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  • NEW VID COMING TOMO EVENING!!! You WON’T BELIEVE what I find in a public park! 🎣😅

    • @Tanvir Hasan Eaten by a fish? Only if Adonai decides to do a Jonah thing with me, LOL.

    • @Wendy Throw in Man's Best Friend? Heck no! Now _you_ might make good bait for giant river catfish, or piranha! 😂

    • @Tanvir Hasan black men like me are constantly being picked off every day. You would know right oppressor

    • @David force feeding is not Oki doki

    • @David I think the biggest bad ass kid is u, go to your mom to teach u some lessons

  • This was kinda painful to watch because of the poor creatures screams

  • Yknow I realized how stupid a lot of the people in this comment section are. It really truly didn’t matter if the cicada died to fish. People need to get over themselves

  • Cicida????!

  • He waited 17 years in the ground only to become fish food

  • Why is this so satisfying? Lol

  • Haha he deserved it

  • Bro that so gross I don't like the animal

  • Most country boys can tell you to use insects closest to the water

  • Bro his family was next to him. Why would u do thar

  • Its the sercule of life

  • Cmon guys bruh its just a bug I mean you kill ants right? ._.

  • What he do D:


  • All lives matter that decada has a life to

  • Blue gill will bite at empty hooks, this doesn’t prove anything

  • Bug was living his best life 😭

  • Cicada: "Dude, I don't know If I can stay with Olivia anymore, she-.." This guy: Picks the Cicada up and ends his suffering

  • dude that's violence 😐

  • One day they’ll use him as shark bait.

  • What a nob!!!!!

  • Don’t worry Mr. cicada, your family and friends will be going you real soon…😆

  • You in florida?

  • That's so cruel! It's fine to kill annoying or deadly bugs... But c'mon! Why?! But honestly... A lot of the fault can also be blamed on itself. It wasn't quick. It got caught. It failed... Survival. It's its fault. I know another situation like this. The mitochondria. The mitochondria used to be a cell that live its own live. But one day it failed. And got caught up by another larger cell. Though a bond was formed from this occurrence, the mitochondria had to be come an energy slave. All its simple life was thrown away. To just become a... Well a b****.

    • @Andrés Eduardo Clavasquin Regalado Stop worrying about bugs Just live your life in this world

    • @Medic Gaming Yeah. Such tiny size, they probably don't even notice the massive 1,50 to 1,99 meters tall creature that approaches. Even if they do, they need to know that they cannot do anything. We're higher beings, same as whales are higher beings just for massive size that we can't handle.

    • @notiex It is... And... Life. Life's cruel, and life is beautiful.

    • I mean You kill ants right? Ants are insects too And cicadas are insects as well

    • Its nature

  • He is a cicadaNAPPER

  • Cicade: *gets taken away and gets eaten by fish* Friend cicada: what have I witnessed... eh probably nothing *AND THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS CICADAS MAKE BAD FRIENDS SO REMEBER KIDS... KILL EVERY CICADA YOU SEE*

  • Could spit in the water and those fish would eat it.

  • RIP cicada😢😢😢😢


  • Cicada- yeeted

  • Shakira ir sakadia i donde see a diffrence

  • that cicada spent like 7 years underground, finally came out just for a week and this dude just fed it to some fish

  • The cicadas aren’t arriving in my area YAS

  • Is your thumb shedding skin?

  • Rip cicada

  • Youre a fucking weirdo for licking uo a cicada with your bare hands

  • I would be so scared I wouldn't even touch it I would runaway be like Mommy can we go home

  • I just witnessed a murder😨😨😱

  • So they get this tasty snack every 17 years,,,,,,THEY BETTER CHERISH IT!

  • Sekayda

  • Man cicada just chillin there and you sacrifices it 😔✨

  • Murder

  • Can we get F for that poor thing

  • Nobody: The cicadas: Reeeeeeee The TickToker: talking about how cicadas are good bait

  • Insects are vero happy

  • Dude just picked it up with his bare hands

  • I can catch 🦗😭😭

  • the cicada screams for his friend to help as he gets torn piece by piece while being recorded by a tiktoker, laughing. As he slowly dies a painful death, the friend leaves not knowing what happened But in all seriousness, what if he fucked it

  • you stupid?

  • guys they just came out why are we torturing them already 😭

  • The title should be How to end a cicadas life in 12 seconds

  • F for the poor cicada he was just chillin there when a hooman snatched him and use it as bait

  • Imagine being that cicada minding your own business then someone grabbing you and just screaming for your life but he just throws u into the water and eaten by fish

  • He said don't blink and i instantly blink

  • Man: alright this cicadas' life has started Card declines

  • Imagine spending 17 years underground only for a fishing tiktoker to stumble upon you with an unquenchable lust for views

  • No la cigarra

  • Omg it wasn’t even messing with anyone you just took it’s life

  • “Take our position “ 🤣 u in the army?🤣🤣🤣

  • Relax its just an insect

  • Number 15: cicada One day a cicada was just trying to chill and live but a giant 1000 times his size grabbed him and fed him to giant water demons.

  • Your pronounce it SAH-CAH-DAH. or. SA-CA-DA

  • Hey is that loch raven???!

  • Aight. Now I’m gonna have fun not sleeping for the next 2 weeks.

  • I dont like its death

  • A part of me feels like fishing with those flying bugs are disgusting 🤮 but another part of me is questions the normalization of worm fishing. I’ve seen hungry fish bite just about anything if the habitat is overpopulated.

  • R.I.P

  • His life goneeee

  • Poor thing tho

    • @Kalko n o

    • @Kenshiidesu Poor thing tho ngl

    • @Kalko n o

    • @Kenshiidesu Poor thing tho

    • It’s just a cicada stop being such a ❄️

  • If every 1-2 year old knew this they would be trowing any bug into the water

  • U seriously had to show move🙄🙄🙄

  • Awee I felt bad I had to see that. I wish the cicada's soul rest in peace.

  • Did he just -

  • Well that was disappointing...

  • Why would you kill a perfectly healthy cicada, it was minding its own business 😂😂 RIP!

    • It’s just a cicada stop being such a ❄️

  • Him: don’t blink Me: 👁_👁 〰️_〰️ 👁_👁

  • damn we just witnessed a murder

  • Cicada: chillin Tiktoker: *physically catches him and feeds it to the fishes* Cicada: fucking tiktokers...

  • "right here, we have a cicada" cicada: *_screeches_*

  • In province of the Philippines we call those insects "kuliglig". It makes that sound every morning or night time.

  • A man later that day was grabbed and thrown into the ocean and sharks ate him

  • Dude.. don’t fucking do that man..

    • It’s just a cicada stop being such a ❄️

  • bruhhh that was stupid…wtf you let a fish eat the cicada alive. and you did that for views or to show people a hack they already knew about…also, there are plenty of dead cicadas you could have used

  • The sound of the creature sounds like my electric toothbrush

  • As long as you only fish once every 17 years.

  • How to ruin a bug's day

  • R.I.P Cicada, you were chilling on a perch at one moment and in a fish's mouth the other 🖐 2021 - 2021

  • Lol you can spit in the water and sunfish will eat it

  • How tf do people have the balls of holding insects,bugs

  • The bug made me cringe

  • no cap if that was me holding it i would scream and throw it… im sorry 😂

  • Smol dragons enjoy them too

  • Thats sad 😥. Rip bug

  • Take mine there so LOUD

  • The secrets out.. Fish eat bugs

  • I was about to throw my phone

  • 😦😦😦😦 I feel bad for that bug if it is a bug

  • Bluegill, Crappy, what are they?