FNF Release But Different Characters Sing It 🎤 (Everyone Sings Release) VS Garcello

čas přidán 27. 09. 2021
Release But Different Characters Sing It 🎤 (Everyone Sings Last Hope) In this video you will see Release but Every Opponent's Turn a Different Character Sings. Not FNF Nerves But Different Characters Sing It or Termination But Different Characters Sing It but hope you enjoy it anyway!

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Blantados - github.com/Blantados/blantado ...
ExtendedCentral - github.com/ExtendedCentral/FN ...

Mods Used:

Smoke 'Em Out Struggle [FULL WEEK] | VS Garcello

VS. Pinkie

FNF vs/Big Chungus

The Full-Ass Tricky Mod

Friday Night Funkin' ONLINE VS. [HANK UPDATE]

Cover made by @NeirOnX in FL Studio


  • 0:12 Garcello 0:16 Boyfriend 0:20 Tae Yai 0:24 Amor Altra 0:29 A. G. O. T. I. 0:32 Tabi 0:36 Green Imposter 0:40 Nonsense Humor 0:44 Freddy 0:48 Bendy 0:52 Taki 0:56 Fever 1:00 Sonic.Exe 1:08 Sonic 1:15 Eteled 1:16 Flippy 1:20 Tricky 1:24 Hank J. Wimbledon 1:28 Carol 1:30 Whitty 1:33 Pinkie pie 1:40 Bob 1:48 Zardy 1:50 Majin Sonic 1:52 Daidem 1:54 06 1:56 Tankman 2:00 QT and Terminator 2:04 Sans vs Papyrius 2:12 Bob vs Bosip

  • Why does everyone think Garcello is shady. Especially after he says “Tight bars little man” and is ok with dying

    • We have simallar CS-tv names

    • @Ethanplays ?

    • @Necro 0 no

    • @Ethanplays yeah but you edited it so...

    • @Necro 0 that’s what’s on there

  • Dude,add your songs to Spotify because there really good

  • Zardy’s voice fits so damn well XD

    • Tze ones that fit so well to are impostor green/majin sonic / and etled

  • Imagine a full cover of Carol and Whitty

  • I really like how Fliqpy’s voice fades into Tricky’s voice, considering the fact that they sound so similar. (1:16)

  • Brilliant, u nailed it the charects sound a bit off but well done

  • I'm convinced agoti sounds good everywhere

  • Pinkie Pie saying "Tight bars little man" in a manly voice is the one thing I never knew I needed

  • Reference sound : 1:24 : Accelerant Hank - Sonic Exe 2:01 : QT - Boyfriend

  • Its Anyone Not Gonna Talk About Flippy And Bob They Sound So Good

  • 2:12 i rly like their voice ngl

    • Me too

  • 가셀로 아저씨 하늘에서 편하게 쉬세요.

  • Dude the cover is so good it even sound like a utau cover

  • 0:22 amor coming to get tae yai to work on b&b and then ruin his own career and make the devs mad

  • What a masterpiece 👏✨

    • yeah everything besides the charting

    • Right?

  • even know the voices sounded wrong it still sounded good :)

  • 1:00 sonic.exe is perfect for the bass drop

  • I love QT phase 4’s part

  • 1:48 辺りから凄い好き、何か好き(語彙力皆無)

    • わかりみが深い

    • @FadingRainbow08he said "I really like it from 1:48" (I'm using google translate and I don't know if I can translate it well )

    • can someone translate?

    • わかる

  • Nobody: Hank with zardys voice:


  • In one month..... He got 115 thousand(?) Subscribers HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE AND WHY THOSE COVERS ARE BANGERS

    • @Gabrielplayz123 this comment is a complement, i love his channel, why do you think i am a hater

    • hater

    • 😊❤🙂

    • 😃💕😟

  • Good Work Bro!

  • tricky is not really singing, he is screaming, but he still sounds good

  • Amazing 🙂

  • I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😉😉😉

  • Nice 👌

  • Another fantastic and perfectly done cover✨

  • Muito bom

  • I love this one 0:20

  • All character 4:44 Garcello vs BF 4:57 taeyai vs Bob bosip 4:12 agoti vs tabi 3:39 impostor (v3) vs nonsense 3:41 Freddy vs bendy 4:07 Taki vs fever 7:00 Sonic EXE vs Sonic 5:06 Tricky vs Hank 0:01 Carol vs whitty 3:04 pinkie pie vs Bob 1:03 Zardy vs Sonic EXE (majin) 6:08 daidem vs BF entity 5:09 papyrus vs Sans 4:02 Bob vs bosip

    • bru you did the timestamps wrong

  • I LOVE IT!!!

