FIFA 20 Review

čas přidán 19. 09. 2019
Volta, a brand-new way to play FIFA that offers a breath of fresh air to the series - albeit not without its own faults - is here, but does it come at the expense of the game as a whole?
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  • Disliking if this gets anything higher than a 4

  • 💩 game

  • 7.8 is generous

  • This review supports evil.

  • Played 3 games this morning and got Red Carded 3 times for minor fouls. WTF EA Sports? It’s a piece of Sh$& game. Don’t waste your money on this game. Many many more glitches and issues!!!

  • Fifa 20 is slept on

  • This game is awful and it's not a 7.1

  • It has a little for everybody

  • 3 weeks.

  • FIFA 20 currently holds a 1/10 on Metacritic for user reviews

  • You spent the entire review complaining and you give it a 7.8. I just don't get the point of scoring if every game will end up in the high 7's or low 8's anyway.

  • FIFA 2020 is the worst so far 🤮🤮🤮🤬🤬

  • But what do the 36 other reviewers on IGN think?

  • Woman player? Hahahahahahahahhaahahhahahahahahahahahah

  • stil robot moves

  • If it get -10. I wouldnt be wonder.

  • Annoying voice.....

  • EA: Makes new FIFA every year but can't even make Skate 4

  • what kind of a$$hole would buy this game??

  • Well... I didn't buy it this year. I hoped for a better career mode.

  • It’s a 4 at best, it’s complete trash and pushes gambling on kids

  • This game is terrible and broken . Career mode is unplayable . Line ups change all the time

  • The last of Us shall Arise to the "Anthem" of EA sports "FIFA20" and The "Division" between players of PES and FIFA shall be a "Call of Duty".😁

  • Interesting or just expected that all carrier mode bugs were completely omitted in a review.... Just wondering when government will finally start to deal with companies re releasing the same product with few cosmetic changes and charge full retail price like it would be FULL FACKING NEW GAME MADE FROM SCRATCH!!!!

  • No Juventus means no purchase... WTF EA?!

  • Fifa is lit that's it

  • As long as they don't improve career mode I won't buy

  • EA sports - it's in the gain!

  • 5:07. "Hey, there's always Next year..." I cant tell if this was properly, tongue-in-cheek sarcasm or absolute naivety. Never has there been more of an apt statement for EA than this. other than "why do they keep buying this shite?"

  • 7.8/10 is a generous score. Even for the pirated version of the game.

  • Why this video got so many dislikes?

  • This is the same game as last year don't believe all this trash

  • So I’ve never played fifa but I really want to play it should I get this game?

  • I am just playing carrer mode, is it worth it? Playing fifa 18 at the moment and the potential system sounds interessting, if it really works. Any ideas?

  • Look at Fifa 20's graphics 😂

  • Better than 19, but that's a very low bar.

  • FIFA lost between Fortnite & PES this year, they want a football game with skins. Next year the players will have guns. LoooL

  • Career mode is a hot mess ngl

  • EA is an example of what is wrong with the world

    • EA uses a ton of loot boxes, they rename it and do many other shady stuff and ppl still believe that scripting isn't true.

  • The only difference between fifa 19 and 20 is piemonte calcio and volta

  • Nah EA I don't need your scripted rubbish anymore

  • The passing in fifa 20 is beyond criminal

  • fifa 20 is way better than 19


    • @Forza10 Milan I know but does not matter what you buy in the game because the game is scripted af

    • Dávid Holczer credit card bro damn

    • In the script!Doesn't matter what cards you have

  • Why make sports games that no one likes, instead make skate 4

  • Yeaahh... Fifa20 with new ball paint is here everyone. .

  • When you spend ton on Gold packs and get Nothing

  • Even in FIFA 20 real Madrid won't win the champions xD

  • Pro evo is better anyway

  • Bravo! You just assured me I don't want to buy any football game this year

  • A 78 score is 'Underwhelming' ?? IGN what will it take for you to see how far of a gap is with what you say and what you score these garbage games ?? Or is it that SOME OTHER PERSON scores the Game and it is another person entirely who actually records the Audio review ?? Does IGN stand for 'I GIVE NOsHIT' ??

  • Is this the new dlc for fifa19?

  • When oh when are they gonna bring back the ‘create your own team’ in career mode?? That was my fave! Oh well maybe next year...

  • I won't be bothering

  • 0 credibility

  • Fifa 07 and 12 are the best and are way better in my opinion lol

  • For someone who genuinely enjoyed previous fifa games don’t buy this. Ea finally produced a game that so garbage I don’t intend on playing it ever again. Absolute trash.

  • Everyone probably agrees that FIFA has gone stale. But if u play it because of the online, you'll buy it anyway (me included).

  • In 1 word Garbage

  • Played this game in my childhood, nostalgia ......