Food Theory: This TikTok Drink is the Best WORST Idea Ever! (BORG)

čas přidán 20. 03. 2023
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Welp, just like the good ole’ Tide Pods Challenge from 2018, another bizarre trend is taking over the youth of America: BORGs. College students across the country are drinking “Black Out Rage Gallons.” But, what are they? And is there ANY benefit to them? Grab your straw and let’s find out!
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Writers: Stephanie Patrick and Brittany Leigh Turnbull
Editors: Koen Verhagen and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Designer: Yosi Berman
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  • Wait... Star Trek isn't cool?

  • you'll never be done covering stupid tik tok trends MatPat

    • The internet is never going to run out of dumb ideas.

    • @Pharaoh The Creator wtf I didn't notice that the video was posted barely half an hour ago.

    • @And Peggy no, the trends will just start appearing in any platform with short videos instead of tiktok

    • how does this have 580 likes and was posted 52 minutes ago?

    • That's the point INFINITE CONTENT

  • i was a lil worried when u sold the channel but when u explained and showed us nothing would change i felt better, plz never stop what u do i would like to see grandpa pat lol you guys have helped me threw a lot and if anybody in the theorist family sees this thank you to

    • lol

    • @GrassFudge wait untill people will get comfy with the whole ordeal. Its always better at the beggining

    • PaPat

    • ​@Hideki Shinichi Things HAVE changed they were finally able to do a livestream again and there's more on the way!!!

    • @Hideki Shinichi The channels are doing very well, I think any manager would be sacred dead to make any big changes

  • Matpat is great at keeping his viewers safe and entertained while telling dad jokes in the process

    • Here is the full clip : u don't want to miss this

  • Seriously thank you for talking about things like spiked drinks and the like. Not a lot of youtubers in the genra tend not to bring it up, let alone bring stats into things. As someone who had to be equipped to handle these situations from an age younger than I probably should have, whenever I go out to social settings and end up people watching, I see so many red flags, and have even caught (and stopped) situations happening. So many people are reckless with things like this and it's something I didn't expect to be brought up. Again, thank you so very much for talking about this.

    • Here is the full clip : u don't want to miss this

    • I have been waiting so long for this :

  • I think in smaller measured quantities, the borg is a great low cost idea at college party settings. Being drugged at parties is a huge issue so I hope some college students use the borg wisely and not to get themselves so drunk they get hospitalized. Maybe rename the smaller borg to something else

    • I have been waiting so long for this :

    • I agree a Borg is a great idea for a solo drink in college parties, but without the caffeine, smaller amount of vodka and also, smaller bottles

  • As a college student who lives in an area with tons of fraternities, I’ve heard so many people talk about this. One of my friends said that if you didn’t make the Borg it will send you to the morgue, but if you bring your own you’re more likely to make it home.

    • I Have Been Waiting So Long For This :

    • It’s gotta rhyme, otherwise drunks won’t remember it

    • It’s gotta rhyme, otherwise drunks won’t remember it

    • It’s gotta rhyme, otherwise drunks won’t remember it

    • It rymes how cool

  • I would have loved having this in university. When I was there we were just drinking the rum straight which was naaaasty. Would have loved to have been able to only add a little bit of alcohol and mostly juice for the rest and pretend I was harder than I was haha. Definitely would not have followed the typical recipe. Also like that no one could spike my drink because it would have the lid on and be in my hand at all times!

    • Rum is fucking delicious though.

    • I always felt like alcohol isn’t supposed to taste good, otherwise it would be way too easy to get dangerously drunk and accidentally dying

  • LOL legit if this was a thing when I was 21 I would definitely make it at home without alcohol before going to my friends or a party. I hated being pressured to drink and this would have saved me from all that nonsense.

  • I can always count on Mat to drop fire content!

    • Fr

    • *Here is the full clip explaining why dad left you: (Making fun of bots)*

    • quit running for first comment every time lmfao

    • the vid is not even over lol

  • Aaaaah I remember college days. The non drinkers and less experienced drinkers loved my colorful ‘drinks’. Pink lemonade with some fruit and herbs. Made it look like a cocktail but no alcohol. Ever since been making more ‘mock tail’ recipes. I saw borgs at college and that what started me making fake but fancy looking drinks.

