Florida Derby 2019 (FULL RACE) | Road to the Kentucky Derby | NBC Sports

čas přidán 30. 03. 2019
Find out the winner for the 2019 Florida Derby on the Road to the 2019 Kentucky Derby! #NBCSports #HorseRacing #FloridaDerby2019
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Florida Derby 2019 (FULL RACE) | Road to the Kentucky Derby | NBC Sports


  • El caballo de Gustavo delgado a tenido algo así como un poco de la mala suerte que también cuenta en las carreras de caballos

  • Yo soy del tule chihuahua la carrera se la robaron

  • This is a Champion horse! He was robbed of the Triple Crown! The Derby is tainted now as far as I'm concerned!

  • Kentucky Derby winner!

  • What a sad day for the Kentuky Derby, this horse is the real winner!!! The Preakness State is going to be easy for this horse which is an amazing champion

  • I blame the Maximum Security jockey for not keeping his horse in the inside lane in the Derby....still MS seemed like the best horse....as we see in the Florida Derby here.

    • Please notice the conditions on the field.

  • I wonder if the horses know they are racing each other or do they think they are just running for some reason?

  • Yo que camine maximun security 1 día antes de el Florida derby no m alegro x que

  • This horse loves to run, love the way he took off at the break with Luis Saez sitting chilly, yes slow early, but finished up strong, love the way he took off when asked,.

    • By the way I posted this before the Kentucky Derby genius

    • @Kilava1231 DUH


  • Shame of humanity. Horses drugged up and forced to race. You bet, they die. Look up horse racing cruelty. Stop glamorizing animal abuse.

  • Roadster will take this as well as the Preakness. As long as he's its on

  • Maximum security will be this years triple crown winner

    • Looks like that's not going to happen

    • Triple crwns do come in bunche, and this is our last year of the decade to hit a 3rd one. Max is def capable if they are smart about riding him.

  • Your 2019 Kentucky Derby winner. 🌹🏇🏻

    • Well, you were 1/2 right. Still, an excellent pick. I wasn’t seeing it, and I sniffed out Animal Kingdom and I’ll Have Another at massive prices. I thought the pace here at GP was fake, so I dissed this colt’s chances in Louisville. He proved me wrong. Sad to see him taken down, but the right decision was made. War of Will would’ve gone down to start a chain pile up of fallen horses if he weren’t such an amazing equine. Athlete!! Max was “as game as a racehorse can be”, apologies to Tom Durkin’s call of Holy Bull’s 1994 Travers.

    • Lol

    • Show the Kentucky Derby

  • Quais raças desses cavalos Qm ou PSI 71991628559 meu waltsap pra me colocarem em grupo de corridas

  • Máximum security will win the Kentucky Derby and probably the triple crown. 1-48 is the best time for the distance

    • Omaha not as good as people think. Max is better than ppl think.

    • Lloyd Bonafide guess you haven’t heard that Omaha beach is scratched.

    • @Johana Almea: YOU are HIGH. Max Sec might lead the Derby until the 1/2 mile pole (if he's running at least 0:46.5) when Omaha Beach BLOWS right by him. Then he's DONE....Finishes between 6th and 12th.

  • This horse is the only real speed in the derby. And dosent even need the lead. It will be a moderate pace. He'll be on the lead or 2nd they will never catch him. The derby winner

    • was scratched days ago partner

    • @gold9er: WRONG. Omaha Beach has just as much early gas and has "push button" speed so he can run by Max Sec whenever he wants to. Might be clubhouse turn if time is slower than 24 or by the 1/2 mile pole if slower than 48. Bottom line is Max Sec can't keep up with OB for a mile, much less a mile and a quarter.

  • 24.35 quarter not gonna cut it in the kd with 20 horses

    • M.J. Vander Mark that's a shame how that race ended

    • care to revisit your predictions? :) lol

  • I never saw a race where jockeys whipped their horses so much! Awful!

  • How many Derby's are there in the USA??

  • With no pressure and those fractions you would’ve needed to win this race by 15 to impress me. This is Gulfstream folks. The speed is always good here.

    • You’re wrong David Maximum Security will win the derby

  • Maximum Security. Los mismos colores de su padre New Years Day. Míster Prospector, Dixie Union- AP indy y 2 veses Le Tronie (Poker y Anasheed) 2 veses hijos de Northen Dance, Nuyered y Cristal Reeder. CUIDADO en el Kentucky Derby!!! ... Los dueños del Padrillo (Brasil) se Quedaron con Maximum no lo vendieron...

