Fortnite CHAPTER 4 EVENT Reaction!

čas přidán 2. 12. 2022


  • Though I agree the event was lame and honestly it went so slow I was hoping it would end, I am really happy with the final cutscene. The next island looks awesome

  • i feel like the thing that made the event as bad as people say it is, is the fact that the event was overly long for no reason

  • I don't care if it's a bad event. I just want the chapter to be good

  • I'm very disappointed in this live event which took so much time searching for things. I felt it could've have been way better but overall, I'm just hype 🔥 for the new season.

  • The event would have been better if we were there shooting the Herald at the beginning for a couple mins and then the cutscene of her destroying the map

  • This was the first event that I actually wanted it to end

  • The event was me basically throwing snowballs at people, transforming into a beach ball, and doing time travels. This event was TOO overhyped. 😢

  • The best parts were the cutscenes

  • The fight part should have been interactive, ending in a loss and the island reforging cutscenes

  • I Think the event shouldve focused more on the fracture Theo the reforging of the island, new chapter looks sick tho

  • One of the reasons this event was bad is because of expectations: if this was like the third event we would go crazy about it

  • Ngl, the event was the worst one yet, and that’s an understatement.

  • I think the interactive features were cool, but I thought it was building up to main part of the event. I didn’t realize that it was whole event.

  • I wanted more cinematic clips than a whole evebt of a mini game

  • The live event was good, but could've been better. The reason why we're so disappointed is because we're used to Fortnite having extravagant and unique events, such as The End 2.0 or Collison. If we had this event all the way back in early Chapter 1, we would've lost our minds. Point being, it's not a bad event at all, but just not the best we know Epic could do

  • The event felt more like the zero crisis finale but with multiple people

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  • by far the most visually appealing event, but it definitely could've used more cinematic scenes. there was a lot of disorienting gameplay with all of those quests, but it was undoubtedly fun to explore.

  • The event could have been better , if we were just on the island when the chrome spread and we also shoot the harrald and then the island would evplode and launch us out , and the event would continue as it did , but if they just made it less like a creative map it would have been much better

  • I wouldn’t even consider that a live event. More like a mini game