  • I love howdelivers aggressive positivity to get the message across everyone, to do something good for those who need it

  • My older brother made a borg pretty recently. I had to bring him water the next morning cause he was so sick. I don’t think I’ve ever had to do that before

    • Here is the full clip 💗 you will love this :

  • Excellent video! Love the points about safety, it really does give students much more autonomy and control over their own drinking. Although maybe too much in the traditional borg. Also not surprised to see ZooMass representation lol

  • Honestly pretty nice to be able to mix up all your drinks for the night while still completely sober. Kinda puts a lid on the "just one more" behavior that leads to toilet prayer.

    • @Victoria Ferguson You don't have to add that much.

    • except when that one drink is the equivalent to 17 so youre much more likely to overdrink than if you kept ordering while drunk...

  • I could just imagine some college student, going up to the bar one night and just go: “ yeah can I get a Borg for the road “

    • Report bot

    • the Borg is personal, handcrafted and named. It's more special than that :(

  • That was a good episode Matt! Thanks for the Information. It won’t go to waste

  • 7:47 I would not expect them to cancel out. I've experience what happens if you try to cancel out spicy with minty: it creates the taste of hellfire. Hence I'd expect mixing caffiene and booze to create a culinary eldritch abomination

  • Matt honestly does offer the best solution here - just make the bottle smaller. Minimize the risks by reducing the amount of dangerous chemicals being imbibed, and you keep all of the safety features the borg already has!

    • It’s also a more reasonable serving size and a lot easier to carry around like gallons of a drink are heavy, I wouldn’t want to carry that all around in a party

  • Thanks for the little reminder at the end there. It's been a rough week, You guys' work always cheer up my day. :)

  • I love that conclusion. Very cool to know people can use this to protect themselves.

  • My Grandma actually told me the other day that someone spiked her drink once, Thankfully she was taken home and was fine outside of an extreme headache

  • Dude, the Four Loko/Joose/Sparks days were rough. The market was flooded with "energy beer" in the mid to late 2000s. While I was in high school and shouldn't have been drinking, they were absolutely everywhere. It was so easy to overdo it when all you had to do was slam 3 or 4 of these deceptively sweet tall cans with energy drink ingredients.

    • Oh jooosseee! I almost forgot about Joose entirely! Thanks for bringing back the memories...I guess 😁

    • Hi

  • When you consider that one BORG would be probably shared among multiple people it actually begins to make a great deal of sense. One handle is 17 shots, divided among 3 people is around 5.6 shots per person. This is still not perfectly safe, (no alcohol is safe) but assuming that you drink that over the course of around two hours and that is a reasonable amount of alcohol. You will not throw up or be more at risk than anyone else (just maybe find a caffeine-free flavoring method)

  • Have you ever heard about the person who downed 3 five hour energies to study for a final and took some niquil to help with their cold and preceeded to have an out of body experience for the next 8 hours? Cause that's what that reminds me of

  • Altho i never heard of the term borg this practice is very common in my area. We all hate going to parties sober and spending a lot of money there. So it became the norm to pre make simple mixes in bottles. It was way cheaper, more discreet and easy to toss before the club. By the time i arrived at the club i chucked a 1,5l oj-vodka and am pretty tipsy. So i save money on drinks inside

  • I know what I'm doing this weekend! Thanks MatPat!

  • As an avid borg enthusiasts. Borgs is fantastic, i make mine without caffeine, but the ability for safety from getting drugged and the ability to control your alc content is awesome

    • Yeah in my friend groups we make them without caffeine and we also always have people that don’t finish so there’s no pressure to drink the entire thing

    • Don't lie to yourself. If you're making yourself a borg or drinking anywhere close to that amount of alcohol, you're not actually concerned about safety.

    • they’re pretty awesome, you also don’t have to keep searching for drinks and potentially spend way too much money since you’re carrying it out with you

  • Speaking as someone born into Gen Z (I Think I was born 2000) I have actually made my own BORG for my high school Proms because statistically speaking since my first prom when I was a freshy I found out the hard way that the punch bowl was spiked after that I made my own BORG in a bracelet flask for the rest of my prom nights. (Coke Zero, a Small Pinch of Rum Chata, and one pack of splenda.)

