First to Guess the Password Wins - FaZe Clan

čas přidán 17. 05. 2019
Can you guess the PASSWORD?
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  • Hi

  • i am the only one who hears faze rug in every freaking video they make together say 'i want to be with apex'

  • It would be funny if adapt said jarvis’s content

  • “This actually hard”- FaZe Rug. Me no duh

  • Adapts first insult is always towards a head shape. QwQ

  • bro jarvis should have said stinking

  • jarvis should have said blind for eye

  • How come rug has so much more money then the rest of you

  • this was insane bro! lol im like kay xD

  • Sooo cring

  • They good have said cizzors for neck

  • Rotttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yum 😋😋😋

  • Look the shape of Jarvis head

  • 7:04 "onomatopoeias are fine" big brain adapt

  • Thank God that rug funded the video. If MrBeast would have funded the video, the winner would be hella rich rn. 😂😂🌚

  • Kay:shhhhhhhh Jarvis:quiet Over the top music:the ground shaking same time everyone:ooooooh

  • When ur getting roasted and don’t know what to say: 1:40

  • For clever u should have said the opposite of alex

  • Y does adapt use the same insults as In head shape 😅😅

  • Do more of this with everyone doe.

  • "Winner takes homes 1 billion dollars ,rig funded this video"I laughed a little to much at that

  • Love this video so much

  • Faze Kay is a cheater it was Obvious

  • Trash huh🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 7:03 me surprised that adapt know what onomatopoeia means

  • Why does rug always pay in these challenge vids

  • Jesus this isn’t even fucking FaZe anymore, are you making vids basing your audience as 2 year olds ? So sad, might as well watch jaystation ffs -someone who remembers the good days

  • sub to me i sub to u

  • What’s the app there using

  • 1:40 little did Jarvis know he is next

  • Bru orba u need more thinking and knowledge u get confused in every faZe clan video

  • for neck adapt should have said tensor

  • Kay in america Accent Lol

  • The only roast adapt can say is look at the shape of your head

  • Who’s watching when Jarvis got banned


  • Beetlejuice is smarter than ALEX

  • Why do rug pay every time

  • Adapt was like about to fight Noah the cameram

  • On rotten why didnt they say expired

  • Did anyone else notice adapt said "the 4th one the 4th one" to toward the end so he technically knew what the word was

  • 7:33 Jarvis u should have said waffles

  • rug: i wanna be on apex' team Adapt: picks himself Rug: L they Lost already

  • Orba is a fuckin idiot Rug lost becuz of him Orba is an absolute piece of shittt

  • Me: walking see adapt Me: yo sup big fan Adapt: look at the shape of ur head

  • U are talking crap

  • Orba sorry typo

  • Orbs said Disney for Shrek. Shrek isn’t even from Disney he is from universal lol

  • jArVi

  • look at the shape of ur head

  • For donkey I would’ve said draymond green

  • if apex is short then what the hell is RUG!!

  • The only way adapt comes back from a roast “look at the shape of his head”🤣🤣🤣

  • Should’ve just whispered in their ear and let them think of a final answer and say it at the same time to see what they say 🤷🏽‍♂️cause whoever goes second just getting a hint from the first persons word

  • Jarvis:see Kay:holy shit!?!? 😂

  • stoopid

  • Hi I’m new and I wanted to know if anybody hear can subscribe to me I just wanna beat my friends subscribers so I can be cool pls

  • I feel like adapt and banks would be the best brothers 😂 (2020 anyone else ?)

  • adapt had a smart techniquie

  • Frasor Kay

  • For neck they should’ve said tensor

  • That's dope 💪......,

  • 6:17 When did Kay turn American

  • how come at this time jarvis looked asian

  • So..... The games rigged, wasn’t fair for the first team, when a player said a hint word, and the other player got it wrong still when it came to the second team, it’s as if they had hint two words, coming from the first teams, and theirs! So, the second team had a better chance of guessing the word correctly!

  • Just me or dose Alex look jacked

  • Bruh adapt always has to talk about someone’s head

  • everything has to do with the shape of someone’s head to alex 🤣.

  • It’s my birthday on May 30

  • Adapt is wierd

  • 9:48 when kay says diaper in an American accent lol

  • Alex has the perfectly shaped head.

  • Rug did not want to be with orba 😂

  • Jarvis and Kay with an American Accent legit sounds like Alex when he’s high

  • 1:23 i just realized orba was in the video

  • Apex in faze is like ty in Dude perfect

  • I bet adapt is first word was:Look at the shape of your head 🤣😂

  • Apex: tomato Alex: yes yes that's it Edit: stupid Me:🤣🤣🤣 you u need a new brain

  • I fucking!!!!!! Hate orba

  • Jarvis : pull his own name Kay : YouR InSaNe BrO