Fight Night Brooklyn Free Fight: TJ Dillashaw vs Cody Garbrandt 2

čas přidán 7. 01. 2019
The UFC's inaugural event on ESPN+ on January 19 is headlined by a historic matchup as the bantamweight champion, TJ Dillashaw, goes down a weight class to challenge the flyweight champion and Olympic gold medalist, Henry Cejudo, for his belt. Take a look back at Dillashaw's recent title defense against Cody Garbrandt at UFC 227 last August.
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  • I’m a big Henry cejudo fan but I’m worried he facing an explosive tj dillshaw

  • Tony "where's your son" Ferguson is the type of guy to bring up a person's son after a night of drinking

  • Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to wear 3D glasses at a UFC fight

  • Could watch this every day. Love seeing Cody getting smashed up 👍🏻

  • Wow

  • Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to eat the red smarties first.

  • Cody is an elite fighter, but TJ made work of him twice. Shame man. Because it has cast the shadow over Cody. Cody easily won against Dominick Cruz, essentially clowned Cruz, and TJ clowned Cody twice. Some say TJ won against Cruz, but record shows Cruz won. MMA is a weird world, a place where a "weaker" fighter can win decisively against a ''stronger" guy, and that guy you won against beats the guy that beat your ass into submission. Weird space, gents....weird space.

  • This game is not fair. Deserved by Garbrandt

  • Codys a good fighter but his defence is open, if he brought his hands straight back to protect his chin after punching he could win, but everytime he flurry punches he's wide open. Its mistakes that cost him the fights not talent. Dilliashaw is a master where one mistake will cost you the fight. Mind you its easy for me to sit to at home and give advice.

  • omg Dillashaw's timing though, really smart ufc fighter

  • *next time just fucking touch gloves!*

  • Bruce trying to instigate this fucking fight more.

  • Ha...Cody "the prick" can't brant

  • Best comment section ever!! This is not tony Ferguson on a fake account at all.

  • Wicked good fight fellas. What a fuckin chin on that man.

  • Tony Ferguson is the type of guy who is not a guy

  • We love dillashan !!!

  • Both fighters suck .

  • Professor Cruz let his snake loose to take care of the emotional rodent now Cruz will charm the snake to get his belt back again 😂 #dominator

  • Cody "No Chin" Garbrandt.

  • I still love Cody no matter what

  • Wow it was so satisfying Lol ! Wonder if a fagboy Gardbrandt is crying now when he got his sissy face fucked up, like he did when Van Damme accidentally touched him. A Rose tatto on the back, what a cunt !


  • this is one of my favourite fights ever. love watching tj dominate cody a second time.

  • ​Tony Ferguson is the kinda guy to squeeze Max Holloway's nipples for goat's milk.

  • Again

  • Bruce got in tj face he already knew what was gone happen

  • Garbrandt just can't see those right hooks coming

  • Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to brush his teeth and then leave the toothpaste in his mouth then drink orange juice and then have banana and sprite to vomit it out after a weight cut.

  • Tony Ferguson the type of guy to get a shower then wash his hands when he’s done.

  • Cody "T-Rex" Garbrandt

  • early stoppage

  • Who the fuck is tony ferguson

    • Just some cringey guy that got fucked up by an extension cord.

  • 6:16 eats the same punch 3 times


  • The best presentations ever! !!!

  • Cody Garbage!!! 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼

  • Pro vs amature

  • Tj vs cruz 2 or Sean o malley vs tj

  • Fuck cody

  • Cody made Cody lose twice. Got hot headed in there instead of patience, crazy how a lot of fighters never learn patience throughout their careers.

  • Cody is so angry whenever he punch he dose not cover with his other hand

  • The best fight ever in octagon

  • TJ is a freaking beast boss.

  • Tony Ferguson is the type of guy that farts on public

  • Anyone else see Chris Pratt behind tjs corner?

  • *Tony* *Ferguson* *is* *the* *type* *of* *guy* *who* *trained* *flexibility* *just* *to* *suck* *his* *own* *balls*

  • The blue guy is very arrogant 👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏

  • Watching Cody get his face beat in NEVER gets old.

  • Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to beat off to the thought of his Wing Chung Dummy

  • cody is fast but he has a glass jaw !!

  • Dafuq, the comments are filled with tony fergusson comments

  • T. J's an athlete, with skills and good balance/movement...and fight IQ, the lads pretty well rounded...good fighter.

  • Tony is the type of guy who water his garden during a heavy rain storm.

  • good fight

  • good job ref

  • One of the best fights in the year.

  • I luv bruce buffers energy on the mic.👍

  • That boy Dillashaw play no games!!!

  • Tony Ferguson the type of guy to LS swap a Tesla.

  • Before you guys trash Cody, just remember , he's only 26

  • Tony Ferguson the type of guy who tells a deaf guy a blind guy is staring at him.

  • Geez no love had it and did that crazy exchange from the last fight to get caught . Too tigger happy . Discipline bro

  • 7:13 yooo TJ straight up backed him up into a corner, and straight up made Cody fall for the bait when he stopped moving then flinched and made him react lol

  • greatest ever NO QUESTION ABOUT IT - Joe Rogan after every fight of every card from the prelims to the main event

  • neck tattoos dont make your neck stronger

  • Announcer needs to chill the Fuck out

  • Lol @8:28 the little zipper head trying to act all staunch n shit in the octagon...fucking please get back in the kitchen!

  • Should have let cody no chin take a few more shots😂

  • Perfect stoppage

  • TJ is so good

  • The way Dillashaw smiled and walked backwards after Cody didn’t touch gloves looked like something out of a movie

  • I love cody. Who also

  • haha clean yall shit up bitches


  • Tj is a lil bitch

  • Yessss

  • “Cody garbrandt the taller man.” Lmao, they’re both short.

  • When your having a bad day and watching Cody garbrandt get knocked the fuck out is sooooo satisfying.

  • Bruce buffer made me too beat my little brother a He is a G.o.a.t.

  • What's up with all these midget fighters nowadays? Lol

  • Tony Ferguson is the type of guy who sends himself Facebook requests so he can decline it

  • Cody got caught twice while coming in with his hands down. Too bad he didn't learn.

  • The Janitor had to vacuum some of Garbrandt's Tattoo's off the Canvas. Garbrandt's Diaper ass couldn't handle the Power.

  • Tony Ferguson the type of guy to Ali shuffle before shaking your hand

  • Tj a beast

  • good to see them both being good sportsmen afterwards - respect!

  • Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to order room service at a five star hotel and then go to the kitchen to collect it

  • This never gets old! Henry Cejudo is not going to be able to hold TJ like he did to DJ. TJ by KO.

  • Tony Ferguson's the type of guy to create the UFC; hand it over to Dana, then compete as an athlete for the Challenge.

  • dont know anything about either of these fighters but can't stand the blonde guy's goofy ass posturing. reminds me of the banjo player on deliverance. hope he gets his ass beat

  • Tony ferguson is the type of guy to fight the referee instead of the fighter.

  • #1TJ

  • Ese wuerito kisiera calarlo en nel rin haber si es sierto

  • Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to Tony Ferguson

  • Tony Ferguson the type of guy to pick up prostitutes in Gta5 and drop them off safer neighborhoods

  • Why is one of Cody’s corner men, so happy for TJ @ 8:36 ??? Lmao

  • TJ is the current pound for pound champ for me.

  • So, the judges sacrificed Henry C to TJ. Lol.

  • Tony Ferguson the type of guy to order drive through then take it in to the restaurant