Fortnite CHAPTER 4 - Everything NEW EXPLAINED!

čas přidán 3. 12. 2022


  • Can't believe it's been over 5 years already. Look how far we've come. I'm so excited to be able to continue this journey and story with everyone

  • All the other chapters were obviously very American themed, what I love about this map is it’s very clearly Medieval European styled which I appreciate

  • This battle pass loooks better than the previous so that’s a step up. Actual cool emote dances and just more emotes in general that’s not forced locked on a skin is nice to see.

  • It’s a pretty fun chapter, but I wish they hadn’t removed battle lab

  • When you inflict damage on an opponent the damage adds up now instead of showing each individual hit. I think this is a good addition as it can help you give better callouts to your teammates.

  • The new boss is actually a Geno snapshot called The Ageless also the Geno chests are called the Oathbound chests

  • The battle pass as a whole is just so clean, the island is truly beautiful, the new dirt bike vehicle is amazing and the loot pool is so variety full. This Chapter is looking out to be a W so far!!!

  • You forgot to mention if you pickaxe the ground in the snow biome, you can make a snowball and grow it big enough to hide in as seen in the trailer

  • Keep up the great work, can’t wait to see more chapter 4 content

  • This season is already 10 times better than last season imo, its just so much better in almost every way. I think we could do without the augments but not that bad. Everything else though has been amazing, still not a fan of the 1st person aiming on guns I hope they add an option to turn it off. But so 9/10 for this season much better than the last one

  • I swear this new map feels alot harder to get use to it feels alot bigger and more open but theres a few spots that are good like frenzy fields citadel and brutal bastion which is probably my favourite place to land

  • This Chapter is amazing! I love the new items, powerups, and ways to move, but there are a few minor problems, the removal of battle lab, launch pads, and there are only 9 pois, But overall, this is an amazing season, and there is definitely more to come (Hopefully OG Pois like Dusty depot)

  • Maybe it is just me experiencing my first chapter rollover, but chapter 4 feels like an incremental sequel

  • this chapter was sooooo much better than I expected can’t wait to see what changes in the coming weeks