Film Theory: Why Musicians Will ALWAYS Survive A Quiet Place

čas přidán 14. 05. 2022
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When you watch A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place 2, we are shown how humanity has adapted to survive in a world where any sound can get you killed. Except, that's not exactly true. Even in the movie itself, we see that people are unable to exist without making ANY sound. So, how loud is TOO loud? It's time to find out!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Mark Hofmeyer
Editors: AbsolutePixel and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (viridianrosette)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • MatPat is just like that teacher who says: “We still got a minute” and then explains the lore of everything in said minute.

  • I'd heard people at my summer camp say that they could hear people having conversations across the lake if they were awake early enough, it's wild to find out 15 years later WHY

  • I’m a clarinet player and I mastered being quiet. We’re not allowed to eat in class. I was able to open a bag of chip and eat it all. I’ve done this multiple occasions and nobody notices unless I throw away the bag in the recycle

  • As an ASL major props to the people making this movie. The ASL was fairly accurate to my understanding, (I think I’m not 100% sure) they used real Deaf actors (a huge Deal for the Deaf community) they clearly showed a respect for Deaf Culture, and they even addressed topics that most people wouldn’t pick up on like the lack of acceptance for the daughter being Deaf by refusing to believe the cochlear can’t be fixed. That being said he is also an amazing dad in the movie because of his willingness to sign even before the events that took place to force into asl, which sadly most hearing parents would rather sit and have their children never know what they are saying then learn to communicate with them in a language they prefer and can understand.

  • Finally, a theory I could nerd out on.

  • Some things I wonder about death angels:

  • Fun fact: in the beginning of a quiet place 1, you can see that the chips isle was completely full because people were too afraid to eat chips cuz they make sounds. Can't belive the directors went into such detail

  • fun fact: Cellos would trigger the death angel's weakness, not normally, but heres how

  • The Quiet Place + Bird Box + Weeping Angels + SCP-173 is possibly the worst sensory death combo. I am open to more suggestions

  • I just imagined a group of people who go around killing the death angels using instruments as their weapons.

  • I had this idea a while ago but MatPat nailed the science of it and made my theory possible. You could survive these movies by becoming a traveling metal band(Mad Max Fury Road style) and hunt down the monsters

  • I just wanna say: As a speech and hearing student, my nerdiness during this episode was uncontrollable and you made my day!

  • What's crazy about this video, is how MatPat virtually figured out how to beat the Death Angels just by using CS-tv videos that play at 1400-1900 Hz. The most dangerous weapon is a smart mind.

  • I am confused why no one ever thinks to just get a speaker and play noise and be in a tree above the speaker and drop some acid on the monsters, so then the acid melts through the armor

  • This is why I like watching mat he comes up the most bazar theory like "musicians will survive in the quiet place" that sounds like bs but when mat brings the evidence your whole world flips upside down and you know what they say you learn something new every week.

  • Honestly surprised that MatPat concluded that the reason they shook was because the sound matched the reasonant frequency of the armor. As a physics student, I've worked with reasonant frequencies a lot, and even when working with pipes and stuff (which are not attached to vibration absorbing flesh), you need a lot of energy to cause things to shake like they do in that scene. You would not see vibrations of that scale caused by the sound produced by the implant, it's simply not possible, there is too little energy involved.

  • Huh, I didn't know that cold air/night affected sound. That explains why everything at night sounds incredibly loud...I thought it was just the knowledge that people were sleeping nearby that made it seem so loud

  • The biggest problem with the whole movie is that you have an enemy that hunts by sound. Yet the military didn't immediately try to use some type of sound against it? It's like have a nocturnal predator and no one figuring out that if you have bright lights, you can disable it. I still liked the movie but thought it was weak that it took an accidental discovery for what would have likely been found in the first day or two of fighting.

  • Here's the thing though: They go after wildlife too. The racoons near the beginning get axed relatively quickly, and its established that the DAs aren't hunting for food. They just reflexively destroy anything that's too "loud" to them. I can imagine they 'tried' to stop things like waterfalls or thunderstorms, but since there's nothing they could do they just learned to avoid those places since it would make them "go blind," so to speak. The long and short is that while there is little they could do to deal with things like swarms of noisy bugs, Earth's ecosystem is about to go fubar regardless.

  • As a clarinet player we can go even higher when we squeak. Like if you go to the highest high note which I’m pretty sure is the number you showed in the frequency range, and you squeak with that note you can go a lot higher. I’ve tried it and it gave me a really bad headache for a day at least