Former FBI Agent Explains How to Read Body Language | Tradecraft | WIRED

čas přidán 21. 05. 2019
Former FBI agent and body language expert Joe Navarro breaks down the various ways we communicate non-verbally. What does it mean when we fold our arms? Why do we interlace our fingers? Can a poker player actually hide their body language?

Check out Joe's book "The Dictionary of Body Language"
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Former FBI Agent Explains How to Read Body Language | Tradecraft | WIRED


  • Guy: i didn't do it FBI Guy: hmmm hmm .. based on your body l----- Guy: ok I'm guilty.

  • this is what the quiet kid is doing in the corner

  • I had no idea that we could be misjudged by what we wear and our hair style . Great information , I'm definitely going to be more me .


  • I'm now officially a beginner agent,...... Without pay of course

  • I was very concious of my body positioning while wathcing this

  • Is this save for him exposing his name and face and saying he is a FBI agent ?

  • "Handshaking is both necessary and essential in most cultures." Welp, Corona screwed us all.

  • "That's how they carry flowers in Eastern Europe." ... Wow.

  • I would just start dancing when I’m in front of him so he couldn’t read me.

  • So this guy should talk to Ghislaine

  • Hated when he said the average number of blinks per minute. Thank yooou, now I have to blink by myself and not automatically. 😂😂


  • ''It's not a lie if you believe in it''- George Costanza

  • if youre born natural Pokerface they can't read your mind

  • So it means that I'm constantly uncomfortable

  • who else was doing the actions he was explaining as he talked abt it

  • Is he the one who wrote What Every Body Is Saying? I loved that book

  • why the thumbnail was an image of two black men !?

  • I'm offended as some one with oily hair and and bad dandruff, and for some strange reason I've always had like eye bags or like dark spots under my eyes.. even though I get plenty of sleep?

  • As an alien this was very helpful.

  • Am I the only one who got really figity while watching this 😂

  • 1:59 but what about the other wired video?

  • What if the guy crossed his feet because he just wants to pee

  • Everyone is trying to teach you something they don't really know!!

  • This is just opinions!

  • This former FBI agent looks a bit like Raymond Reddington :P

  • Me: now I'm a master of body language😀 J: hold my nephew....

  • my god, why do they carry flowers like that?

  • Someone: blinks FBI: that’s how they blink in the south of Greece

  • joe: the way someone is standing can tell a lot about them. Moving around not really standing still can be suspicious. my adhd uneven leg self that has to switch feet positions every 2 seconds because of my adhd and uneven legs: 👁👄👁

  • I usally move my feet when im idle because they start to hurt.

  • Man: *is knocked out* Me: I can read body language and this man is unconcious

  • guys just remember: if they are sticking a gun at you, they probably don't like you.

    • Or they don't know you and want your money.

  • someone : *coughs* FBI: "hold it right there. thats how they breath in eastern europe, you're a spy"

  • Peoples who dislike was just betrayed spies Sorry i may did mistakes, i'm french not english

  • 6:36 I just do that when my hands get sweaty...

  • I get threatened by everything 😂 I’m just scared of the danger ppl can put me in only trust yourself as your the only one you know exists!

  • Very good video! Thanku!👍

  • Okay *his children had it harder than me* there i said it🙂

  • I have horrible anxiety and when I have to talk to someone I don’t know I suck in my lips, hunch my shoulders, move my hands very stiffly. Pretty much everything he talks about. 😂

  • great, now I know how to mess with fib agents

  • Its nice to hear for a laugh. Just think that law enforcemant agencies use these nonesense to convict people-thats scary.

  • *Laughs in ADHD*

  • Jeez I already knew this! Why?

  • Il burn the same amout of calories by doing this and running a marathon. Its mentaly tiring

  • This is some Sherlockcraft.

  • If a woman crosses her legs behind her *knock knock*........yes? What is this? COME ON, a bench warrant for telling a bad joke on CS-tv. I didnt even finish.....fine I will be there tomorrow. The thought police suck.

  • I don’t want to walk anymore after watching this...

  • Give him a comfortable chair.

  • Technically They just like reveal to the people who are criminal how to avoid being caught by the fbi

  • he looks like the grandfather of millie bobby brown

  • Who’s the narrator in 9:26 ???????

  • 4:00 If you didn't know it already you know it now: *never talk to the police!*

  • I want to be an FBI agent!! Is it to late now that i just turned 40? Lol 😂 I will take down cartels!! Lol oh well maybe in my next life!

  • 0:06 i miss this 2020😭 sucks

  • Wish I watched this before I took a polygraph test for a Sheriffs position

  • I hug myself all the time because I am forever feeling cold...pls don’t read too much into my body language. ‘Am just really freaking cold all the time.

  • My father could just look at me and he alright know's i'm lying i still don't know he does it he never went to the military, wasn't a police officer he just closes boxes that's it

    • Probably years of knowing you

  • I can't tell you how much that sentence you proclaimed about, "you can have a poker face, but you can't have a poker body.." really resonated with me. After working as a professional poker dealer for over 20 years, I can safely say that is a 101% true! Its amazing..

  • I'm an introvert so when in public I always touch my face either Cover my mouth or nose it helps me be a bit less nervous

  • Exactly.......

  • he should go to area 51 dude.

  • *My professional analysis of this FBI "agents" analysis of the poker players is that* *he knows jack squat*

  • Totally opposite what others say

  • It's true I can confirm that today

  • Let me tell you how did I become an FBI agent I saw someone walking in a wired and immediately said that's how they walk in eastern Europe

  • Never heard anyone say: "I was a normal agent for the FBI" :-)

  • When my girlfriend conversation with his Bff Me: (!-_-) hmmm Body language I wonder what are they talkin about

  • Mali

  • Malikiskre

  • He said that when people touch nose, mouth, etc it's called self-soothing. It's not sign of a lie and doesn't make sense. But how about Former FBI said in WIRED another video explain how detect lying? He said that beviour (touch nose, mouth, grooming, etc) can be sign of people lying. I don't know where I should stand on

    • Yes. Probably People self sooth themselves when their lying because it causes some some kind of discomfort or anxiety

  • I'm here instead of studying 😐

  • Im here for comments. Was not disappointed ^_^

  • Nobody carrys flowers like that in eastern Europe. At least not in my country


  • Him: The way to walk and dress is what is in your head Me: *dresses and walks weird* My thoughts: *yaoi*

  • Best way to avoid the FBI interpreting body language: I invoke my 5th amendment rights. I want to speak to a lawyer.

  • Watch out cause the next criminal is gonna be smart.

  • Me who's been practically trained by an army vet how to not use body language to give things away plus has had a therapist tell me that she can't read me exactly how she can others: 👁👄👁