First Look at Nintendo Switch Lite: New Addition to the Nintendo Switch Family

čas přidán 10. 07. 2019
A new addition to the Nintendo Switch family will arrive on 9/20. Nintendo Switch Lite is compact and lightweight, making it easy to take on the go! This dedicated handheld device lets you play all Nintendo Switch games that support handheld mode. It will be available in three different colors.
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  • Sorry Nintendo but Nintendo switch is better than lite cus I love to take the joycon in the thing that I don't know way is the name

  • Hey guys just reliesd a useless console Sorry if my spelling is bad I tried

  • It looks like a a Wii U pad

  • The Nintendo switch lite gives you and excuse to not share your controllers

  • OMG cant wait for it I am hopping to get my hands on one

  • Me:its so cool i want this My Daddy:but we have Nintendo switche Me:yes but he have...he have...he have a colors?😅 Im frenche so sorry i don't very spek english desoler😅

  • This is stupid.. They should’ve just made an updated 3DS.. The newest 3DS XL model was/is perfect.

  • This is a waste. Why would you have a lighter version of the switch, when you can take the standard switch on the go.

  • So the 3DS Die?

  • Im going to buy the yellow one

  • why did they not talk about it at E3?

  • Does It Have Support With Amiibo?

  • This makes me wonder do... Do motion controls work in space?

  • T H E S W I T C H B U T F O R L O N L E Y P P L

  • My grave.

  • I think they're releasing this specifically for the area 51 people who aren't going to raid but got to be there

  • im sorry but nintendo could have done better

  • What about the home bottom led ?

  • Guys we all called it

  • They rode bikes with skateboards on there back to a skate park to play video games

  • Can you play fortnite on it

  • Great move Nintendo! Now if my analogue stick starts drifting, I'll have to buy a whole new Nintendo Switch instead of buying just Joy Cons!

  • Yeah, I'll get one on my way to Area 51!

  • I don't understand why the boy's skateboards on their back and they're riding a bike

  • I was going to get a nintendo switch finally but now ima wait for the Nintendo switch lite. I'd rather have it more compact and easier than carrying a nintendo switch around.

  • #QueremosNintendo!

  • My bday is in 1 day

  • Wait wasn't the switch called a switch because you could use it handheld AND tv mode?

    • Emma Coleman it’s the Counterpart of Switch for people prefer Play it on handheld all the Time.

  • It sounds good ... very good

  • why yellow and grey?! surely theres better colours

  • No tv out?! Bleah...

  • Nintendo is trying to distract us from our Area 51 raid. Don’t give in.

  • 1:31 *I dont feel so good*

  • As if skaters would have an Nintendo switch

  • For anyone that’s wondering, The switch is made for MULTIFUNCTIONAL gaming The Lite is the version that is dedicated to and only to HANDHELD gaming

  • 3:00 leaked from area 51 lab with alien simulator

  • U.S government want to try their new weapons in area 51, i want this so no more Monster, no more runners plant

  • Can’t wait :P Edit: But I have a question will I be able to log into my account or not?

  • I’m gassed, I can’t wait until it’s released within the UK

  • Please send me one!

  • Should Have called it NINTENDO 4DS

    • SPHINIX Gameplay and more No. it’s not a DS. DS is Two Screen handheld.

  • Can this consol- Nintendo: $200 only

  • You will see nobody with these who pays $200 for basically a basically Wii U there's no point it can't even charge on the dock no detachable Joy cons and you can only play it with sun games and yes I do want one because of the cool colors but also not trying to spend $200


  • OG Switch: $379 CAD Playstation 4: $379 CAD Is there any better reason to get a Switch lite?

  • Cool

  • tv only switch please.

  • Nintendo MAKE SURE YOU INCLUDE A POWER ADAPTER. Remember the last 3ds or 2ds that didn't have a power adapter??

    • Warmachineguy Yes, They need to.

  • Hmmm that looks exactly the same

  • Tԋιʂ ιʂ Ⴆαʂιƈαʅʅყ α ɠαɱҽ Ⴆσყ.....