  • Mio is some crazy stuff if you're not careful, when working in a call center I'd put more than the recommended amount in each bottle of water I drank and once on the drive home I nearly crashed cause I was just tweeking so hard, fun times fun times.

  • You never dissapoint matt! Love your videos!

  • I really didn't expect any type of positive spin on this but I do appreciate the logic, it's a good way to combat a series problem.

  • You should do a food theory on Death Wish Coffee!

    • I have been waiting so long for this :

  • Something we're not giving credit is that you don't have to drink an entire borg in one sitting, knowing your body is the key to responsible drinking so I personally think is really cool to just cap it and maybe keep it in a backpack for easy carry, everything is about knowing when to stop

  • The fact that he never disappoints us is amazing

    • @Bonnie The Tattletail Well i do sound like a bot

    • @Skill Issue HOW DID YOU KNOW

    • Ok

    • @complete video here I don’t want to know how to make pizza quick and easy

    • I have been waiting so long for this :

  • I love when he just debunks trends.

    • Ok

    • I think everyone does

    • Me too

    • link to the clip they finally released it

    • *Here is the full clip explaining why dad left you: (Making fun of bots)*

  • Maybe, another episodes giving alternatives? Different bottle types that could help with measurement provide other benefits and safer limits with smaller consumptions.

    • I have been waiting so long for this :

  • I was really hoping this was going to be a food theory episode where they actually try it out in the kitchen

  • My ex drank monster and vodka all the time. I have never been a big alcohol guy, so it got old pretty quickly. I do like being tipsy though, it removes my anxiety filter, and I'm not so shy lol

  • In my younger years I drank two bottles of vodka straight a night (I was an alcoholic) so at first I was unimpressed but after you pointing out how it can reduce spiking and peer pressure I’m actually impressed by the younger generation I almost wish my generation had that idea. The oldest Gen Alpha is only 6 years away from college so I’m curious to see how they act especially seeing as they are the children of millennials.

    • Here is the full clip explaining why dad left you: (Making fun of bots)

    • I Have Been Waiting So Long For This :

  • Fourlokos are some scary stuff. Lol. When I was in high-school, there was a gas station that sold these, but the guy working thought they were just energy drinks, and didn't realize they had alcohol in them. One weekends my friends and I went in and bought two each, and chugged both while also smoking weed. (It was a birthday and I want young) We all blacked out and had a crazy night. I remember not being able to move my arms while my friends posed me like a mannequin.

  • honestly your pink sauce looks good.... can i buy a bottle?

    • Wrong video bud

    • This is the Clip u all looking for :

    • Frankly, a taste test would be required before getting it to market.

  • As a college student, I needed this video. Thank you!

  • Food Theory, the big brother we didn't know we needed 🙌

  • I basically do this every year at the Pride parade, throw a bottle of vodka and 1.5l 7up + maybe some food coloring/hangover remedy to a camelback and I'm all set for the whole day. And funny thing is that I don't even get blackout drunk slurping that stuff, maybe it's bit different than the BORG but still, it works

  • A BORG Jr / BORG Babie honestly sounds like a good idea. Same premise of the safety reasons behind the BORG but without as much alcohol.

  • So this is normal now? Back when I was doing this 20 years ago people thought I was weird. It kept people from passing me nasty beer and I never had to worry about where my drink was as you said. Of course, I was on the high end of the alcohol spectrum you showed though. It took a lot to put me down back then. If I didn't have my ready made drink mix in my hand then it was just straight bottles of liquor. All under my control. If I wanted more it was right there. If i wanted to stop, I would. It was one of the best systems ever. I never mixed anything with caffeine though.

  • Nearly 3 times the water compared to vodka which itself only has 40% so around 10%... Yeah, I somehow don't get how this is bad considering what Europeans drink (my go-to mix is around 750ml of cheap energy-drink and 500ml of vodka which is easily done by drinking half a bottle of 1.5litre energy drink and putting the vodka in the energy bottle... Bonus: it still looks like a normal energy drink so you can easily drink it in public without drawing attention until you're already drunk)

  • A classmate of mine actually made a Borg and took it our party in college, and got sent to the hospital good thing is their doing fine now, bad thing their gonna have to do a remedial exam because they missed a few weeks of school

  • Honestly this is better than stuff like "Skittles" that was popular when I was in college. It's the exact same recipe but instead of water it was a half gallon of Mountain Dew. GenZ is being smarter about their hydration than previous generations so I respect it

  • I think it's a great idea. I was in college, in the '00s and drinking unknown mixed drinks from bathtubs, trash cans(clean), and sports water coolers. Not the smartest when trying to fit in. This would have allowed me to fit in while controlling what and how much liquor I was taking in. Also with a cap it makes it WAY harder for some idiot to slip something bad into the drink.