  • I keep hearing he got an easy trip. Ya he did. But look at his final time for 1 1/8 mile. Fastest of any horse in the derby that distance

    • I see what you are saying but he was able to finish so well because of the soft pace. I do not like him to win but facts are that he has proven he can post a 100 Beyer twice already. I throw out horses I do not think can run a 95 or better at the distance. The top 2 holes are reserved for horses that can probably get 100+ on Derby day.

  • I see Omaha Beach and Maximum Security setting the pace. Will the track be kind to front runners? Will they get excited and be forced to go too fast early? Are they just good enough to win anyway? I think so.

    • The answer was yes he was good enough. I have a bad habit of listening to naysayers though and let them change my mind over to Tacitus who did run a good race but not close to winning. So glad I did not bet Max Sec, I would be inconsolable.

    • nah omaha will be just watching maximum security at the half strech but at the last 200 meters omaha beach ,game winner and roadster will be battling for the win im sure of that ,trifecta omaha beach/roadster -game winner.

  • max out & secure your future !

    • @vambo13257 nice contradiction in other words he's the quickest horse in the race keep preaching what the so called experts are telling you

    • @Wayne Harrison They are not going to let this horse run around the track at a very modest ace. You will see fraction of about 23.80 and 47.20. That will be enough to take the steam out of this horse if he even gets to the lead. Having said that, he has the 2 Beyers 100 or better so he must be used in exotics.

    • @vambo13257 you might wanna change your mind especially if them thunderstorms arrive

    • do not see this horse finishing in top 2, will be using him in the 3rd and 4th holes at best

  • Will be no where in the derby

  • I like the way he runs. Nice pickup on Maximum Security. Faster and faster every point. I don’t think the jockey used the crop once? Strong hind legs!

  • The last 3 fourlongs where real fast he started to run. He will get the distance of the Kentucky Derby, he can sit and accelerate at the end and win

    • My attempt to hit the trifecta is going to cost $36.00, I could spend more and may regret it but I'm going to play Omaha Beach and Maximum Security in the two top slots with all for third.

    • There are four horses with speed figures in the 118 to 120 range. Maximum security is one of them. The others are Omaha Beach, Tacitus, and Game Winner. Not every horse will get a good trip but I hope the best horse wins.

  • Guess the rest of the field was kind of crap as how could they let leader get away with cutting such slow fractions? As for Maximum Security though it looked in the finish of the race in the stretch when asked every time by the jockey the horse listened and worked harder. This one definitely can go much faster I assume after all I saw here.

  • Max and Roadster !🏇

    • Roadster is the key horse. Put him 1st and 2nd in the Super and find your 3 or 4 to wrap around him and then about 6 for the 3rd and 4th holes. There are about 9 complete throw outs in the field. The rest needs to be figured out.

  • The Real McCoys

  • Remarkable and fast.

  • 16k MDN CLMG Very nice horse. don't see him winning the Ky Derby however. don't see him hitting the board either. there are no Justify's in this year's 3yr old crop. no Triple Crown this year. I do like a specific horse for this year's Ky Derby who will be a big price nice longshot. he will have to get the right trip and if he does get a fairly clean trip look out boxcar numbers! as far as the Oaks is concerned I will be going against the west coast Filly who will be the heavy favorite. Value/Value!

    • @vambo13257 he didnt know what he had

    • +Vincent Flauto You may very well be right. the great Mike Smith chose Omaha Beach to ride over the Santa Anita Derby horse winner he rode. if I play exactas i'll use the horse with my longshot horse I feel has a decent shot to upset the field. I don't see however another Justify in this year's crop. will see what happens. best of luck.

    • Omaha beach is a special horse the Ky Derby will prove it

  • Sticking with COH in the Derby, bad trip and no pace ruled him out in the FD, different story come first Saturday in May !

    • I mean I no Johnny V. Is one of the Best in the world, but I wasn’t a fan of the ride here in the FD! Why go so wide on the first turn and then lug outside in the final stretch drive, UNLESS he was instructed to just take it easy by Sug?? 🙏 get those odds UP ! I smell a Sug angle! I’m sticking with the Son of Nobile Mission, With Northern Dancer as a great GREAT granddaddy! Pace will make the race on the first Saturday in May!

