Forrest Gump’s Production Designer Breaks Down Lt. Dan’s First Scene | Vanity Fair

čas přidán 8. 07. 2019
In this episode of “Notes on a Scene,” Rick Carter, Forrest Gump’s production designer, breaks down the “Vietnam” scene from the film. Forrest Gump is now available with a newly remastered 25th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray, as well as on a 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack from Paramount Home Entertainment.
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Forrest Gump’s Production Designer Breaks Down Lt. Dan’s First Scene | Vanity Fair


  • 6:04 rip Vanity Fair production designer

  • Li-ew-te-nann Dannnnnnnnnnnng!!!

  • I sooo like how dense and well studied the art direction is in each shot!

  • If it was like real Vietnam the water more than two to ship at the same time or else it's very big waste of space and fuel

  • They didn’t make a scene of the Korean War for lt. dan :( and the US army fatigues didn’t have slant pockets

  • Best movie ever

  • Great Artists

  • They dont make movies like they used to.

  • My favorite part of the vietnam scenes is that the bavkground always gives you a sense of them being a small part of a larger war (smokestacks in the background, hueys in formation, etc.)

  • so what exactly does this guy do? hes so pc hes denying everything

  • where was this guy the last season of GoT?

  • I would watch him go over the whole movie, this is so entertaining.

  • lol when i clicked on this all i could see of the title was "Forrest Gump’s Production Designer Breaks Down". Was kinda looking forward to seeing someone have a melt down. Great video either way.

  • Wish they could do the whole movie

  • One or the greatest true stories ever!!

  • Have him do one on the part where Forrest bust a nut in Jenny's Dorm.....

  • CCR anyone??

  • U might want to suck that thing in...

  • Excellent stuff!

  • wow amazing

  • 11:11 Forest Gump - it's a reflective story about a personal life and a cultural history.

  • good

  • Very cool, but shawshank should have won.

  • I’d watch this dude break down every single movie I’d watched if I could

  • Well, to be honest I always though Vietnam in Forrest Gump didn't really look like Vietnam.

  • Where is the red clay? Vietnam is FULL of red clay in the Delta of the Mekong!!!

  • overthought tripe

  • I want a Falstaff

  • my man loves that highlighter

  • I bet real Vietnam vets would say this is 🐂💩

  • Dude has the most generic signature.

  • The unit Alpha co 2/47infantry is an actual Army Basic Combat training company.

  • Valley Forge was an encampment, not a battlefield

  • reeeee smoking in movies how will the children ever be safe

  • This made me more confused


  • mute for the ads

  • I like how they hid Lt. Dan's legs all throughout his intro

  • Its wierd seeing that opening scene without fortunate son.

  • Now that you pointed that out, it does look like coastal GA/SC . And that's all I see. Forest Gump On Bloody Marsh.

  • Im retarted for reading the title of breaking down and taking it as he randomly starts crying haha

  • Amazing! I could listen to him break down the whole movie.

  • Idk man this video kinda sucked for me

  • One of the first times I saw my dad openly emotional was when we were watching Forest Gump and saw the Vietnam scenes.

  • Just one thing that bugged me with this scene... and was an early sign of terrible things to come was the helicopters. Not even during Operation Frequent Wind we’re there so many helicopters in such a little space. Other movies would have perhaps three helicopters at once... but how many were there? 12? 24? CGI made it easier to fill the frame. What used to be a fortune in location shooting or model making or chartering costs to make a scene that kind of looked real could now be Ctrl + v as much as you wanted. But it gets overused and either our suspension of disbelief expires or we just get over saturated that we can’t focus on what’s important in the scene. Movies like Independence Day and the Star Wars prequels and the Matrix and the Lord of the Rings trilogy would push these boundaries and Marvel absolutely destroys them. But they make me yearn for simpler movies where the story, not the effects are dominant.

    • Bartonovich52 Well, to be fair, the movie is essentially a fantasy and is not meant to be that realistic. We are being shown through Forrest Gump’s own memories of what happened.

  • this was so boring.

  • Wow, this guy needs to slow down, take it easy, and quit shouting! I mean I had to bring the volume down some to compensate. What’s with all the jerky movements and excitement! Get on my level man. Can we please have some Solemn English teacher energy? I want to feel like a depressed DMV instructor is showing me the in’s and out’s of street signs. Somebody get this guy off the stim’s so we can have some quiet!

  • This was way more fascinating than it had any right to be.

  • very neat

  • This feels like my grandfather telling me stories

  • Is it just me or does it seem like the budget for this movie could’ve cured world hunger for 300 years

  • I thought that wasn't Vietnam, American audiences are so daft.

  • I feel like I've just watched 12 minutes of a master-class on movie production. Nicely done.


  • No we are not relation

  • Filmed in africa?

  • Very interesting

  • 8:01 not a flamethrower that's a water cooled M1917 Browning machine gun.

  • Interesting, Informative and solid! Enjoyed it. 🔥🇺🇸

  • Tablos