  • Now that's just fighting words there Mat Pat, because what's cooler than people genuinely liking their job and co-workers! ;)

  • 12:40 "thanks for drinking responsibly" thanks for breathing responsibly, your O2 consumption is majestic, Matt!

    • I have been waiting so long for this :

  • My friend invented (or codiscovered) the borg long before the internet he filled a jug with coolaid and vodka and passed out after the half and he went viral. In the early 2000 it gained popularity again with the advent of social media.

  • My Borg is typically just a half gallon with roughly 1/4 or less rum and the rest is an Arnold Palmer (sweet tea and lemonade) but the rum is only for the weekends typically I’m just carrying an ungodly amount of Arnold Palmer. Stay safe and stay strapped

  • how would a non caffeinated water enhancer affect the drink? would it be safer or still just as bad?

  • here in Brazil we have a similar thing that people make on carnaval, it's called Chemical Wine.

  • Lets appreciate how matpat always works hard to give us beautiful videos everyday 😊😊😊

  • México being doing this since... FOREVER. The bigger the bottle, the better. Tonayan, (a couple of processes less than tequila, so basically really REALLY cheap tequila); a lot of water and some Kool-aid or whatever regional brand they have in México

  • Once i'm able to go to college, this shall be something i'll use (minus the alcohol, i don't like it)

  • loved the video! here's some food (theory) for thought, but maybe im just dumb: does drinking water, especially cold water, help you lose weight? cause- the way i think about it- drinking cold water would lower your body temperature during the heat capacity of water, and it is evident you lose body heat when you drink water cause when you micturate the product is warm or at least body temperature. so, in order to maintain the body temperature aka homeostasis we gotta be metabolising calories, right? maybe there's some clear logic im missing here idk BUT GREAT VIDEO AS ALWAYS

  • I did this as a kid (I'm in Denmark, the legal drinking age is really low) but I just bought a 2-litre bottle of coke, poured out 1 can's worth and filled it with vodka. Same general idea, just a lot less vodka.

  • You can also just make a borg just to bring to share with close friends hella convenient to make and everyone gets their own cup just pour it out

  • The little excitement you get when ur watching old theorys and a new one drops in on a notif, its better than drugs Jeremy

  • Should this surprise us after the “Pink Sauce” incident

  • If these college kids like me want to have "Borgs," they should either buy a cup cover for their drinks and making sure they keep an eye on it, OR if they still like the idea of making Borgs, then they should use a smaller size, like a Liter or something smaller for their own alcohol content for the night, learning how to drink slower and ration out their alcohol.

  • You know your in a party college when the Blarney Blowout makes it into a Matpat video

  • I'm writing a book and a scene takes place at a college party. Since I never went to college, and don't drink anyway, I just thought: 'what's something a dumb college kid would drink?' And I came up with vodka and kool-aid. I'm not sure if I'm proud of myself or disappointed in everyone else.

  • I live on a college campus currently, and my collgege is very good at alerting people when a serious thing happens. A lot of us agree that sometimes they could give more info, but for the most part they are awesome. Reccently we had someone report on a spiked drink inccident that happened in december, clearly they were nervous to speak up before. In the email we got warnings and ways to he safe. This isnt the only time the school had to issue warnings tho, assaults, suicide and discrimination were also treated with lots of warnings and protective solutions. I know why this stuff is scary, I can see its effects even if I dont participate. Please be careful of who you trust, what you do and how you handle things like this. The borg is an example of people creating safer ways to be crazy, but its still dangerous. Parties you go to should be with people you know well. Not just roomates but friends. I live with those old enough to drink, but they dont around me. I trust them not to do it, and they havent. Sorry this is a bit long and kind of a rant. Enjoy your day.