    • vambo13257 I hope 🤞 you hit a huge Super brother! I was hooked on COH after his stumble in the champagne and still finished 2nd , his daddy NMission would run forever, with Northern Dancer as a great grandad, bad trip last out , big bounce coming! Good luck 🍀👍🏻 pal!

    • @Frank Annunziata anything can happen, I will be using him in the 3rd and 4th holes

    • vambo13257 we’ll see

    • no chance

  • I'm wrong. This horse is going to win the Kentucky Derby. Not my boy Omaha Beach or Improbable. Maximum Security is THE ONE!

    • @vambo13257 Either Omaha Challenges for the lead, or MS will take the llead and light fractions again and kick just like he did in this race. itss maximum secuirtys race to lose

    • @vambo13257 oh and War of Will

    • @vambo13257 well yeah but he didn't have big time competition in this race. He looks solid, but how is he going to do if and when he is trailing horses due to the slower pace. He may respond well, or he may not be ready for it. Omaha Beach beat improbable and game winner, which are high end horses. It's gonna be a close one at the KD, and I think it will be Omaha Beach, Game winner, then roadster/maximum security, and possibly tactius or haikal could surprise. Will be close

    • @Jeremy Scherer watching that race live we knew he was the winner at 48.98.

    • @vambo13257 Omaha Beach has the ability to change speeds at multiple times throughout the race. Maximum Security has never had traffic to go through. The pace set in this race is slow honestly. Much slower than the Kentucky Derby will be. I think maximum security will do well, but he will need to learn to weave through traffic, and speed up his pace

  • He will be dead before the stretch....lmao throw out....

  • Dont follow the horse,follow the bloodline and what the parents won in the past (distances)

  • "Casual half mile "...was never challenged...that won't happen Derby day....nice horse though.

  • This guys a monster

  • Dang its a gonna be a loaded K Derby. Improbable, Roadster, Maximum Security, Omaha Beach, Game Winner and Tacitus. All look good. Tacitus....I don't like the fact he will likely be behind half the field at mile pole. Could face traffic problems. Maximum Security, if he is on front with slow fractions, he will be dangerous. Omaha Beach...jeez.....what a gritty s.o.b....if he gets the lead in the stretch, I don't know if he can be passed. Just...holy smokes....looking forward to a heckuva derby. Bad year for TC....horse wins derby over 5 other what appear at this time to be "good horses", those 5 skip the Preakness, and then 4 or 5 of them, enter Belmont fresh and steal the show.

    • Billy Brownstar one of the best Derby fields in long time

  • Come Derby day i will prob b pickn between Maximum Security, Roadster (i luv Quality Road) & Tacitus ~ all 3 r lookn GR8!!!

    • i also luvd Elusive Quality as well!!!

  • Maximum Security ~ that is a whole lot of horse & a load of horsepower!!! Wow just WOW!!! Right now Tacitus (Wood Memorial) is my #2....

    • right, that horse really kicks when the jock asks him to go. His strides hit a whole different gear, and He still finished in 1:48, which means he didnt really start running until the stretch. this horse is something!

    • Actually i think i will put Roadster & Tacitus as tied IV my #2 right now.... i love Quality Road as well as Elusive Quality & Roadster has been impressing!!!

    • Roadster is IV me i think almost tied IV #2 with Tacitus & a very close #3

  • My horse to win the derby.

  • Rodster Will take the Derby!

    • Hey, we’ve got only a few days and we’ll see. Omaha Beach Times have been slow in every one of his races.

    • Quality Road was nevr any good passed 1 mile and 1/8th, so Roadster fades before the wire.

    • Fractions slow all day at Santa Anita on derby day, and what's amazing about Roadster was he was dead last at one point, and notice Mike Smith didnt panic, he knew he had the winner. Also second race off a lay off. Mike Smith, even though he choose Omaha Beach, knew he had the horse. Maybe, just maybe, he choose Omaha Beach because of the race he just ran but also knowing his horse loves the mud. But Roadster, now 3rd race off a layoff and surgery, plus having Tapit breeding will also love the mud. I believe your right for the reasons I have wrote

  • I'll give you all a tip code of honor will smash in the ky derby bet it all on him

    • I agree 100%.

  • He'll have to be left alone on the lead at Churchill...like War Emblem was.......and, he might be able to pull it off in the Derby.

    • @Silver Eyed Stacker It should be an interesting race. I'm looking for a Budweiser longshot for the upset...and a nice payoff. See how the works go.

