Fortnite *LIVE* EVENT - END OF CHAPTER 3! (Fracture)

čas přidán 2. 12. 2022
Fortnite Live Event Fracture - END OF CHAPTER 3!
Event start time 1:26:45 (Click Here)
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A. (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)

Komentáře: 2 600

  • Just me or was that very disappointing?

  • The galactus event is the perfect example of interactive. It was fun,enjoyable and short. The rest was amazing visuals,music and hype

  • I enjoyed it. Had fun with my squad, doing all the quests. The visuals were gorgeous.

  • These new season events don't hit the same anymore, we need similar ones from the old seasons. A huge build up no interacting stuff just watching things happen would be alot better

  • In case you didn’t know, The Herald’s name was originally going to be called the “Bloomwatcher”. I think she should have been known as “The Chrome Queen”. I think she was working for the Cube Queen, who is still alive, and they both, as well as the Last Reality are working for The Nothing.

  • i feel like the spectacle of fortnite events are kinda getting dull with the amount of interaction we have in em. i do hope they tone the interactive aspect a bit, because sometimes simply watching things unfold in real time is better

  • I just realized. It looked like the Herald was trying to escape the reality tree, and merged with it against her will


  • Amazing, Love it I did get in and it was amazing and seeing your reaction too Thanks Ali-A

  • I wish I were as excited as Ali A whilst playing the minigames😭

  • I like how the thumbnail looks better then the actual event

  • It’s finally time for the live event let’s go

  • The best part of the event is that it got us to build the island ourselves

  • The event was great now we gotta wait a few hours for chapter 4 can't wait I'm hyped 😃

  • My best memory from chapter 3 was when my friends helped me get my first victory crown win in trios

  • you are my favorite youtuber keep up the hard work ☺

  • Thing is, is we have been pampered by Fortnite so much that we just don't appreciate these incredible events. Remember these are once in a life time and Fortnite worked so hard for us. Even if you dont like it try to find the positive! (Personaly i did love the event🤩)

  • Its called the Reality Tree cause that's what makes the chapter 3 map alive but with it connected to the ground (by the chrome) to be part of everything its gonna break everything so there's gonna be NOTHING left.

  • i like the event it looked pretty cool i have to say, but too many technical issues. Our voice chat stopped working and then it crashed on my friend and he couldn't get back on...

  • They deadass got us doing weekly challenges in the event💀