  • 1:24 Hank sounds like sonic exe

  • 01:00 mi parte favorita

  • I love this song

  • Es muy bonita la canción 😍❤️👍

  • I love how A.G.O.T.I ‘s voice kinda recurves and created a very nice sound

  • Tabi and Nonsense's voice fit

  • 0:21 地味に上手い 1:41 上手すぎる 地味にハマる

  • This cover is good you should try to get in funky friday there adding these kind of songs in

    • @DaBoogie Storm I didn’t ask


  • I think the characters are UTAU cover because Garcello’s vocals are create from UTAU

  • Really cramming in keywords in that description box there

  • 1:00 tho SO GOOD!!!!

  • Tank man was just like......confused about what to sing

  • Estas canciones de Friday Nights Funkin están como para descargarlas y tenerlas de música 🥺👌✨😊

  • Mistakes: Both Qt and Cesar have Bfs voice Sans and Papyrus sound the same Tankman's voice sounds off-key

  • 1:25 why does hank almost sound like sonic.exe

    • I know but if it was

    • if hank was lower pitch then i can see that as a posibility

  • Everybody: Singing Amor: "Has his gaming chair glued"

  • 0:21 i like it

  • 0:36 green imposter sound nice and a little bit highed pitched lol

  • I like how pinkie pie has garcellos voice at 1:47

  • WOW me gusta mucho 😍

  • I'm loving this FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN!!!

  • Nonsense sounds so good

  • the music is so cool and incredible

  • Portuguese: wow muito bom seu vídeo!! English: wow very good your vídeo!!

  • Thanks for screwing up some of the best Fnf songs on the Sans and Tankman part

  • I loved it, beautiful congratulations

    • @BLACK STAR wtf

    • 😈😈😉😉😊😊😉😉

  • 0:57 When fever is supposed to be sing bf is singing

  • One of my favorite songs!

  • tell me I'm not the only one who cried with the death of garcelo

  • Nice video ✨👍


  • 2:00 this girl's part is very great

    • @MiladDenSeje LOL What i mean is i never know QT before so i just have search for her all because i love the song and i look at her Bio her name is QT (Cutie) so yeah now i know her name and i never play that mod before

    • @Grim Shadow 2.0 didn’t get that with “even idk her name too I just know her name last month “ wdym with that?

    • @MiladDenSeje LOL Heyy even idk her name too i just know her name last month. And they might be not reading biography or don't want to spoil anything

    • Bruh how do u not know her name🤦

    • QT (Cutie) was her name she called QT cause i think she was like a humanoid robot like thing (i forgot her bio)

  • Bro my man just put Zardy voice on Hank?????

  • Gostei

  • 1:46 Tight Bars Little man,Pinkie Pie

  • 6:23 garcello start singing 6:24 other characters start singing it


    • You gotta look on youtube more there are people other than him to do a tricky and hank cover -_-

    • @Aws Almuhsen just a bit

    • @Renato Espínola he kinda does

    • @Aws Almuhsen zardy doesn't have this deep voice

    • @Aws Almuhsen how the voice of hank is zardy? It's the voice from sonic.exe

  • Si le pones la velocidad ×2 se escucha increible

  • How did god mode nonsense is falling even he can float (just a joke lol)

  • 1:01 and 1:24 is so... similar

  • I love the sound

  • Omg I am a huge fan of Cyrix

  • He's is amazing garcello I hope there's more mods

  • Hank sounds like sonic.exe

  • Man Majin sonic and Bendy got An Increadible voice with Bob ( bosip mod )

  • 👍😁✨🌟

  • I like the song I may rate 1000000/10 because is so cool!!!!

  • Algunos son (UTAU)(COVER)

  • I like Hank and Ticky Sing the You're welcome 1:22 And one I like ZarD and Majin Sonic 1:49 I love Solazar Api

  • 1:47 pinkie says garcello frase with a 76 years man voice XD

  • 2:04 Sans sounds so good

  • Это просто нечто

  • the UTAU in this is subtle

    • @Leunamme November it’s a jokei dont think it menas anything tho

    • @Lui Shirosagi really?

    • @Leunamme undertale alternate universe xd

    • Wath utau means

  • 1:45 the best scene and 1:00

  • That part fits eleted and flippy was amazing 🤩

    • what about the transition from fliqpy to tricky

  • Fever:Sounds like BF KB/KillByte:Sounds like QT

  • if only some did a sonic always running cover

  • Can we talk about why nonsense is falling but he's flying

  • Something about pinkie pie saying “tight bars little man” cracked me up

  • Ayo this song on 2x speed is a banger


  • Gente vocês perceberam que o accelerant hank e o Sonic exe tem a mesma voz

  • Pinkie speaking tight bars little man broke me haha

  • Its a good song with the mixes i like it with the killer and one of the happy tree friend

  • Bruh even at mcdonalds i listen to this :)

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