  • this video is the first i ever heard about BORG's. gonna make one this weekend thanks

  • in Brazil this drink has existed for decades, called "gummy", but we usually put more vodka

  • Great episode as always. when are we getting part 2 of the McDonalds Monopoly episode? :-)

  • I think to make the Borg pretty safe (it's still alcohol you can only make it that safe) Is finding a flavouring that dosnt have caffeine I understand that it's a lot of vodka but at the same time it's a lot of water and liquid in general

  • I get so happy with every vid! Thanks matpat (and the awesome editors) for helping my smile every video!

    • I have been waiting so long for this :

    • I don’t exactly know what your pfp is, but it is freaking awesome

    • quit running for first comment every time lmfao

  • you know that this is gonna be a good video when he mentions ‘Borg’.

    • I have been waiting so long for this :

  • I work in a grocery store. I constantly see the kinds of stuff people buy. Usually, nothing stands out. But for the last few weeks, I've noticed an unusual amount of people buying an unusual amount of Mio and Kool Aid packs. I never paid much attention to who was buying them, but after watching this video, starting to remember most of them were in their lower 20s. Welp, now I know why they're selling so much. EDIT: Okay, I'm 10 minutes in as I type this and Matpat just said "A BORG isn't just about fun, it's about safety." I-...Sigh. For christ's sake. I get that he's trying to find some kind of upside, can't just ignore that. Are spiked drinks worse than a BORG? Probably. But saying that a BORG is even remotely justifiable because it's not AS bad as a worse thing is just an awful fallacy. Just don't drink. That's it. Just don't poison yourself. Usually I can look past Matt trying to understand both sides in the effort of fairness, but this is one of the worst attempts of that I've seen in a while. It is SO easy for some college student to see this video and think "See? SEE?! Matt says I'm taking the safer route! It's for my own safety!" and feel justified. We should NOT be encouraging this behavior. We should NOT be even loosely implying that downing stuff as awful as this is some ethical high ground or is acceptable on any level. P.S. This comment had 86 likes before I edited in the second part. Some who liked my comment might not agree with the edited segment. Just in the efforts of full transparency.

    • @DBZMAN I finished the video and decided to not change the edit because, despite what Matt goes on to explain, I stand by what I said. Changing alcohol levels? Just control yourself. Either drink less, don't drink alcohol at all, or instead of functioning entirely on guesswork of a vaguely-identifiable drink, just...bring an actual bottle of liquor for yourself. There are many better ways of controlling your alcohol levels than "Gotta conform to putting it in a milk jug with purple coloring and water." If you're REALLY trying to drink responsibly, then why add any measure of uncertainty? Trying to justify a BORG only muddies the waters of the whole "responsible" point being made. Yes, there may be people who make non-alcoholic versions, but that doesn't remove the damage of the video even loosely justifying alcoholic BORGs to people who'd want to pursue that option. So yes, he does put disclaimers in the video, but it's a video that also includes moments of defending an overtly dangerous act. It's like saying "There have been people who survived jumping out of a plane without a parachute. That means it's possible. I'm not saying it's safe. I'm not saying you should do it. But if you DO choose to do it, there's a chance you won't die!" It's a bunch of red tape masking a very dangerous belief to instill upon an impressionable audience.

    • I honestly think you took the wrong message. I'm grateful your drinks were never spiked when you were a teenager or early 20s. He clearly states that there's a positive way of using the BORG as a disguise. Allowing non-drinkers to partake in festivities without the pressure of drinking random (questionable) beverages at college parties. I see this as a good public service announcement.

    • You should really watch whole videos before commenting cause even the edited part is out of date by the time the video actually ends cause he talks about maybe using a smaller container or no alcohol at all or even just changing the alchol levels

    • I mean, he did say to not drink in the first place. And then he said "since you're going to to it anyways, at least be safe about it (with their "borg" that they mixed themselves).

    • Based edit

  • There are a lot of factors in this that can make it be labeled as irresponsible or vice versa, there's ONE MAIN FACTOR in all this that can make it safe, and I cannot stress it enough: "MODERATION" Everything needs moderation, and I mean *E V E R Y T H I N G*. That goes for anything, ranging from chocolate or adult drinks, to even stuff like water and salad. Everything needs moderation or it can throw your body out of balance. So if you ARE going to try BORG (which I am going to say I support *in moderation*) and you want to avoid the caffeine factor, aim for natural juices like apple or grape juice, or even the Kool-Aid packets (they aren't exactly natural or healthy, but at least you're avoiding the caffeine factor.) But above all else, remember this one word: MODERATION! I cannot stress how many times I've overindulged myself and ended up over the toilet the next morning because of it.

