FIFA 20 Review

čas přidán 19. 09. 2019
Volta, a brand-new way to play FIFA that offers a breath of fresh air to the series - albeit not without its own faults - is here, but does it come at the expense of the game as a whole?
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  • Fifa 20 worst fifa ! And online play, very laggy !

  • no different

  • 60 percent off discount on fifa 20 boiis got it.

  • Worst fifa ever

  • The gameplay got worse this yr

  • I got this for 23.99 I like it well I played soccer for 12 yrs any ways


  • They gave fifa 17 rating way more than fifa 20. If you don’t believe just check it out

  • Defending in this game is absolutely wank

  • Sao Mình thẻ game mà sao không chơi được VOLTA

  • Can't wait for the next year fifa 17.4 update.

  • this game shouldnt even be 7.0 rated. but just cause it's a fifa or cod game it gets 8.3 or 9.0 and above someone get ign tf outta here man

    • LEL FIFA haters everywhere

  • *I didnt buy Fifa 20. Instead, ive played 19. Until i see drastic changes, thats how it will be.*

  • They should make a fifa every 2 years so they put double the work in .

    • Nejc your right

    • They'll make half money and spend twice as much

  • C’mon Captain Tsubasa, please be great and dethrone this! 😜

  • I think most sports games are too similar

  • IGN reviews are absolutely worthless.

  • football masked slot machine

  • Just picked up pes2020 i feel its a way better game than fifa...

  • You all hate EA sports titles but every twat in the UK and latin america still plays this.

  • Trash game... Last one bought was Fifa 16, decided to give it another try again. Clearly a mistake.

  • Tried not to buy this game and caved in during the January sale ...even at half price this game is a steaming pile of shite

  • after more than 20 years of making the same style of game, it baffles me that no one in EA (or it would seem) has tried to have a game called FIFA or FIFA experience with no year attached to it.. where you just get a template of what they have already clearly being using the past 8 or more years and then every new season just selling an expansion or a sub or gold service that lets you play online, they can even keep they're atrocious FUT modes and I guarantee they would make more money with that model in 5 (maybe less) years than they did in their last 20.. they should do it, before someone better than Konami (though they supposedly have the better game this year) comes along and pulls it from under them. Essentially make it a football MMO but with the option to play it totally offline..

  • Why not just review one game and be done with it? They’re all the same anyway.

  • Madden NFL, NBA 2K, College Hoops, College Football> FIFA

  • It's crazy how everyone goes through all the trading, grinding and buying of fifa points to throw it all away and start over the next fifa. The mind boggles.

  • Quick summary: Its like fifa 19, complete garbage

  • FIFA 20's Manager Career, plus the gameplay, are another step forward - except for one thing: EA Sports still don't understand or can't program offsides properly. So infuriating. As for Volta: I doubt I'll ever play it. I can go outside and play street football, or go to the leisure centre for a 5-a-side game. Not for me. FIFA, for me, is taking Lincoln City to Premier League and Champions League glory. That's proper FIFA..

  • Atleast I have had great packluckm

  • Pls Chat Hack book311 on IG he told me all the cheats To this games

  • Used to play Sensible Soccer on Amiga 24 years back, a great game which was for its time amazing fun, especially playing mates in cups and leagues.

  • Helpful #CrazyAd09

  • Volta should be a stand alone game

  • Yep this my last fifa too getting shitty and shittier every year defending is so bad and attacking is so easy goal keepers are like gods have to make multiple passes to score fa most of it Fiennes shots hardly even work if ur not like right in the box yep this where the journey ends fifa 😂✌🏽💯 it's been fun tho I give 17 and 18 the best year of fifa

  • FIFA 20 is the worst game they created.

  • “This years fifa gave me brain damage, an std and a tumor in my brain just from playing career mode” 9/10 there’s a little something for everyone.

    • Pls Chat Hack book311 on IG he told me all the cheats To this games

  • Fifa this year is so wank

  • This is the worst fifa game ever it's trash garbage unplayable waste of money and time bring back Pes

  • An yearly sports game is better than Death Stranding( IGN's opinion)

  • This is the worse fifa I've ever played so shocking its unbelievable and this is the single career mode

  • Closer to pes this year as pes efootball 2020 has screwed up there excellent control system

  • I haven’t played fifa since fifa 12 . . . So everything is gonna be new to me. Unlike most of y’all fools who buy it every year

  • I find it sad that all of the friends i have think that RDR2 is trash and Fifa is the best game ever made.

  • Only i like in fifa 20 is freestyle tyoe ganeplay ljke fifa street which i havent tried yet

  • 🤦‍♂️worst... game... EVER...

  • this is fifa 16 over and over for 4 damn years straight

  • The ratio is enough to tell me about the bias in the video and to stop watching

  • You guys all complain about the game, but yet you still play it. There is a reason they keep releasing them. Y’all keep buying them and I playing them. If you want a better game, take a stand and not buy it anymore. That will encourage them to make a different game. Or go and play other soccer games. EA doesn’t own the rights to soccer.

  • This game is pure garbage!!! 🤬🤬🤬

  • I give up with this game

  • Those fake nikes cost real money? Amazing

  • Fifa 20 is the only game where you can be winning 6-1 at half time and still have a 100% chance of losing the match

  • PES is BEST maybe

  • Silly side of the game ? Nah if they make it harder to counter, adapt to it. Always want Something new but when people get it they say they want it the same way it was before. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • I bought 20 because it is my first fifa game lol ill have fun

  • Should I get this. I don’t like football and never owned a FIFA game but my friends play it. All I have are shooter action games so this could be like a cool off session I guess.

  • The best thing on fifa is the career mode and they would never try to make it more enjoyable.

  • WWE and EA needs to make a video game 🎮 wwe 21

  • Fortnite is a saint compared to this recyled garbage

  • This EA is broken af