čas přidán 18. 09. 2018
This new Fortnite item creates a massive fortress to defend against and repel enemies! Now available in Battle Royale.
Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.
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  • What’s next: *Port a Mansion*

  • Epic bring this back!

  • I remeber so well when my friends were at school and this animation got publiched and we were so hyped like "thats op asf

  • Next update:port-a-tilted

  • Now we need a port a plantation

  • *throws down five story fortress* *immediately jumps out*

  • Vaulted...

  • Just bring back the drum gun :c

  • When your friends don't know how to build...

  • R.I.P port a portress want it back

  • rip

  • port a fort port a fortress port a castle port a village castle fortress port a city port a god fortress

  • I think this item is good for team rumble

  • I’m from 2019, Port-A-Fortress is in the vault.

  • Goodbye Port-a-Fortress 😔

  • why is there a light machine gun even though its not in the game

  • It’s the port a forts older brother

  • Port a fort has left the chat

  • Memetastic’s version of the music Music noises Music noises *Music noises* *_M U S I C N O I S E S_*

  • Port-a-RomanEmpire

  • Omega is happy

  • they literally have minecraft in the tags xD

  • The timer went to 0 for season 7 then it turned to very soon... fortniteclickbait

  • Haha! I have a fort! no u

  • Maverick has took the L

  • What The Homeless People Need

  • HI

  • People build a old fortress like back in 600 years? Explain this!

  • Why the original port-a-fort video got 30 mil views this barely got to 1 mil

  • 0:00

  • Future: Port-a-wall


  • RIP the port a fortress welcome the new one

  • When your DAd walkS in U roOm

  • We have the Port-a-Fort, now we have the Port-a-Fortress... What's next, the Port-a-Dungeon? Or a Port-a-House?

  • What happened to the port of fortress I don’t see them anymore in game

  • Season 3 port a fort Season 5 port a fortress Season 6 port a castle Season 100 port a tilted

  • It’s so stupid they added this but right after removed the bouncers so we can’t use the port a fortress anymore. They need to fix shotgun damage bring back double pump and tommy gun and then the game will be fun again

  • N E W I T E M : P O R T - A T I L T E D T O W E R S

  • What’s the music called

  • R.I.P port a fortress it got removed . Only 1 week we had it

  • This seems rushed.

  • Port an island......

  • Myth in a grenade.....

  • Dark times are upon us

  • Season 7: Trump-Da-Wall

  • *Donald Trump has joined the party*

  • We need a port-a-wall... For my friend who can't build

  • Next port a cube

  • Tbh I expected a Port a Tower well this is Fortnite so don’t be surprised when they come out with a game mode that you have to dance to win Oh