed to vote for the people that make the laws in the first place. Thomas Hobbes said that the only reason why people do anything good is because we fear the consequences of doing something bad. I'd definitely call the permanent removal of your voting rights a strong enough consequence to warrant choosing not to break the law.

  • It's not about crime 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • I'm so mad that the amendment got passed and they're still trying to make it difficult for people to get their voting rights restored.

  • question, how can you don'T have the same right for federal election in different states?? ok, a state can say you cant vote for the states election but for the federal ones????

  • Anyone who argues that disenfranchising felons is a good thing either has no clue what "precedent" means, or they're the kind of person who loves masturbating to the thought of "tough on crime" measures where they might one day get to be George Zimmerman. Once you set into place an established practice of doing this, it can easily be weaponized by expanding the definition of what constitutes a felony in order to target the demographic that doesn't vote for you. Remember how they militarized the police force and used the Patriot Act to enact harsher measures for "terrorism", selling it on the idea that it would only ever be used on masked suicide bombers? Oops, less than ten years down the road and they try labeling Occupy or BLM protestors as "terrorists". If this disenfranchisement takes off, how soon before Republican legislatures start expanding the scope of it to include the mere act of protesting? Officially they'll call it "inciting violence" as a drummed up charge for anyone they have the cops round up during protests associated with left leaning voters.