  • MattPatt just gave Borgs a wholesome side

  • Man I come here to be entertained not reminded that I'm an alcoholic

  • I tried one four loko when they first came out because I worked at a convenience store that started selling them. I got two drinks in and was like nope that's way too disgusting

  • I just graduated college in December. I’ve never seen a borg but I probably would have ended up in the hospital if I did

  • Ayy as a 29yo dancer, i learned today that borg is the name of my beverage of choice 😂 I always make customers buy me vodka on the rocks and I just mix it w my electrolyte water every time 😂 I always tell customers I’m An old lady, I just like liqour w water 😂😅

  • I completely avoided college parties for this exact reason. I only graduated 6 years ago.

  • In mexico they have their version called "aguas locas" a mix of water, kool aid, tequila, other alcohols in a 5 gal container

  • My mom used to talk to me about spiked alcohol. She always used to say "Jerome watch your cup" and that is why I will always carry a bottle of water with me and to any party I go to and I'm always going to be carrying it around cuz I don't trust people

  • I used to put a few shots of jack in a 2 liter coke and called it my drank…lol 😅

  • Blackout rage gallons have been a staple of Florida State University since the late '90s. I wouldn't be surprised if somebody like Bert kreischer had a hand in the invention of a blackout rage gallon.

  • I love food theory! It's my favorite theory channel honestly

  • In our college days, we did jungle juice. Mixed all types of liquor in a cooler and then filled our red cups,

  • Well, you all heard it, MatPat said we should all go drink a gallon of Borg right now

  • In the UK drinking your own mixed drinks has been standard for a while, I'd by a 2L bottle of coke add spirit of your choice, don't need to worry about keeping track of where your 6 pack is or others stealing your drinks

  • I love how Irish coffee, rum and coke, and others seem to have been forgotten.

  • See if you can get a free meal from just eating the breadsticks at Olive Garden or Biscuits at red lobsters 😊

    • @David Donahoe Ik that

    • if you ask for more than two baskets of biscuits at red lobster they will usually start charging.

  • Okay so it's basically like if you really want to get drunk BORG is the perfect drink

  • Before I watch the video, I'm just going to say that, in theory, this is a good idea, it's just executed poorly. Pros: Carrying around a pre-mixed drink that only you will consume all night is smart. It allows you to keep track of how much you drank, because you know, because you mixed it yourself before you left. It has a lid on it, and you're carrying it everywhere with you. Lessens the chances of being spiked. Cons: I just read in the comments something about too much caffeine. Well, there, you're just an idiot. Caffeine and alcohol don't mix well. Yes, the original Four Loco was a thing, but there is a reason they changed the formula. Also, yes, bars will serve "Vodka Red Bulls" and you can buy Rockstar with vodka in them, despite, on the can of a regular energy drink, it will tell you not to mix them with alcohol. Which is interesting to me. Not so much that bars are serving it up, after all, it's a suggestion, not a law. But on a can of regular Rockstar, it tells you not to mix it with alcohol, yet, they have other ones that are pre-mixed with it. I guess it's because they have controlled the ratios, but that only helps if someone isn't an idiot and doesn't drink multiple of them in a night. Also, maybe, just, idk, put less alcohol in it? Seems fairly obvious. TL;DR: I see nothing wrong with this if they put less alcohol and no caffeine. Obviously that wouldn't be "cool" anymore, but, neither is ending up in the hospital. Especially in America. Edit: So, they don't specifically add caffeine, per se. It's that the liquid water enhancer they choose had caffeine in it. Simple, pick one without. Edit2: I love that I got an ad for alcohol during this, specifically Johnnie Walker. Good job, CS-tv.

  • How does he make these kind of videos so fast!

  • my exact thought was "why not just use a smaller bottle?" then MatPat said it and... well, fine, you can have it.

  • "Lethal dose of alcohol" "Bottle of vodka" *laughs in slav*

  • bro this isn't even a theory this is literal facts