Flying RC Car

čas přidán 11. 01. 2021
RC cars are way more fun when they are FLYING!! Our craziest RC battle yet!!
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“Back at It”
Performed by ZAYDE WØLF
Courtesy of Lyric House, LLC
Written by Dustin Burnett
©2021 Lyric House Denver Publishing o/b/o Red Coco Publishing (ASCAP)
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Comment: What would your flying RC car look like?!
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  • How many views and subs can I get from this comment???

  • Team Coby all the way!!

  • Türkiyeye selamlar keşkr böyle şeyler kopyalasanız arkadaşla3

  • No wonder they are cold dude perfect

  • Last time I saw these people was when they had 40m

  • The tree C’s are in the finale

  • What are y’all doing😏 There was no new video on Monday

  • Dude perfect vs googan squad airsoft war

  • hi I love you guys

  • Ty looked like he had more fun running over the cars then being in the finale

  • “2020 won...2020 won...2020 won....2020 won”

  • Dude perfect is the best

  • Its so cold in finland

  • Dude perfect I don’t know if you will see this but for a future video use the song love runs out pls

  • can you make a rc Drift car battle please???

  • it was the gopro

  • he did it again!!

  • Plz Rply Me

  • Hi I M Indian

  • I wish I could have an rc car like that while y'all just running them over smh...


  • Dude the camera get crushed

  • These Dudes Are Perfect!!

  • I thought the magnus effect would be coming into play

  • Tyler: Hello am T Garret: and am G Me: And that’s TG plays

  • Have a great DAY all 💪💪 IF anyone wants content check me out!

  • Have a great DAY all 💪💪 IF anyone wants content check me out!

  • This Is briliant🤩

  • Who else wants new episodes on Hulu for DP

  • Trick shots plz

  • Mann I wished that ty would win this time

  • I have been saving up for a traxxas rc and they are just destroying them LOL

  • Dude pathetic. 😎

  • What is up dude perfect I’ve been watching you sent 5 yours old and now I’m going to turn 11 yours old

  • Me be like: thats so sad but thats so funny hahahha 7:55 Me again: oh wow thats so STRONG AND STILL WORKS

  • How many GoPros had you destroyed for all videos ? XD

  • What kind of music 8:05

  • Pls make another vedio I am waiting for a long time

  • How do they get this to work????

  • WOW PERFECT ❤❤❤❤🇧🇦🇺🇲

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  • You guys are lit

  • 6:45 That’s what she said Sorry Ty

  • Dude perfect dp

  • dude perfect it is just 2 things I want. 1. please make a bike race video. 2. please download bike race and do your name. tell me your names in bike race. my one Is called ISMAIL.

  • I love this kind of series 😙😚😍

  • เสียดายอะ

  • Last vehicle was awesome😆

  • It's like rocket league

  • Awesome ✌️

  • Sponsored by Rocket League

  • Team cory

  • Anyone else noticing VERY inappropriate ads on DP videos lately? I emailed them, trying to get CS-tv to fix this so it’s safe for my kid to watch.



  • They are really perfect 😇

  • Superb duperb experiment

  • please can you top 10 animtion move in ever please

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    • What?

    • Tree had apple now tree no apple have ngca

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  • Wher we find this car

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  • Show the bloopers also to become your funny and more and more humans will also see.

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  • Childhood dream

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  • To The 1 Person reading this : You're cool and adorable stay safe

  • after all that hosing in the christmas ovetime Cody definitly deserved this win

  • Super

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  • When silver players try to arial be like:

  • 5:59 enjoy

  • It my dream to be like you guys

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  • Backyard chip battle (From: backyard athlete)

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