Found 20 Bullets Metal Detecting Underwater in a Public Swimming Spot! (Snorkeling) | DALLMYD

čas přidán 24. 02. 2018
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In this video I went metal detecting underwater in a Florida spring in hunt of a lost diamond or gold ring and found all types of cool things! Can't believe I found that many bullets and coins!!
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Found 20 Bullets, Diamond Jewelry and MORE Hidden Underneath Sand While Metal Detecting Underwater! (Snorkeling) | DALLMYD


  • If we can reach 15,000 Likes I'll make a fishing video while I'm down here in Florida! You heard it right... a fishing video!! haha

    • hi ya i also play War Robots hope to see u on the battlefield some time.......

    • Hi

    • They were fired from "A" weapon. No proof it the weapon was used in a murder. Besides ...most if not all bullets that hit tissue, stays within the body.

    • DALLMYD the bullets go to murder weapons

    • DALLMYD hi I love you

  • Do you still have the war robot game

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  • “Barbie pin” 😂🤣😂🥰

  • Where did you get that small metal detector? Please tell. Beautiful clear water. That looked so cool. Thanks!!!!

    • Lynn Paul i found it online at walmart. it’s called the vibra tector i think? it’s $180 usd

  • What song is that

  • Another great vid

  • I want to buy this type of metal detector

  • Good thing I cleaned all the good shit outa Gilchrist Blue about 3 years ago. 4 gold rings, a gold jesus, and a liberty half dollar. Maybe a dozen trips.

  • I have war robots

  • His edits underwater are amazing

  • Does anyone know what this spring is called?

  • Can you hold more video’s where you use the vibra-tector please

  • Come to Jamaica

  • A little less then a year ago DALLMYD was just under 4 million subscribers. Now just under 7 million. 3 million in just under a year! What are the records for new subscriber counts? I’d be curious to see. Watching this video 2-10-19(6.94mil) never stop the hunt or the hunt will stop you.

  • Da hora teus vídeos , os lugares like lol

  • I think Some one Was Trying his Or her Guns Like Biggerones Are For SMG(Sub Machine Gun) And Little Ones Are For Pistols Like 32 Bore , Glock or A Bretta

  • Dude That Was Not a Marble Its A Stone These Stones Are Mostly Digged In hills Of Iran A Rare stones That Suits According to the person name And Birth

  • 22 gun

  • Whats the music???

  • Wuts the music

  • that spot looks very nice where can i find it?

  • When I watch these videos, for SOME reason, I like to imagine I’m in the water with him and I hold my breath. Is this relatable or am I just weird?

  • I love war robots thank you

  • 9mm and 22 bullets i think

  • the casings are 22 caliber i think

  • Who is here just to watch the beautiful underwater view

  • Jake, great vid, you could put a slot in your treasure box lid for the coins you find. Save you time opening/closing the lid.

  • Águas límpidas! Show!

  • where is this?

  • Dude. Spit that snorkel out when you dive. Relaxing your facial and neck muscles will allow you to stay down longer. The more muscle groups you use, the more oxygen you're going to consume. Love the videos.

  • U shouldn’t fog the sand cuz u might loose the stuff ur trying to find

  • Bullets from a 22 gun and a 9 mill hand gun other one i cant really see but thats two that i saw

    • Can you link the time please I can't find the part

  • Try going to chasawiska River

  • I'm sure one day you'll find a ferrous rock

  • He's not going to get married till he finds that dimand ring is he👻👻😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Bobby pins!!😂😂

  • Some look like 22’s and others may be to a 4mm B.B. gun and some look like they could be 9mm

  • Loveeee the vidss

  • Pellet gun