    • Sabrina Dugan He won’t have an easy lead because Omaha beach won’t let him. If it’s a battle, my money is in Omaha Beach 9/10 times. Maximum Security is very talented, but there is just something about Omaha Beach. Reminds me of a Tiznow classic type horse that just shows up more often. Mike Smith is also riding Omaha Beach in the derby over Roadster. The right horse was picked.

  • Saez could the heir to the throne to John Valezquez. He put this Florida derby field to sleep and by time they heard the alarm clock , he was long gone . I hope he wins the Kentucky derby . He's a brilliant rider

  • 1:13 flat for 6f - boys were sleeping at the wheel

    • Any horse can pull away with 113 6 furlongs. What happens when he sees 110 or 111, he folds like a cheap suit

  • Woahhh. Just, woahhh

  • Bodexpress Felicitaciones a Gustavo Delgado y su Equipo de Cuadra. En la mira La Carrera de Las Rosas...

  • He was clicking off those 12 second 1/8ths like a machine. Ten 12 second 1/8ths to finish in 2:00. I see no reason why he can't carry that out to a mile and a quarter. I really like his chances in Kentucky.

    • @vambo13257 Any further opinions?

    • who did he beat? oh yeah, nobody!

    • scott jones

    • @scott jones I also still think a lot of Win Win Win. And Long Range Toddy.

    • Scotty, i agree with three of your picks but m going brave and throw out game winner and put in win win win in the top 4 based on the Santa anita derby

  • Maximum Secuity will win the KD. Might win the TC

    • Omaha is a good horse, but MS is freak of nature.

    • Maximum Secuirty will pass him up n oproblem. Just look at the differece in their strides between Omaha and MS. MS kicks like Big Brown did back in 08

    • No he will not. Ever heard of Omaha Beach?

  • man he took off at the tops of the stretch

  • Slooooowwwww...Derby is wide open this year.

  • Maximum Security The Real Deal 😀

  • Slow pace,tight turns,almost 49,in the half,it will be a barn burner, in the derby, I'm on a closer.

    • there are no more "barn burners" in the KD which is why we have a lot more favorites winning, it's why horses with good early and late speed (AP and Justify to name two) are so dominant. The points system has changed the KD pace. There are no more super fast 2yos qualifying as 2yos. If this KD pace is a barn burner it will be the first one in quite some time. I don't see any speed crazy horses. There are a few who like to be on or near the front, but they are not nuts. The half is likely to be 47 and 3 or higher. That's just the new reality.

  • I really like this horse. Too early to say he is a triple crown contender. But he looks comfortable here.

    • look at the field he faced-really nobody

  • Speed Favoring Track, Inside A Paved Highway. Nothing Closes. Winner gets away with riduculius fractions on that type of track. To top it off a 71-1 Maiden Who has yet to win a race runs 2nd all the way around the track and mostly likely the 40 pts gets him into the Kentucky Derby where he will finish 19th Beaten 60 Lengths or so. Absolute Joke These Tracks on big days soup up the surface for speed. Happens too often.

    • Remember Affrimed winning the Jock Gold Cup setting some of the slowest fractions in HISTORY?...So he was a terrible horse just because he set slow fractions that day?...No he was a GREAT horse...Maximum WON the race by 3 1/2...Now had he set those fractions and LOST the race i would agree that he isnt that good

    • @joe chrow Good Luck When Maximum Security finishes 18th by 50 Lengths In The Kentucky Derby

    • You obviously are clueless...Did what he needed to do...Just because a horse gets to set slow fractions and win does not mean they cant win any other way...Not like the horse LOST this race while setting those fractions....What did you expect

  • Lone speed & no challenge. Won't hit the board in the derby 😁😁

    • In the Kentucky Derby early speed will be challenged. Went into this liking Code of Honor, came out liking Bourbon War. Everyone knows Gulfstream favors front runners, thought Bourbon War showed nice acceleration around the turn and finished up nice to narrowly miss third.

    • @Randy Swanson great minds think alike for the Derby I said the same thing to myself

    • I'll let you know. But the fractions in the Florida Derby, was a snails pace.

    • Unchallenged early speed is the best bet in racing

    • @austin thomas I also really really like maximum security I also have my eye on Oklahoma Beach that's my two top horse

  • I will follow these races. The race was wonderfully won by Maximum Security. I hope this season we will get same enjoyment.

    • dafuq you talking bout?

    • I was born here in Kentucky over 60 years ago. The Kentucky Derby has always been exciting as much in the preparation as the race itself.

  • Soo, bourbon whiskey won??